Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 16 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you focused on your acting. You need to be credible to gain the trust of people in your new job. You have help from Leonard. He is a person who is close to you. To put out the fire when needed. He did that in stage 15. You also had the task of getting closer to a person named Juliano. You failed. You have to go to the villa at Mr. Puzo to agree on the next strategy. This stage now brings discoveries. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 16.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo lounges on the sofa. He beckons for two cups of coffee. You start the conversation by telling him how things are in the club where you dance. Explain what is your task every day and what you need to do to gain trust. Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s words warm your heart. Knowing that Mr. Puzo is the only person who can help you now, you tell him about what happened. Perhaps because you have no one to vent to, you end up telling him a lot. He listens patiently and waits for you to finish. 

All the ranting has lifted a weight off your chest. You sip the coffee and lean back on the chair. The stage slots are all maxed out. You can’t get on stage. Of course, you believe that your turn will come, and you will get your chance. You saw Juliano more than once, but you could never get his attention.

You betted your eyelashes at him and messed up your moves on purpose. Mr. Nino Ricci brings a lady with wavy, brown hair into the house. Her name is Alicia. She nods, then grabs your hand and pulls you into the next room. Alicia worked in a nightclub for 10 years, so she has a ton of experience. She taught you some moves and how to deal with men up close. You have never come across any of these. It’s all new to you and makes you a little shy. Take some notes of her techniques, and practice them a few times with her guidance. After practicing, she excitedly drags you off to the changing room. Alicia says to wear something Grand and Charming to entice a man. Try this one as a practice.

Now you will practice flirting with Mr. Nino Ricci. Nino turns to look at Mr. Vittorio Puzo, beads of cold sweat forming on his forehead. He gets up hesitantly and walks to Alicia. You glance at Mr. Vittorio Puzo, who seems just as calm and cool as ever. He notices you looking, and looks back at you. The moment your eyes meet, you hurriedly look back down.

You feel kinda awkward, but you try anyway. It is a pity. The smile you have practiced for so long doesn’t seem to work on Nino. 

Nino awkwardly scratches the back of his head, takes a few steps backward, and doubles over. He says that he has a stomachache. Nino looks as though he’s been pardoned by the gods and leaves the room in a flash. Mr. Vittorio Puzo strolls idly towards you, his deep brown eyes looking at you indifferently.

Alicia and you are shocked. You look into his eyes, and your heart skips a beat. You are still in shock when Alicia pipes up excitedly. Mr. Vittorio Puzo could pretend to be a customer on the sofa, and you shall be one of the showgirls.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo walks over to the sofa and sits down. You stare at him in shock while Alicia giggles mischievously. Mr. Puzo gazes you at calmly and intently. You stare at him in silence. Your gazes seem tangled in mid-air. The thought of practicing all that on him makes your cheeks warm. Mr. Puzo lounges on the sofa with an encouraging smile. You look at Alicia, who nods eagerly with a wry smile. Mr. Puzo hasn’t even said anything in protest. You take out your notes to revise.

After revising, you sashay to the sofa and sit next to Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Following Alicia’s instruction, you keep a slight distance from Mr. Puzo. Tilting your legs towards him, you rest them very lightly on his. His legs feel taut, but he is not shying away from your touch. You force yourself to stay calm and follow the notes.

Now you are going to have a conversation. He is playing along. That is unexpected. You smile demurely while staring into Mr. Puzo’s eyes, which look just as composed as before. You move a little closer to him, catching a faint whiff of musky tobacco. You remember what Alicia said about compliments, and you try it hesitantly.

At this point, according to Alicia’s techniques, you should move even closer. The hand you were going to touch him with ends up grabbing the edge of your skirt instead. Mr. Vittorio Puzo senses your hesitation. He pulls your wrist closer to him, and you grab hold of his arm, leaning gently into him. You are not holding on tightly, but you can still feel the hard muscles of his biceps. Looking away in embarrassment, you suddenly realize that Alicia is gone. Anyway, you have to continue practicing.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo turns slowly. You are so close; you can feel him breathing. A crack appears in his usual composure. He is flustered. He regains his composure so quickly that you wonder if you just imagined it.

He takes a sip of coffee. Mr. Vittorio Puzo sets the cup back on the table and looks at you, calm and unruffled. You are a little surprised, but you guess Juliano would react the same way. Perhaps you should use Method 3 in the notes. Raise his coffee on your lips, leaving a lipstick stain where his lips touched the cup, and take a sip. Raise your chin elegantly, showing off your slender neck. Then you lick the rim of the cup and bat your eyelashes at Mr. Vittorio Puzo before you set it back down.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo looks sternly at you as if he is resisting your offer and putting up with you at the same time. Pretend to look sad, and get up to leave. You take a step and pretend to trim over your hem, falling over.

Mr. Puzo pulls on you instinctively, and you both collapse onto the sofa. You can feel each other breathing. It is incredibly intimate. And surreal. Your heart is racing wildly and feels like it is about to leap out of your chest. You gaze at each other, and somehow neither of you can look away. You see your reflection in his deep brown eyes. You seem flustered and confused.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo is silent. You can’t tell what he is thinking. He is still holding onto you tightly. A bizarre surge of emotions overcomes you. Anticipation, palpitations, confusion, uncertainty. If only this moment could last just a little longer. He suddenly sits upright, as if he’s just recalled something. You get up quickly, putting an end to the spellbound moment.

Your heart is still racing. You observe him helplessly. The practice was effective. You will thank Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He says that he won’t practice with you anymore. Practicing with other men won’t be an issue. He is right, but hearing this makes you feel strangely unhappy.

You stand rooted to the ground, stunned, confused, and upset.

Didn’t things go well? Were you just imagining things? Mr. Puzo is a member of the Mafia but he is not that good actor. Something happened. This is the end of stage 16. This stage will unlock ‘’Heartbeat’’. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.