Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 10 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had an interview with the Councilman of New York City, Mr. Steven Harris. You expected a much better interview because when he spoke, he said only the basics and thus distanced himself from some questions. After that, you had the opportunity to talk to his daughter. Miss Charlotte Harris is an extremely pleasant person who cultivates great affinities towards you. Because of that, you will have a huge dilemma whether to accept the tea invitation she sent you. You will have to accept for a higher purpose. The higher goal is to take certain documents from Councilman Harris’s office. This is a unique opportunity to get what you need. This stage is not a sequel to Stage 3-9. This stage is unlocked if you have previously selected Option (Use Her) at Stage 3-7. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 10.

After having such a great time with her at the Italian restaurant, Charlotte’s friendly smile lingers in your mind. Only a few days have passed since you last met, but you can’t resist calling her again. Charlotte did say that she’d like you to call her. Hope you won’t be disturbing her.

Charlotte’s friendly voice relaxes you, and you chit-chat for a bit. You will say that your entire week is made after spending the weekend with her. Feel free to ask her to meet again. If you see Miss Charlotte Harris again, you might be able to get more information from her. Although you keep telling yourself that your true motive is to get information, you find yourself looking forward to spending time with Charlotte.

Actually, Miss Charlotte Harris and you were schoolmates at Imperial University; you were just in different years. You have seen Miss Charlotte Harris in school before, but it was from afar as she was very popular then. You would like to meet her there.

You feel your heart pounding after you hang up. Maybe it is just nerves, maybe it is something else. But you are certain that you are overjoyed. Since you are going to explore the school grounds, you better change into something more fitting. You are about to go back to the University with Miss Charlotte Harris. A Cooling and Perky outfit will suit the campus atmosphere.

You arrive at Imperial University as planned. Wave at Miss Charlotte Harris excitedly and she beams when she sees you. Charlotte always wears pantsuits that are easier to move around in, and she looks amazing in them.

Back then, most girls wore skirts and Charlotte was the only one in pants. You found her unforgettable at the time. That is because she dresses differently. She made you realize that girls can look dashing. You saw in Charlotte a woman full of self-confidence, who knows her way around the world. The beauty she exudes is different from what society expects of a lady. Charlotte blinks and grins widely.

Charlotte Harris says that society asks too much of women already. She says that you shouldn’t let people have a say in what you wear too. And this will make you envy Charlotte’s straightforward nature. You chat as you stroll around the school in the shade of the trees. To think that you are now strolling the campus with the person you admired the most feels like a dream.

She will ask you to repeat what you said. If you answer truthfully, will Miss Charlotte Harris find you strange? Option 1 (Answer truthfully) and Option 2 (Lament about how fast time flies)

Answer truthfully
Lament about how fast time flies

If you select Option 1 (Answer truthfully), you will say what is on your heart. You have always dreamed of being able to walk around the school with her, as friends. You carefully lift your head to look at her, your heart fluttering like a fan meeting her idol for the first time.

You even asked your classmate to point her out for you. If that counts as being acquainted you have known her for years. You have been bullied in university but she made your university years so much better. Confessing to her is nerve-wracking.

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If you select Option 2 (Lament about how fast time flies), you will say that time flies. It’s been so long since you graduated. Miss Charlotte Harris chose to quit school and focus solely on aviation.

She couldn’t have done it without her father’s support. Councilman Steven Harris is a great father. She does miss campus life after quitting, like the library and the classrooms.

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Charlotte’s words surprise you. Then she sticks her tongue out at you and grins cheekily. According to her, Imperial University hasn’t changed one bit. You see the white bench that you used to sit on all the time. You were sitting right there when you first saw Miss Harris. You were reading at the time when your classmate gave you a nudge. When you looked up, she was pointing excitedly at a group of people. Charlotte Harris stood out with her cheery smile. Now, you recount the scene to Charlotte. She listens earnestly, and you can’t help telling her more.

You add your afterthought in a small voice, slightly embarrassed by yourself. If it were you, you would want to be around Miss Charlotte Harris all the time too? You are definitely complimenting her. From that day onwards, she became your idol.

Miss Charlotte Harris is treating you just as warm as before. You guess she doesn’t think you are weird. You really do not want to spoil the mood and change the topic to Councilman Harris.

This is a good chance to get to know Charlotte. You can ask her two questions. Option 1 (Why she studied aviation) or Option 2 (Her views on her university major).

Why she studied aviation
Her views on her university major

If you select Option 1 (Why she studied aviation), you will ask her when and how she opted for aviation. She will tell you that there aren’t many professions again to women in this era, and there has never been a female aviator before. It all started when she first took a plane.

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If you select Option 2 (Her views on her university major), you will ask about her university major. It was mechanical engineering. Sometimes she misses the times at Imperial University, but she has never once regretted her decision.

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You are more relaxed this time around, and you are less restrained around Miss Charlotte Harris. Maybe it is because she is so warm and friendly.

She was a campus star. There are always so many admirers around her. And you are the least remarkable of them all. However, Miss Charlotte Harris is one of a kind. She is glad to be friends with you. Although Charlotte said it without many thoughts, you still feel overjoyed. Charlotte has a really great personality. She is very different from what you imagined.

With Miss Charlotte Harris’s recommendation, Councilman Steven Harris might be more willing to trust you.

Will they believe you? Will you be able to get even closer to Charlotte Harris? An interview is definitely one of the best ways to get to the heart of the matter. To explore what your task is. You have to be careful and you must not reveal yourself. You may lose both your friend and your freedom. Find out what will happen on our Walkthrough.
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