Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 12 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had an interview scheduled with the Councilman of New York City, Mr. Steven Harris. Your primary mission is to gather as much information as possible about Councilman Harris. You have to spend more time with Miss Charlotte Harris to make it work. She is his daughter and a very successful and accomplished woman. What is very important at this moment is that you have the opportunity to take what Mr. Harris hides in his safe. Invited to a cup of tea in the room at Miss Charlotte Harris’s. This is your chance, use it in the best possible way. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 12.

Before you start this stage, a few notes. Note 1: If you previously selected Don’t use her in Stage 3-7 and allowed Kane to arrange the interview in Stage 3-9 the story ends here with Ending: ‘’The Reckless Maid’’.


Note 2: To obtain Charlotte’s help, you must have previously selected Hospital, or Hell on Earth? in Stage 1-2, Tackle Corruption in Stage 1-12, and use her in Stage 3-7.


Let’s start. Suppressing your feelings of unease, you follow Miss Charlotte Harris to her room. On the way there, you realize that there are scarcely any servants around, despite the vastness of the Harris estate. Not long after you settle down in Miss Charlotte’s room, a servant knocks politely on the door.

You are so busy thinking about how to sneak into the study that you nearly jump out of your skin at the question. As her footsteps fade into the distance, Miss Charlotte Harris turns back to you, with concern written all over her face. And there it was. A perfect moment made just for you. Charlotte will ask you about your health? You look ill. You have two options. Option 1 (I’m a little unwell) or Option 2 (I feel fine).

I'm a little unwell
I feel fine

If you select Option 1 (I’m a little unwell), Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will say that you do not feel fine. You have been busy with work these days and didn’t manage to get enough rest.

You really shouldn’t leave the mansion without getting the documents in the study. The servant returns with two cups of steaming coffee. You continue chatting.

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If you select Option 2 (I feel fine), you will say that you are probably nervous and you are still recovering from it. It is your first time interviewing a Councilman. You are just afraid you weren’t well-prepared. 

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You remember her drink Blue Mountain coffee as well during your first interview. You are still chatting when Councilman Steven Harris knocks on the door. He says that he is going out for a while. He is a gentle and amiable father in front of his daughter. He nods politely at you before leaving.

You force a smile for Miss Charlotte Harris and raise the coffee cup to your lips. It is warm to the touch. It suddenly occurs to you that if you were to accidentally dirty your clothes, you will have to be excused to clean up. Not sure if this is a good idea, but you will just have to take a gamble. You awkwardly swing your arm off to the side, slamming your elbow into the table. The coffee spills all over you.

Your clothes are stained with dark patches of coffee. You must look a sight. The bathroom is at the end of the corridor. You can wash up there. You get up, shoot her an apologetic smile, and quickly leave the room. After washing the coffee off, you take a look around the bathroom. The place is connected to the laundry room. You dig through the contents of the laundry basket and discover a servant’s uniform. Since you have soiled your clothes, change into a Simple and Formal maid’s outfit to avoid suspicion.

This looks good enough now. Time is of the essence. You need to find the study before Councilman Harris returns. The door to the study is unlocked. You lightly push the door open and switch on the lights. Carefully evaluating your surroundings. The furnishings must have cost a hefty sum, but you don’t see anything out of place. Perhaps you should examine the things here. You might find some hidden mechanisms. The lights, inkwell, curtains, paintings mounted on walls. You run your hands over almost everything. 

You try twisting it, but it does not budge. It finally moves when you shove with all you might. As you lean forward to re-arrange the statue, you knock over a desk lamp. The lamp falls to the ground with a loud crash. Your heart leaps up into your throat, and you quickly bend down to put the lamp back in its place. Standing behind the desk, a shelf catches your eye. It is directly opposite the desk, and there are some books on it. Instinctively, you step forward and scrutinize the arrangement of the books.

This looks a little odd. Maybe the arrangement of the books is a clue. You haven’t found anything so far and you are running out of time. You can only try your luck. Should you turn the statue to the left or the right.

Select Right
Select Left-Right-Left

Note 3: This decision will drastically change the story. Note 4: To obtain the evidence, select Left, Right, Left. You will miss the evidence even if you select one of the options wrongly.

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With all you might, you twist the statue to the left. You hear a soft click. Apart from the sound, nothing happens. Maybe you should turn it in again. Now you twist the statue to the right. You hear another soft click. Nothing’s happening still. But the shelf has three rows of books, so maybe you should turn the statue a third time. With the last of your strength, you twist the statue to the left. There’s another soft click. There is a clanking sound, and the shelf slowly slides away from the wall, revealing a safe.

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Inside, you find a phone book with a bunch of strange numbers, Taylor’s file, and some other documents. You have no time to peruse these materials. Hurriedly, you roll them up and stuff them inside your thigh-high socks. Your skirt conceals everything nicely. Before you leave, you lock the safe and push the shelf back to its original position.

Just as you are about to leave, you hear footsteps outside the door. You freeze, listening with bated breath. Someone pushes the door open.

With this detail, stage 12 ends and leaves an indefinite ending. Uncertainty has become our new everyday life. Will you be able to get out of the new problem? Will you be able to save files without going to jail or being prosecuted? You can find out all this in our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.