Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 14 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were very lucky. When trying to steal important things from the safe Mr. Steven Harris, you were caught in the act. You wore a maid’s suit and luckily for you, you didn’t have that situation that Councilman Harris recognized you. To make your fortune bigger, you were saved by your friend Miss Charlotte Harris. She hid your face and you passed without an arrest. Miss Charlotte Harris is the daughter of Councilman Of New York. It does not happen every day that a person chooses a newly acquired friend next to his father. This was a gift from heaven. You didn’t even say the reason why you did it. It’s also an indication of how much Miss Charlotte Harris respects you. To be continued. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 14.

You finally return home at the end of the hectic day. You collapse on the bed, recalling the day’s events. Reliving that scene, you shudder. Out of nothing, you snap out of it. Start sorting out the evidence found in the study’s safe. You bury yourself in the evidence and discover some shocking things. Among them is a yellowed file that caught your attention. The name on it is Walter Taylor. It is actually Officer Taylor’s file. Your heart quickens as you check the other items.

The phone book only has some initials and strings of telephone numbers. As for the last item, it looks like some kind of checklist.

The checklist must have been written in code, as you can’t decipher what it says.

Other than these items, you haven’t found any other leads. You keep the evidence in a more hidden spot, for precaution. Hope these will prove to be useful later. Something weighs heavily on your shoulder, and you can’t breathe. After a restless sleep filled with nightmares, you wake up late the next day.

You barely made it. You reach the office and hear your colleague picking up a call. White calls out to you, the receiver still in his hand. It is Miss Charlotte Harris on the line. You thank White and take over the call A familiar voice reaches your ear. Miss Charlotte Harris sounds tired, a far cry from her usual spirited self.

While you have expected this, it does not lessen any of the guilt and dread. You come around, holding the receiver tightly. Charlotte’s friendly smile flashes in your head, and you agree to meet her.

She heaves a sigh of relief. You feel terrible after hanging up. How do you face someone you used to call a friend? The next few days go by in a blur, and the day to meet Miss Charlotte Harris finally comes. You have been feeling down lately. But you should change into something Cooling and Perky for Miss Charlotte Harris.

When you arrive at the café, Miss Charlotte Harris has made a reservation so the waiter leads you to the table. She will invite you to sit. Charlotte smiles at you, but you can tell that it is a little forced. She speaks to you in a relaxed tone, but you know that’s the last thing you both feel? Order two cups of latte. Charlotte nods, and you call the waiter over to take your order, requesting extra sugar in yours.

Actually, you just want something sweet to wash away that bad taste in your mouth and your heart. You chat about nothing in particular, halfheartedly. The waiter leaves after serving you the coffee. This also breaks the awkward tension between Charlotte and you.

You take a sip. The warmth and sweetness spread in your mouth. Quiet and withdrawn, Charlotte stirs her coffee absentmindedly. The silence is suffocating. You have to break the ice.

She is still hoping for you to tell her your real intentions. Why did you go to her house? Even now, she refuses to see you in a bad light. You will say that you are seeking the truth. And that truth is connected to families that have been torn apart. And it involves the dark side of New York. Now, you leave out Prosecutor Boseman and other evidence but hinted that Councilman Harris may be linked to some unlawful activity.

Agitated, Miss Charlotte Harris tries hard to defend Councilman Harris. You need to find a way to convince her. You have two options. Option 1 (Gently reason with her) or Option 2 (Be forthright about it).

Gently reason with her
Be forthright about it

If you select Option 1 (Gently reason with her), Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will say that you are sorry. You never meant to hurt her. She is a very important friend to you. You thought of what Boseman said about everyone having a weakness. And now it’s the key to making someone open up. Without a doubt, that key is Charlotte’s kindness and her trust in friends.   

Your words calm Charlotte down. As a reporter, you have a duty to report the truth. The public deserves to know. As she wavers, you do what Prosecutor Boseman taught you. Target her weakness.

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If you select Option 2 (Be forthright about it), Charlotte Goodwill does not go up. Charlotte is so earnest and innocent. You don’t want to beat around the bush with her. Her words won’t hold much weight against the evidence you have. She can’t be trusted. As a reporter, what you seek is the truth. You tell Charlotte some of your findings and the resulting deductions. She stays rational and relatively calm. You look at her and nod.

There is another side to the story. As a father he is wonderful and there is no dilemma. Is he good as a politician? This is a special analysis. You understand her love and respect for her father, but maybe he is not that good as a politician. You tell Charlotte some of your findings and the resulting deductions. During this exchange, you note her reaction as you emphasize your friendship, and how you can trust each other.

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Charlotte looks less agitated, with uncertainty in her eyes. She will need more time to grasp this. He is still her father, after all. You drink your coffee in silence, avoiding eye contact. She will only ask you not to share recklessly whatever you find in her father’s study.

Holding your cup of coffee tightly, you mull over Charlotte’s words. Finally, you nod quietly. All that you have agreed will remain between you. And that is the most important part. In the future, feel free to invite her to a meeting because you need to know that with the help of friends, a lot can be resolved.

That would be all for stage 14. Your conversation went in a much better light than you expected. Things like this are never pleasant, but when two people are full of tolerance, everything can be solved in a very smart way. Will you be able to find any evidence? Is there a connection between Councilman Harris and the Mafia and criminals? Find out in our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.