Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 18 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a big dilemma that was presented to you at the time. Your colleague from the dance floor made some mistakes that were not tolerated. She had to be banished to the basement. Basement is another name for a place where girls who do much more serious things than dancing go. These are things that are huge torture and humiliation for any person. You had two choices. The first is for you to personally defend your colleague. That way you would buy attention. Attention is very important because she did not cultivate affinities towards you. The other choice was to say nothing and she would go to the basement. After that, you met Mr. Francesco Juliano. The most influential member of the Mafia in the city. Let the games begin. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 18.

Mr. Francesco Juliano and you are getting well acquainted with one another. He will let you drink with him at times, and you would exchange a few flirtatious words. Other than that, he has not made any moves. The progress is too slow for you. Your patience is running thin.

Although you made that sound honorable, you still feel awkward. Mr. Vittorio Puzo has not contacted you at all. It might be because of that incident. After mentally preparing yourself, you summon the courage to walk to the phone booth. The phone rings for a while before it is answered.

Perhaps it is because you have not heard his voice for a while, but your heart skips a beat, and you reply in a gentle voice. You guess there has been some success. You got to know Mr. Francesco Juliano.

According to Mr. Vittorio Puzo, that is better than what he expected. After all, Juliano is a cautious man. You think that you are not attractive to him, Mr. Francesco Juliano. But that is not what Mr. Puzo thinks. He suddenly lets out a soft laugh. It is so soft you thought you imagined it.

That stumps you and you have no idea how to reply to that. You are silent for a half minute before Mr. Vittorio Puzo speaks again and puts an end to the awkward moment.

You nod and then realize that he can’t see you. But you will see him soon. Very soon. Your confusion is finally resolved a week later. As arranged, you get to perform on stage tonight. The moment you get on stage, you spot Mr. Vittorio Puzo. In your shock, you mess up a few dance moves, and Mrs. Molly glares at you, gesturing angrily. Your eyes keep going back to Mr. Vittorio Puzo, but he doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

He visits the club three times this week. Other than pointing in your direction a few times during his conversations, he behaves like a normal customer. You finally get an inkling about his intentions when the weekend rolls in. Mrs. Molly starts the conversation.

Mrs. Molly says that you need to practice hard. Practice solo because you need it. That is a good thing, according to Mrs. Molly. The other girls have been ostracizing you since the start of your solo practice sessions. Even Natasha is avoiding you. You even stopped eating together. You do everything alone. At the end of your practice session today, Sophia tells you that you can perform on stage. Taken by surprise, you have no time to respond before she rushes you backstage to put on your makeup. As you are putting on your makeup, some of the girls start making snide comments.

Hurt and bewildered, Natasha dashes out of the backstage area with tears in her eyes. You get up to chase after her, but sit down again when you realize you have no time. You can only continue putting on your makeup. Lily and Judy continue making snide remarks and you finally snap.

Lily and Judy shut up with a strangled look on their faces. Silence settles backstage, and everyone slows down. A harried stage helper comes in to rush us. And you resume the usual bustle. Your solo number is left for last. You feel restless but also as though something is finally settling in place. You don’t know what act you should put on today, but you guess you just have to trust that man. You have to pull out all the stops to attract Juliano. Perhaps he’d like something Grand yet Perky.

Everything after that is a blur. You remember walking on stage with the music booming in your ears and right lights hunting your eyes. Your mind is blank as you dance. Whistles, applause, flowers, and praises surround you.

Unexpectedly, you will be approached by Mr. Vittorio Puzo as a stranger. He’ll ask you to have dinner with him. Of course, Mr. Francesco Juliano will not be indifferent to this behavior. Mr. Vittorio Puzo and Mr. Francesco Juliano are old acquaintances. These are people who know each other very well. Mr. Puzo is waiting for your answer to the dinner invitation. Juliano squints at you and then laughs loudly.

Before he’s done speaking, he pulls you into a tight embrace. It feels like a silent threat. You remain silent and look at Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He still has that gentlemanly expression. It’s as if he hasn’t noticed that you are in Juliano’s arms.

Juliano is suddenly very menacing and the air around him is tense. A few of his men have their hands on their guns. A fight seems imminent. Mr. Vittorio Puzo waves his hand carelessly and his men quickly put their guns away.

All eyes turn to you. The onlookers, the Sparrow Room staff, and the Mafia are all staring at you. It is hard to breathe for you. A chill goes down your spine. Juliano’s eyes do not reach his eyes. He tightens his grip around your waist, emphasizing his threat. You look over at Mr. Vittorio Puzo, hoping for a signal. He does not give one. It’s as though you don’t even know one another.

You could have rejected his invitation right away, but when you look at him, you remember that incident on the sofa. Your rejection is part of an act, but you can’t help feeling as though you have reached him for real. You have to reject the invitation right now. Juliano loosens his grip and even pushes you away from him. Now, you end up closer to Mr. Vittorio Puzo.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo nods at you before leaving with Juliano. The crowd disperses and the usual activity resumes. You are left alone by the sofa, girls from the crowd will talk about you. Darya exchanges greetings with the others, and to your surprise, makes her way back towards you.

Only Darya walks over and talks to you in low voice. There aren’t good in the Mafia. Be careful regardless of who you follow. This is just to repay you. Don’t overthink it. They almost put her in Juliano’s brothel.

The people around you leave the area and you slowly make your way back to your room. So much has happened today. You need some time to digest it all. You are closer to Mr. Francesco Juliano now. With this statement, we can conclude that stage 18 is completed. There is progress in your secret task. The problem is that you have to be careful and precise. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Find out what awaits you later in the story. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.