Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 17 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to practice your skills. Mr. Nino Ricci was not a suitable partner. Mr. Vittorio Puzo has offered to be your new partner. Things went in a slightly different direction. It got to the point that Alicia had to leave the room because there was an obvious positive and exciting energy between you and Mr. Vittorio Puzo. At some point, your exercise turned into staring into each other’s eyes. You realized that your heart had said its own thing and that it was pounding as if you had met him for the first time. Definitely, Mr. Vittorio Puzo has something that attracts you and leaves you breathless. All this was interrupted because Mr. Vittorio Puzo had the moments that made him listen to his brain and not his heart. The goal of all this was for you to use your abilities and get closer to Mr. Juliano. Will you make it? Find out in the text that follows. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 17.

After leaving Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s secret villa, you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. While you return to the Sparrow Room, your feelings are even more complex. It keeps you awake. After tossing and turning all night, you barely made it to dance practice on time the next day. You bore the brunt of Mrs. Molly’s yelling. The evening had set in when she mercifully released you from her talons. You were driven by hunger walking out of the dance studio. You wandered before a familiar hand-pulled you aside.

You wolf down dinner, and within 5 minutes, your plate is empty. As you are putting down your plate, you’re rushed backstage. Everything seemed normal, cacophony and chaos. You couldn’t keep up with everything you had to do. But the sound of crying and scolding came closer with every step.

Darya cries. Two big men try to drag Darya away. Darya musters all her strength and crawls towards Mrs. Molly. Mrs. Molly takes a step back, about to lash out. Mrs. Molly chuckles but does not budge.

Banishing Darya to the basement, was to punish her. You wonder that kind of punishment would make Darya so afraid. With everyone focused on Darya, you inched closer to Natasha. Natasha glances around. The ‘’basement’’ is what Mrs. Molly calls her underground brothel. Old and naughty girls are sent there. This is the worst that could happen to you girls in the Sparrow Room. Becoming a Mafia moll is as good as it gets. This leaves you speechless. Darya makes one last push.

Natasha thinks about it but chooses to ignore her. The others cry, stay silent or restrain themselves. No one speaks up for her. Should you? You have two options. Option 1 (Speak Up for Her) or Option 2 (Don’t Speak Up for Her).

Speak Up for Her
Don't Speak Up for Her

If you select Option 1 (Speak Up for Her), you will think about how not helping her will make you regret it for the rest of your life. You will say to Mrs. Molly to give Darya another chance. Mrs. Molly turns slowly and squints you for a long time.

You will say that she is a good dancer with a unique personality. Mrs. Molly will give her another chance. But if she does not do her job so well, you will go with her. You are getting yourself in trouble. You need to convince her.

If Darya is forced to do something terrible, you will cross that bridge when you come to it. After threatening Darya, Mrs. Molly chases everyone else. The crowd dissipates, leaving you and Darya alone. Darya retouches her makeup without a word. She leaves without another word. Note: Speak up for her to find out more about Juliano’s business in Stage 4-15.

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If you select Option 2 (Don’t Speak Up for Her), you won’t tell anything to Mrs. Molly anything. If you speak up for her, you will get in trouble too. The investigation would end before it even began, and it might even implicate Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Look around, and decide not to say anything. Darya continues to plead, but all for nothing. Nobody makes a sound as she’s hauled away.

The girls had a variety of expressions, but they all muttered yes. You felt helpless. For them, for the missing girls, for the world.

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The second night. You were running errands backstage as usual when Natasha came in looking vexed. Darya says she wants you to take her place on stage this week. Time is of the essence, though, so you push everything out of your mind and rush to change. You are about to go on stage in Darya’s place. Maybe something Elegant and Charming will entice Juliano.

You do not know if it was anxiety at what had just happened, but you were not feeling well. Your stomach hurts. The rapid dancing only made your stomach churn even more. If you puke on stage, Mrs. Molly will kill you. You focus on the dancing and manage to endure until the end. You can see Juliano in the crowd as you take a breather. But you don’t expect him to catch your gaze. He grinned at you while blowing smoke of ring.

You wanted to respond, but the next act came on stage. You could only smile and leave. You thought today was a bad day, but it seems to be going better now. Mrs. Molly even praised your performance today, saying it wasn’t too bad.

You thank Mrs. Molly for her compliments, but you are more concerned about Juliano and his reaction. You tried to replicate your performance in the days that follow. Juliano smiles at you, but nothing more. You have to work harder. After your performance, you gather your courage and approach Juliano. You recalled the training and were thinking of what to say when Juliano spoke first.

Before you can finish your sentence, Juliano pulls you into an embrace. You struggle at first, but then you remember this is what you are here for. You lean on him instead. He laughs, perhaps amused by your action.

You say that you do not know many men like Mr. Francesco Juliano. You break free from his embrace and sit, waiting for him to continue. He’s slightly taken aback but also amused. You curl your lips into a smile, slowly get up, and turn around to leave. Mr. Francesco Juliano grabs your wrist and pulls you back. You pry off his fingers.

Juliano looks at you as if he’s out for blood. You walk away without turning back. Find a quiet corner and drop your pretense.  All you can hear is the beating of your heart. For the first performance, you think that went pretty well. Though why Mr. Francesco Juliano would like this, you are not sure. Somehow, Juliano is interested in you. That is a good start, right?

And that would be all for this stage. Finally, progress in attracting the attention of Mr. Francesco Juliano. The man who is the main target of your research. You managed to give a great first impression. And that is to make someone look for you. You left when you needed to and thus let him know that he has to work hard around your attention. With the help of Mr. Vittorio Puzo and his followers, you will be a skilled person in this business. Will you be able to find out more about Mr. Francesco Juliano? Is this just the beginning of your Mafia research? Find out in our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.