Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 13 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we came to the point of shooting. Either we will be caught and prosecuted, or we will be heroes. We had the opportunity to interview with the Councilman of New York City, Mr. Steven Harris. Each part passed at a satisfactory level. The problem arose when you decided to go to the office in the middle of a conversation with Miss Charlotte Harris so they could pick up the documents hidden in the safe. The climax of stage 12 came when you ended up in a very awkward situation when leaving the office. Someone has entered the office and you will be at risk. The consequences are coming to the surface. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 13.

The study door opens suddenly. The person at the door looks like Councilman Harris. There is nowhere to hide. You have to think on your feet. You lower your head and pretend to tidy the desk. Hopefully, your maid disguise will help you pull this off. From the corner of your eye, you see Councilman Harris walks into the room and approaches the desk with his arms crossed.

You compose yourself and reply in a high, thin voice. You act flustered, lower your head, and slowly retreat out of the room. Councilman Steven Harris lowers his arms and looks you up and down.

You will say that Alice is feeling unwell today, so you came to clean the study on her behalf. If he is unwilling to say more, he urges you to leave with an impatient look. You curtsy with your head lowered and turn to leave. You hold your breath and walk past Councilman Harris. Fortunately, he does not take a second look.

His sudden question catches you off guard and you almost gasp in surprise. Your heart is racing. You will have a dilemma about what to say. Option 1 (Say Yes) or Option 2 (Say No).

Say Yes
Stay Silent

If you select Option 1 (Say Yes), you will say that you passed the butler test. You don’t know what he is talking about, but you figure it has to be similar to an interview of some kind. He will try to call the butler to resolve this situation. In a panic, you forget to disguise your voice and exclaim.

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If you select Option 2 (Stay Silent), you will say nothing. You will not say anything but maybe you should say something to allay your suspicion, but your mind is a mess and you can’t think of anything.

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You must get out of here without letting him see your face. He will recognize you for sure. You are trying to rush out, but he grabs your shoulder firmly. At that moment, Charlotte comes in.

In your panic, you look right at Miss Charlotte Harris. Her eyes widen right away. You are going to be handed over to someone else, you will definitely be sent to the police as a thief and it will all be over. You have no choice but to put your faith in Miss Charlotte Harris. She winks at you, despite the shocked expression on her face.

She looks at Councilman Harris as she speaks and gets him to release you. She begins to explain.

You nod hastily and lower your head further. You can’t let Councilman Harris see your face. Charlotte says that Miss Colvin (you) and she were getting a little bored so she suggested you play chess. She asked the maid to retrieve the chess set from Steven Harris’s study.

You shudder. Miss Charlotte Harris pulls you behind her and puts herself between you and Councilman Harris. She says that you know entering study is prohibited. You were probably shocked and afraid of getting into trouble, so you tried to cover it up. 

You dare not to say a word. You nod vigorously with your head low. Councilman Harris takes the chess set and hands it to Miss Charlotte Harris. He gives you a long, hard look.

You quickly straighten your body, and with your head still lowered, reply in the same high-pitched voice from earlier. Miss Charlotte Harris smiles at the Councilman and pushes you out of the study. Your heart is still racing when you two return to Miss Harris’s room. The way Councilman Harris looked at you when you left was unsettling. You think he is still suspicious.

Miss Charlotte Harris looks at you and frowns as she stares at the maid uniform. You feel flushed. Despite not knowing what was going on, Miss Harris’s first instinct was to protect you. She is such a gentle person. Her compassion makes you feel guilty. But you can’t say anything about the task Prosecutor Boseman assigned you. As much as you want to trust Miss Harris, you are trying to out Councilman Harris’ crimes. You can’t tell her the truth. She is still looking at you. You slowly look up at her, take a deep breath, and muster the courage to speak.

Miss Charlotte Harris says that you need to stop apologizing and start knowing better each other. This is the end of stage 13. The problem is as follows. For this stage to go its course, you need to do a few things. We have a few notes for you.

Note 1: If you want Miss Charlotte Harris to help you escape, do the following: In 1-2 Undercover Nurse, write about the hospital. In 1-12 Charlotte’s Interview answer ‘‘Tackle Corruption’’. In 3-7 A Dinner Date, answer ‘Use Her’. You may have to replay all three of these stages to get this option, even if you have some of the options correct.

Note 2: Missing evidence, Miss Charlotte does not help: In 3-12 Sneaking into The Study, use the wrong safe combination. Unlock 3-14 Former Friends.

Note 3: Obtained the evidence. Miss Charlotte Harris does not help: In 3-12 Sneaking into The Study, use the safe combination Left, Right, Left. Obtain ending ‘’The Reporter’s Suicide’’.

That would be all that could be apologized for at this stage. It can be said that you were lucky and that God looked at you. This way you get proof that Miss Charlotte Harris is a friend some people sometimes don’t deserve. Not everything in life is just work and money. If you don’t have someone who can listen to you and defend you when you’re wrong, then you can’t live a quality life. It all comes down to interpersonal relationships and health. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.