Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 19 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to attend a close meeting of two mafia families. Mr. Vittorio Puzo had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Francesco Juliano. These two people have their own specific relationship. Mr. Puzo asked you if you wanted to have dinner with him. You had to break because this is not where Mr. Francesco Juliano. With this move, you gained a small dose of trust because you approached this dangerous man. Mr. Francesco Juliano is a person who has acquired his capital through certain actions. He is your target of investigative journalism. The story continues. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 19.

You receive a special present today. A beautifully wrapped bouquet of red roses.

Juliano visits the nightclub twice a week and requests your company on both occasions. He is becoming more intimate with you. This is your chance to deepen your relationship. You must use this opportunity. You can’t reject Juliano’s invitation, and you will have to wear something Grand and Charming.

Mrs. Molly will ask you where to go in such an issue. You pass the invitation to her. You only have 30 minutes. Go out in the hall. You must not make him wait, says Mrs. Molly. The salon is empty during the day. The overturned chairs on the tables look like a quiet and serene forest. The only source of light is from the few slivers that manage to peep through some slightly ajar windows. Juliano hasn’t arrived. You pull down a chair, take a seat beside the dance floor, and begin to sort your thoughts.

You think back to what Mr. Vittorio Puzo said to you. He said that you are attractive. Perhaps you should change your strategy. You don’t want him to be displeased. You have to pull out every stop to win Juliano over. A tall, well-built man is at the door. He faces you, with the light at his back.

You stand and smooth your skirt. He quickly closes the distance between you. With a half-smile, he fixes you with a teasing look. You quickly rehearse in your mind and take a deep breath. You smile weakly to express your lack of enthusiasm.

He pinches your cheek as if you were a child. He wraps an arm around your waist and leads you out the door, unperturbed by your cold attitude. Now, you are in his car. Juliano is finally bothered by your aloofness and shoots you a glance. But he does not say anything else. He lights a cigar after giving the driver instructions. Your destination is a classy restaurant. A waiter greets you the moment you set foot inside.

After leading you into a posh private room, the waiter respectfully leaves. You look for an empty seat, but Juliano grabs your arm. He yanks on your arm. You lose your balance and fall into his embrace.

Mr. Francesco Juliano grips your waist tightly, and you have no choice but to sit on his lap. His face is too close to yours. You can only lower your head to avoid his gaze and his breath. Perhaps displeased by your reaction, he grabs your chin and lifts it forcefully. His eyes turn into slits as he moves his face closer. The cigar smell gets stronger.

Something snaps in your brain, and without thinking of the consequences you push him away. Taken by surprise, Juliano connects with the back of the chair. You scramble off of him and take two steps back.

His face is like an incoming storm. You think he is going to hit you. A soft knocking breaks the tension. It is the waiter bringing the steak and wine Juliano ordered. Even though you are standing in the middle of the room in a daze, the waiter does not display any hint of curiosity and carries out his duties like a true professional. Juliano is still shooting daggers at you when he thinks of something.

The waiter complies, and Juliano whispers in his ear. Mr. Francesco Juliano relaxes after the waiter leaves. The deep furrows in his brow are gone. Juliano picks up his fork and knife and cuts his steak.

A not long time ago, he looked like he was going to kill you. Though bewildered by his sudden change in attitude, you still comply with his wishes and take a seat. Before you can pick up your cutlery, a middle-aged man in a gray trench coat enters the room. He bows and addresses Juliano respectfully.

Juliano pauses slightly while cutting his steak. Without raising his head, he gives a command to pour the wine. The man glances at him carefully and inches towards the table. He picks up the bottle of red wine. His hand quivers slightly as he pours into the wine glass. The room is silent save for the sound of Juliano’s knife scraping across the plate. The man is so nervous, he doesn’t stop pouring in time. The wine overflows. Juliano stops cutting the steak and stares at the man, his vein visibly popping. The cruel and vicious stare suits Juliano. This is his natural state.

Mr. Francesco Juliano stands up and draws his gun. He puts the barrel against the man’s temple. The man collapses to the ground in fright. He holds on to the table for support.

Beads of sweat form on the man’s brows. He shakes uncontrollably. The table and everything on it shake with him. Juliano pushes the gun barrel harder against the man’s temple. No answer still. The man trembling grows more intense. The color drains from his face.

The man’s expression relaxes. The man stiffens in fear again as he hears the sound of the gun being cocked. Man offers to pay for the wine, whatever it costs. Juliano’s lips move slightly. He says something to the man. The next moment… The rest of his words are lost in the sound of the gunshot. The man falls to the ground in a lifeless heap. Blood explodes from the man’s shattered head and splatters all over the floor.

You’d never seen a dead body before, much less witness a murder. You want to flee, but you’re rooted to the spot. Juliano isn’t just a middle-aged man with an oily smile on his face. He is not just a customer who wants to get the dancers’ attention, nor is he just a rich man that spends large amounts of money at the nightclub. He is the head of the New York Mafia. A temperamental man with the power to decide the fates of others. Juliano rubs the blood off his shoe on the man’s trench coat. He lifts his head to glance at you.

You try not to shiver, but your trembling voice betrays you. Of course, you are afraid. Mr. Francesco Juliano says that you have guts. You are not afraid to express your displeasure. He grips your chin and forces you to look at him.

You are still terrified when he asks this question. You can confirm his suspicions. But will he kill you? You can’t think straight. You don’t know what to say. He grabs you tightly, and you flinch in pain. There is a smile on his face, but it is the cold smile of a venomous snake. You feel cold sweat roll down your back. You think he will kill you if you say anything he doesn’t like. The fear and anxiety threaten to crush you, and you hesitate.

Juliano’s grip loosens slightly at your words. You were forced to choose between them. No one wants to be treated as an object. What you actually want is to leave the Sparrow Room. Some of the coldness disappears from his eyes. He releases your chin and stares down at you.

He flings his gun onto the table and loosens his necktie.

Juliano exits the room. You don’t want to be alone with the body, so you quickly follow him. You continue your dinner in a different room. You can’t stop thinking about the man Juliano killed. He isn’t angry with you, however. You end this dinner early, and he takes you back to the Sparrow Room. The terrifying date comes to an end. Just like this stage 19. In addition to these events, will you be able to persevere in your research and your acting? Find out in the finale of Chapter 3.
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