Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 11 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a beautiful walk with Miss Charlotte Harris. That conversation of yours was not entirely honest. He is not honest with you. You need to get closer to your friend so you can find some details about her father. Her father is the Councilman of New York City, Mr. Steven Harris. At first glance, Mr. Harris seems like a very good man. Some information indicates that he is connected to the Mafia. It is up to you to prove it. If you continue at this pace, you will find something that connects Mr. Harris in the Mafia. Then you will have to choose between your friend and work. Good luck! Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 11.

It does not take long for Miss Charlotte Harris to book the interview with her father and invite you to Harris Mansion. With her help, you should be able to get close to Councilman Steven Harris. You have been spending a lot of time gathering information and preparing the outline for the interview. The day before the interview, you have to inform Mr. George Kane.

You tell Mr. George Kane about your plan to interview Councilman Steven Harris. He is surprised. Everything is arranged. But Mr. George Kane is not pleased. He seems unsure about the arrangement. He will ask you how are your preparations for the interview with Councilman Steven Harris going? You have two options. Option 1 (I’m Ready) or Option 2 (I Need More Time).

I'm Ready
I Need More Time

If you select Option 1 (I’m Ready), Kane Goodwill goes up. Also, you will say that you have been gathering information on Councilman Steven Harris, on all his experience and current political achievements.

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If you choose Option 2 (I Need More Time), you will say that this is the first time you are interviewing politicians. You need more time. Mr. Kane frowns, his expression hardening. He fixes you with a steely glare. These words are not of a professional reporter. He has arranged for you to conduct the interview.

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You should update Prosecutor Diane Boseman on your progress. Return to your seat, and call Miss Diane Boseman. You tell her the location and time that Mr. George Kane arranged.

You return to your seat and call Prosecutor Boseman. Tell her the location and time Mr. George Kane arranged. Prosecutor Diane Boseman is silent for a minute. She seems to be contemplating something.

He (Mr. Steven Harris), mentioned this in one of his conversations, so it should be true. There might be something that interests you in those documents. You will find something useful. Even if you could somehow sneak inside, it would be difficult to find. You would have to rummage through the Councilman’s personal things. It is tricky to keep your morals while investigating. Prosecutor Boseman picks up on your hesitation and sighs.

But sometimes, to realize a long-term goal and protect more law-abiding citizens, you have to compromise. And do something distasteful. You have to be the sword and shield, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Prosecutor Boseman understands your dilemma. Her priority is to uphold justice. That benefits the most people. Before you make a decision, ask yourself if your action will have an outcome that will be worth it. If yes, then do it. Believe that the outcome will bring you comfort and affirmation, relieving you from the temporary uncertainty.

As a reporter, you will interact with people from all walks of life. But no matter who they are or what they do, they will have a weakness. If you can discover their weakness, you will understand your target better.

When she spoke to the suspect in private, she discovered he valued family and thought of his mother constantly. Strictly speaking, that is not a weakness. But it was the key to unlocking his conscience. With some coaxing from his mother, he pleaded guilty and revealed his accomplices. His confession made the judge lenient. He got a shorter sentence so he could reunite with his family sooner. The general public saw a criminal get punished. 

Prosecutor Boseman’s tone is very serious, which makes you anxious. After hanging up, you prepare for the interview. You should change into something suitable for the occasion. This is no ordinary interview. You have to take it seriously. Change into something Simple and Elegant before heading out. This outfit ensures that the interview with Councilman Steven Harris and meeting Miss Harris goes smoothly.

The weather is great today. The skies are blue, and not a dark cloud can be seen. While you are not superstitious, you still hope this is a sign that today will go well. When you arrive at the Harris Mansion, Miss Charlotte Harris greets you by the door instead of the Councilman’s secretary.

The interview will be held in the reception room. You need to wait for a moment while she gets her father. Councilman Steven Harris walks in a few minutes later. You get up to greet him. 

You will thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with him. Miss Charlotte Harris tells her father that you also graduated from Imperial University. Your previous article on Charlotte was well-received, according to Councilman Steven Harris.

Councilman Steven Harris is kind and friendly, like a patient senior. He smiles gently throughout. But time is precious. You shall begin. First question, regarding his previous political achievements. You ask your questions according to the outline you had prepared earlier with no issues. Councilman Steven Harris does not have any significant reaction to any of the questions. He is very calm, and his answers are delivered with the usual politician’s smoothness and sophistication.

You have no more questions. You shake your head and get up. Shake hands with Councilman Harris and thank him for accepting the interview.

Councilman Harris leaves. His kindness is somewhat surprising. Miss Charlotte Harris walks into the reception room. You smile and nod while putting away your pen and notebook. You will tell her that Councilman Harris was very cooperative. When she asks you for your opinion about her father, you will have a dilemma. Option 1 (A Friendly Senior) or (A Capable Politician).

A Friendly Senior
A Capable Politician

If you select Option 1 (A Friendly Senior), you will say that he is a very friendly person. He is a respectable and dependable senior. You also remember that Miss Charlotte Harris told you he is a gentle and patient father.

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If you select Option 2 (A Capable Politician), you will say that Councilman Harris is a very good politician. He knows his job well and can answer questions quickly and clearly. He is a skilled politician.

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While you chat with Miss Charlotte Harris, you keep thinking about the secret documents in the study. His study is on the second floor. It would be suspicious if you simply waltzed up there. Miss Charlotte Harris’s warmth is very relaxing, but prosecutor Boseman’s words weigh heavily on your heart.

Hearing Miss Charlotte Harris mention the second floor reminds you of your mission. Perhaps you still have a chance. After this, you can only dream of what could happen. Make an effort to find the best possible solution.

The next stage is stage 12. Will Elizabeth be able to get the documents? Will she be caught stealing? Adrenaline jumps at any moment. Follow our Walkthrough.
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