Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 1 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous chapter, we had both ups and downs. We were in very dangerous situations with dangerous people. They witnessed a murder and many other illegal activities. We had to sacrifice a lot to get something more. That’s the way things are in life. But not everything is as dark as it seems at first glance. We had a lot of ups and downs. We met a lot of important people in important positions. In all of this, we have made friends who would help us in some of our future endeavors. You are not alone in that struggle. Life has always written some great stories. We hope that, as adventurers, this period of life and career can write something best that someone can read. The zenith of this adventure of ours is in Chapter 3. Hit Start once you are ready to begin Chapter 3-1.

The story continues in the direction after the murder of Mr. Rio Rossi. You have been taken to the station and now is the time to give challenges. Before you can recover from your shock, Mr. Edmund Davis and you will have to be a little patient. The police place you two in separate interrogation rooms.

The officer leaves abruptly. With just silence for company, you think about tonight’s events. You have been here on many occasions, but it is your first time as a suspect. It is very odd how the police showed up right after Mr. Rio Rossi was killed. Maybe someone else notified the police. But you were the only ones there.

A listless, middle-aged officer enters the room and sits across the table. He yawns and opens the file in his hands. Muttering, he eyes your bloodstained clothes. A middle-aged cop will ask you standard police questions such as interest in your place at the time of Mr. Rio Rossi. You will hesitate although it is a simple question. But there is the dilemma. You were following Mr. Rio Rossi. So, there are two options. Option 1 (Tell the truth) or Option 2 (Make Something up). Note: this will change nothing in the future.

Tell the Truth
Make Something Up

If you select Option 1 (Tell the truth), you will tell everything that happened. You will state that you followed him from the restaurant with a colleague. You as a reporter working for the Gotham Times. After setting up a fake meeting with Mr. Rio Rossi, you decided to follow him with a colleague to get more information.

You did not spot the killer. You only heard gunshots when you were near the house. And then Mr. Rio Rossi left the house alone and ran into an alley. You thought he might need help so you ran after him but all he wanted was the phone booth. He died after making the call. And that is when the police found you two.

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If you select Option 2 (Make Something up), you will invent a story about how you were in a meeting with a colleague. You were on your way home and as you passed in front of the phone booth, you saw a man who was covered in blood. He just keeled over when you asked if he needed any help. You called the ambulance but it was too late. At that moment, the police found you.

After hearing your account, he glances at his file and furrows his brows. You will need to tell him about the story you are working on. He says that your opinions don’t matter here. He will decide if it is related or not. He asks you if your investigation has something to do with Mr. Rio Rossi’s death.

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After sudden knocking on the door. The door swings open before your interrogator can get to it. It is the Chief. He wishes to speak to Middle-aged cop Miller. On his way out, officer Miller shoots you a look that tells you he will return to finish your discussion. He leaves the interrogation room.

Officer Miller returns to the room after about 10 minutes. You can’t decide which is the bigger surprise. His smile, or that he is asking you to leave the room. You follow him out of the interrogation room even though you are unsure of what is going on. You can see Davis chatting with a portly, middle-aged man in the corridor outside the room. If this weren’t the police station, you might have mistaken them for old friends engaging in idle chatter.

The man acknowledges you by cracking a playful smile. Everything that happened tonight, the police chief will say that it is irrelevant to you and that you can go home to rest. Despite your unease, you leave the station with Mr. Edmund Davis.

It is no longer raining, and the streets are a lot emptier this early in the morning. Suddenly, camera flashes flash. A few reporters corner you right at the exit of the police station. The police have always been a source of information for the press. It is also a good way for the officers to earn some money on the side.

The reporters notice your attempt and form an even tighter circle around you. You were wondering what to do when the familiar voice comes from behind you. It is Bob Wilson. You need to come with this man. You are uncertain of Wilson’s intentions, but you are not in any position to turn him away right now.

According to Mr. Bob Wilson, it looks like you have disregarded his advice. It’s not a very pleasant atmosphere. You told your colleague about this cop. According to Mr. Bob Wilson, a lot has happened because of your continued investigation. The problem is that Mr. Rio Rossi killed out of curiosity. He must be investigating the deaths of Walter and Jessica Taylor in secret.

But if he is really against you doing this, it will only anger him more. You have two options. Option 1 (Share Rossi’s Dying Words with Him) or Option 2 (Keep Them to Yourself). Note. This decision will drastically change the story.

Share Rossi’s Dying Words with Him
Keep Them to Yourself

If you select Option 1 (Share Rossi’s Dying Words with Him), you will say that you have found many important things but that you are aware that this is an extremely dangerous situation.

You will tell Wilson everything Mr. Rio Rossi said to you before his death. Wilson looks grim after hearing Rossi’s dying words. He sinks deep in the thoughts for a while Then he turns his attention back to you.

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If you select Option 2 (Keep Them to Yourself), you will say everything you planned but you will not say the last words that Mr. Rio Rossi directed to you. The difference between these two options is that if you say Option 1, you will obtain Taylor’s files in Chapter 4. If you select Option 2, you will not obtain Taylor’s files in Chapter 4.

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Mr. Edmund Davis will get into your conversation. He will say that while it can’t be used as evidence in court, the information is enough for you to continue your investigation. It is not sure for anyone you won’t find any hard evidence if you continue. Even as a last resort, you will never release this information to the public. With this act, you are also capable of protecting yourself. There is no need for Mr. Wilson’s intimidation. Davis volunteered to help Miss Colvin with this, and he is well aware of the consequences. There is no need in admonishing you over this.

After Davis’ spirited tirade, Wilson appears to have lost his patience and ushers the both of you out of his office. He directs you to the back door of the station before you leave. Actions like these make it difficult for you to grasp his true intentions.

Since Mr. Rio Rossi departed from the house, you have found yourself in endless predicaments. Looking at the empty street, you can finally feel some semblance of peace. There are so many things you wish to confide in Davis, but you find it hard for some inexplicable reason. While you are still struggling to find the words, Mr. Edmund Davis breaks the silence first.

You recall the Police Chief’s playful smile and feel a little ill at ease. He said to the chief that you two had an affair. You reach over to teach Davis a lesson but he dodges you easily. The empty street is usually dull and lifeless at this unearthly hour. But because you are together, even the bleakest time of night can seem a little blissful.

This is how you end the story from Chapter 3 Stage 1. This is one of those beginnings that promises an exciting sequel. What awaits you in the future? Will you continue the investigation with your colleague? Do you have new motives to stop the investigation? You have the help of Mr. Edmund Davis who has been your guardian angel all along. Follow our Walkthrough. Thank you for reading.