Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to work on our first journalistic assignment. We first went to the Sky Tower building to have an initial interview with the employees. Mr. Nino Ricci and bald men Alvaro. Opinions were divided because there was a disagreement of information from both respondents. After that, you moved to the construction site where there was a restless atmosphere because Mr. Alvaro had an indecent offer for you. As suggested, Elizabeth Colvin is an extremely serious person and a quality reporter. For the matter not to reach unwanted outcomes, your quarrel was interrupted by Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He is the man who leads the whole project and who is the boss of all employees. The situation calmed down and you were escorted off the construction site. The continuation of the story is set in Stage 7. To unlock this stage, select the option ” Tragic tale of a Mad Woman in Stage 1-2 ‘and re-read Stage 1-3’ ‘Celebratory Party’ ‘and Stage 1-6’ ‘The Talne Building ”. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 7.

The last interview went in a way we did not expect. It went well enough. It’s been a couple of days since the horn interview, you’re doing office work. Apart from preparing for Charlotte’s interview, you have been hard at work writing reports. You are slowly getting to know your colleagues. You go to your boss’s office. It is very important to leave a good first impression. Give your boss the report you worked on.

While Mr. George Kane reviewed your report, you received great praise. This article belongs to the “soft news” section. Soft news refers to non-serious news such as entertainment, arts, and culture. It has slowly become an indispensable part o news, as it satisfies a diverse audience. The Chief at Sun news was never satisfied with Elizabeth’s style of writing.

This is the most successful article Elizabeth has written since graduation. That is a very good start considering they are an older newspaper. Colleague White will call you. He is the only intern in the editing department and runs almost every errand.

You have never had such a good response before. Finally, after four hours, you can go home. You will turn off the lights but Edmund Davis is with you. Didn’t see him. He will try to charm you by forgiving you if you let him take you home. You will accept the offer with a heavy heart because you do not want to risk what happened to you a few nights ago.

Sit in the car, Mr. Edmund Davis. You notice how beautiful and spacious the car is, but while driving, you will be asked why you came to the Gotham Times. You will answer him that it was the only place where they would hire female reporters. You got fired from a past job because you snuck into the New York Metropolitan Hospital and uncovered the tragic story of a female patient. Using that as a case of study, you wrote a report attacking the conditions in the hospital.

Edmund Davis will be surprised to read that article. It was not clear to him because you wrote an extremely good article. And the truth must not be an occasion for someone to be fired. Words of consolation Edmund Davis will touch you. As you drive, you will ask Mr. Edmund Davis why did he come to work for the Gotham Times? He will show you the newspaper by the window and you will see his writing style there. Finally, he will reveal to you the real reason why he is a reporter. Neither money nor fame is the reason but it was his dream.

You will soon reach your apartment. You will thank Mr. Edmund Davis and you’re going home. An extremely successful day will ruin your arrival home. You will see that the room is in chaos. He will never tell you what happened. As is usually the case, people are killed when they step into a room that was previously destroyed. Get out now and you’ll look for the police.

A police officer will call you at the podium. You will give your address and the police will move towards you. An hour later, no one will show up. You will call the police again. The police officer will tell you that he has already sent someone but that he is not in charge of not showing up people. A very unprofessional police officer will advise you to go to your apartment. An hour passed and the burglar probably left. You can see for yourself. This will cause a lot of anger in you because there is a chance that you will endanger your own safety.

You are left to your own devices. You will take a wooden stick from the trash and head towards the apartment. Be quiet in the apartment. Gripping the stick tightly, look around. The place seems deserted. Nothing seems to be missing, except for the stack of resource material and notes that Elizabeth used to keep on the table. You’ll think it’s all weird but, it’s not weird in the least!

This is the thing that will get you in trouble. These are all the details you need to hand over to Mr. George Kane. What follows is doubt as to how you will explain all this to your new boss. Will Elizabeth find her notebook? Will all this be a misunderstanding or is this just an introduction to something big that awaits us in the future? Find out on our walkthrough. This was the walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1-7.
Thank you for reading.