Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 15 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a meeting with Miss Charlotte Harris. She is a cheerful and smiling person next to you. Extremely respectful of you. The last stage was not the case. A woman has a lot of tolerance for your actions and you had to be patient with her. Like any smart and mature person, Miss Charlotte Harris first gave you a chance to say what you have. After that, she concluded. You can consider that you have a real friend next to you because situations like this show what someone is made of. The next stage refers to the path that leads you, Mr. Vittorio Puzo. This is the second direction you have chosen. He is no less painful and tense than anyone else. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 15.

You thought you just had to seduce Juliano, but this daily training is exhausting. You don’t think of Juliano when you fall asleep, but Mrs. Molly. You remember the time when she asked you about your dancing skills.

The thought of having to face her again makes you hopeless. It turns out you are really bad at dancing, and she tells you that every day. Natasha calls you. Mrs. Molly doesn’t let you eat your fill, so you have to be quick. She says, ‘’Do you plan to shake your swollen bellies on stage? Or puke in front of the audience?’’

When Natasha and you arrive in the kitchen, only a few sausages are left. Like rats stealing food, you share the rest of the sausages and smile at each other. You return backstage after eating. The fact is you don’t have the skills to go on stage, not even as a backup dancer. All you can do is help the performers backstage with their makeup and costumes, and run errands as needed. You thought today would be another busy, but otherwise uneventful day. Two girls help another in heavy makeup backstage. Mrs. Molly’s angry screech follows them.

Mrs. Molly is terrifying. No one dares to move or make a sound. A young waiter barges in and whispers something to Mrs. Molly. She relaxes a little but still looks annoyed. She looks around for something, then points at you.

She can’t find anyone else at such short notice. And your dancing is passable. You should get moving. Give them a good performance. You rehearsed the next dance yesterday. You have no choice. You get changed and wait your turn to take the stage. It is the same dance you practiced yesterday, just as Mrs. Molly said. You should focus on following the dancers in front of you. You see Mrs. Molly nodding in satisfaction out of the corner of your eye. Relax when the song ends. As you are leaving the stage, you notice someone in the audience.

You get nervous, but he’s still talking to someone next to him and not looking at the stage. You zone out a bit looking at Juliano. The dancer beside you has to shake you to get you out of it. Juliano notices your gaze but quickly turns away. He glances around for a moment, then returns his attention to the person next to him. Your heart is pounding. Take a few more peeks and confirm it is really him.

It would be too obvious if you approach him directly. There has to be another way. While you wrack your brains, Natasha tells you Mrs. Molly has ordered you to replace Darya the whole week. Now, you can get his attention by dancing. You hope Juliano visits the club more frequently.

Juliano comes to the club another two times that week. You have become a better dancer as well, and you are moved nearer to the front. You have winked at Juliano, as well as made mistakes to upset Mrs. Molly. But no matter what you do, you can’t get Juliano’s attention. The following day, you are backstage as usual, getting ready for the performance. Darya snatches your clothes and shoves you aside.

The other dancers look at you but say nothing. You have no choice but to leave and return to your room. If you can’t dance on stage, you can’t attract Juliano’s attention. The New York City underworld is nothing like you thought it would be. You are at a loss. You look through your belongings and find Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s number in a hidden pocket. With his number and some spare change, you head out of the theater to a phone booth on the street.

You will say that you planned to dance on stage to attract Juliano’s attention. Since you can’t dance because you are not on the stage, Vittorio will send Leonard to pick you up tomorrow. Mr. Vittorio Puzo chuckles.

Leonard will come to pick you up. You have to act that you still have feelings for Leonard, and will go on a short date with him. Mr. Vittorio Puzo hangs up before you can protest. Dismayed, you head back to the Sparrow Room.

You spend the night thinking of how to behave on this date until you finally fall asleep. When you wake up the next day, you still don’t know how to behave like a silly girl besotted with her ex. You have no choice. You have to fake it ‘till you make it. You have to dress the part. Have to be presentable before meeting with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Time to play the lovelorn showgirl and meet Mr. Puzo. Put on something Noble and Charming.

You wait nervously until Natasha tells you that your boyfriend is at the door with a rose. Your anxiety disappears with Leonard’s arrival. You are tempted to throw caution to the wind. You see Leonard waiting with a rose, but he is winking flirtatiously at the other girls.

You clear your throat and begin your acting. You catch Leonard by surprise, but he resumes his role as a playboy. He allegedly comes as a person who realizes that she was wrong. It brings you flowers and offers you the opportunity to have a common future. Leonard gives you a look to hint that it is time.

You pretend to be touched, but you are doing everything you can to keep from laughing. Leonard is really good at playing the role of a frivolous punk. He hands you the flower, then helps you into the car. When you leave, you hear someone sneering, but you don’t see anyone when you turn around. Leonard drops the act once you are seated.

Leonard has the task of taking you from the villa where Mr. Puzo. Every member keeps his oath, this is a problem to get any information out of Juliano. While you worry about this, the car drives into an alley and approaches your destination. This is how I end stage 15. You go deeper into the matter and your task becomes more and more serious. Will you be able to extract any new information? Will you get the attention of Mr. Juliano? The Mafia is a very dangerous organization and you will have to do your best to gain someone’s trust. Follow our Walkthrough.
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