Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 9 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to attend the gala premiere. The premiere of the film Miss Daisy. It is not strange to us that dresses are the most difficult to choose a couple of hours before the event. That case was with Elizabeth Colvin. The interview, which was made possible for us through our colleague Mr. Edmund Davis, yet to come. The main character’s obligation will be to follow his abilities and thus try to increase the popularity and sales of the Gotham Times newspaper with the help of the article. At first glance, it seems to us that stage 8 passed without any problems. But anyone who has read a book knows that a rifle that is stationary in one act fires in another. We continue with the adventure. Click Start when you are ready to start phase 9.

The premiere is over. You started as a dressing room from Miss Daisy. Admire the theater because this is the first time that you have come to a place like this in a recent period. As you walk with your colleague, you will see a room called a “projection booth”. That is a room where movies are projected from. People who work in the projection booth, change the film reels and work the projector when the film is playing on the screen. They have to manually crank the projector in that era. Miss Daisy is waiting for you in her room. Enter the room. Mr. Edmund Davis will be waiting for you in front of the room.

The room features celebrity Miss Daisy Collins. She is sitting in her chair, lazily smoking a cigarette. Although you are not thrilled with her behavior, you can’t help but admire her elegance. A real film star. You start the interview with simpler questions. You will ask her to tell you something more about Morning Glory.

Her answers are enough for your question. He advises you to find out more answers from the sequel to the film. Your questions for the film line up. Miss Daisy Collins answers. But are these questions that will entice readers?

Your head hurts, but you have no choice to go with the flow. Attempt to ask more questions about the movie while taking your time to pack up. Obviously, she’s not keen to answer. Elizabeth is worried about what she’s going to write. Can’t possibly submit an article filled with celebrity gossip. Miss. Daisy Collins continues her story.

After asking you to keep an eye on Edmund Davis, she picks up your notebook and enters her phone number. You will leave the room annoyed, but deliver Collins’ message anyway. You’ll have to wait in front of the building entrance until he finishes talking to Miss Daisy Collins.

While you wait too long Mr. Edmund Davis in front of the entrance, the young man will shout. Too many people shout. You are not used to this situation because it is unusual. The panicking crowd stampedes. You enter the theater building but in a second you come across an old acquaintance. This is Mr. Vittorio Puzo. This man took you hostage. Don’t worry, you are not trapped but he must hide from his companion. You know the place that would be safest in the building.

You two edge your way to the projection booth. Fortunately, you’re not spotted. You don’t know what you’re going to say, Mr. Puzo. You are in a projection booth. The projectionist has to crank the machine throughout the film. Though you only have black-and-white films now. You obviously panic, but you can’t stop talking.

He leaves the room before you can say anything. And returns after a few minutes. This place is no longer safe, although the situation has calmed down. You will need to follow Mr. Puzo. As you walk down the hall, you will see holes made by bullets. Something terrible was happening in this building. Despite the circumstances, you have to grab a notebook out of habit and start jotting down notes.

Mr. will thank you. Vittorio Puzo. You saved his life. To stay alive and healthy, Mr. Puzo advises you that what just happened must not be published in the newspapers. Some things need to remain vague. You will receive a card that says “The Spring Cleaning is Done”. Mafia jargon to indicate that the scene has been cleaned up. These are not people to joke with.

At that moment, while you are wondering what this inscription on the card means, an assistant from Mr. Vittorio Puzo. This is the famous Nino Ricci. He will ask you what you are doing with his boss. This is something that will determine the further fate of Elizabeth Colvin. You will face a dilemma. Dilemma 1 ‘‘ Go With Them ’’. Dilemma 2 “Do Not Go With Them”.

Go With Them
Do Not Go With Them

If you select the “Go With Them” option, Mr. Vittorio Puzo will ask Mr. Nino Ricci to take you home. The problem will arise when you have to stay and wait for Mr. Nino Ricci to drove his boss home first. Mr. Vittoro Puzo is in greater danger than Elizabeth.

As you question yourself about the background story of the previous event, you come across Mr. Edmund Davis. Miss Daisy Collins and he are fine. Edmund Davis will ask you how you are so calm after the Mafia Shootout happened.

Mr. Edmund Davis and you will go home. He and you will talk while driving but your thoughts will be turned to Mr. all the time. Vittorio Puzo and his affairs. Too many suspicious situations in a short time.

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If you choose option 2 “Do Not Go With Them”, you will be grateful for the offer and you will be able to wait for your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. The rest of the evening will be spent by your colleague taking you to the apartment. The rest of the stage is the same.

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Very strange and tense evening for you. It started with an interview with one of the biggest stars of this period and ended with a showdown between the mafia. The biggest impression on you was left by Mr. Vittorio Puzo who raised a lot of questions in your head. Is this the beginning of a great adventure with Mr. Puzo? Will there be a plot in the next stage. This is all unknown and very interesting. Each of your decisions affects the sequence of events. We hope that you will choose your own decision because it is a quality of mature people. Make a decision and live with the consequences.
Thank you for reading.