Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 8 of Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage brought us unrest in our lives. The tension arose the moment we found out that someone had broken into our room. Someone stole the notes we need for work and disappeared. It is something that did not contribute to our mood at all. Since we have faced such unpleasant situations earlier, we will not give up this time either. Elizabeth Colvin has an arranged interview and has to manage somehow without notes and reports. In the following text, find out what awaits us at this stage. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 8.

This stage begins its existence in Mr. Kane’s office. You will ask him is it possible to postpone the interview with Miss Harris for a couple of days. She will hint to you that this is a unique situation and that Miss Harris will not be available for an interview. The reputation of Gotham Times hinges on this article, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This move will let you know that the other person is in charge of this interview if Elizabeth is not capable.

This embarrassing situation is interrupted by Mr. Edmund Davis. This is your fellow reporter. He will be asked to take a day off to attend the premiere of Daisy’s new film, Morning Glory. In this case, you have a note. Morning Glory is a movie about a young actress and her road to success. The main role went to the well-known film actress and beauty, Katharine Hepburn.

Mr. George Kane will allow your colleague Edmund Davis to take a day off. That will get your attention. You ask him is he acquainted with Miss Collins? The reason for this question is that you will get the opportunity to schedule an interview with Miss Collins.

This is an opportunity to ask permission from your boss to have an interview with Miss Collins. Mr. George Kane is against publishing entertainment pap. It does not educate readers on anything important. But an exception can be made if it can boost sales. Try not to disappoint Mr. George Kane.

You will be amazed at how Mr. George Kane changed his mind lightly. Maybe Mr. George Kane and Mr. Edmund Davis in some better relationships? Not everything is as simple as one might think. Mr. Edmund Davis will try to convince you that they are in a boss-employee relationship. But you won’t believe it. After trying to call Mr. Edmund Davis a liar, you will agree with him on what to wear for tonight. It premieres tonight. Dress Perky and Grand.

You can ransack wardrobe for something to wear, but can’t find anything except the dress you wore when Elizabeth Colvin lost her job. Your nervousness will be nurtured by Mr. Edmund Davis’s comments.

Try not to embarrass yourself. This is a special occasion and you have to bring your A-game. Let’s go buy you a new gown! You are leaving your apartment. Without saying another word, Mr. Edmund Davis bundles you into his car and drives to the emporium.

Elizabeth Colvin has tried on over 20 gowns in this aisle alone. And she is the one doing all the work. All Mr. Edmund Davis did point his fingers and wag his tongue. After a short discussion, you will find a dress for tonight. It’s Lighthearted Soul. Perky and Grand as required. Mr. Edmund Davis took care of paying for your dress. You will not be comfortable because you know how embarrassing it is for someone to do something so great for you after a few days. Since this is an expensive dress, you will wonder how rich Mr. Edmund Davis.

Mr. Edmund Davis was right. You won’t need much time for make-up. You will not speak at all during the drive-over. You will arrive at the theater just in time for the premiere. The theater is so luxurious. It isn’t as technologically advanced as modern theaters, but it’s definitely more comfortable.

This great experience will be interrupted for you by one very unpleasant person. This is Kerry, an acquaintance of Mr. Edmund Davis. She will be unpleasantly surprised because Mr. Edmund Davis brought his colleague to Daisy’s premiere. You will be amazed at the fact that people at events like this are classified based on possession materials. Davis attempts to protest but is distracted by the lady before him. That’s the famous Daisy. Edmund Davis and Daisy know each other very well but the way she addressed your job was not acceptable.

Mr. Edmund Davis will ask Daisy for a favor. The service is very simple. To raise sales of your newspaper, they will ask Daisy so you can interview Miss Daisy. Sweet-spoken Davis will try to persuade her. You will notice that it is a flirtation between two people. Miss Daisy will comply with the request for an interview and will say that Elizabeth Colvin can go behind the scenes when the premiere is over.

The premiere is over. You will be surprised because you enjoyed the movie. This was an opportunity to ask Mr. Edmund Davis can you use tonight’s experience to write a newspaper article. Davis will tell you that a news article must be factual and objective, but writing a plot requires creativity. They aren’t a good match for each other. It is almost time.

You should see Daisy. Follow your colleague to the dressing room of Miss Daisy. Your interview follows. This move concludes stage 8. The real challenges are yet to come. You have the opportunity to interview one of the biggest stars of that period. How will this interview go? Will it have consequences for your work? What awaits you in stage 9? Find out in our walkthrough. Thank you for reading.