Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 2 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we were at the police station. We had no charges but we witnessed the killing of Mr. Rio Rossi. Our interrogation was interrupted by the chief of police. Thanks to Mr. Edmund Davis, you came out without major problems. It all became known quickly and that is what bothers us the most. We are now forever connected to the death of Mr. Rio Rossi. Along the way we met Mr. Bob Wilson, this is a gentleman who is a police officer at this station and who has ties to Miss Jessica Taylor. Everything you heard from Mr. Rio Rossi, you could have said or you could have kept quiet. It all depended on you. The most important thing is that you now have room to progress in your investigation. The story continues. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 2.

The story begins with you being in the dark. You can’t tell where you are. It’s raining, the street is dimly lit. Looking down, you see a man drenched in blood – a crimson hue so dark that not even the heavy rain can dilute it.

The man appears to be dead, yet his lips seem to be quiver. Ignoring the pool of blood-stained water, you kneel beside the man with your ear against his lips. You have no idea who this man is. He is trying to tell you something. His lips move slowly, yet you can’t hear anything. Despite your panicked response, all you can do is watch as his feeble movement slow down a crawl.

Flustered, you begin to yank at his arm violently while screaming into his ears, yet he shows no response. Suddenly, you feel an icy, metallic object pressing against your temple. You stand rooted to the ground, too afraid to move. You know that is a real gun.

It was a nightmare. The details are still far too vivid in your mind, especially the icy cold gun. Thankfully, your warm sheets and the shooting chirps of the birds at your window remind you that it was only a dream. You need to work at the office today. Better wake up and get changed. You have jolted awake from a nightmare and feeling chilly. Wear something Perky and Warm to work today.

You arrive at the office on time, but only White is around. He will ask you about last night. Mr. Edmund Davis and you were in the police station. Your names are all over the newspapers.

You begin reading the article with doubts in your mind, but what you see next leaves you in shock. As you read the article, your thoughts return to yesterday. It was a stormy night. At the phone booth, a man covered in blood props himself up as he holds the receiver to his ear.

Mr. Rio Rossi made a phone call. The address is 258 Greene Street. His entire family was killed by the Mafia. The corner of Mr. Rio Rossi’s lips twitches up to form a mocking smile. Nothing matters except the fact that the murderer was Francesco Juliano, says Mr. Rio Rossi.

You will remember how the police came. He said that you were present as a witness. Elizabeth Colvin, a reporter from the Gotham Times. Rossi tries to say more but is unable to continue. He drops the phone and staggers out of the phone booth.

He lied to you. He was the one who called the police. You are unable to verify the truth of the article, but the details answer some of your suspicions. No wonder the police arrived so quickly.

There is no time to explain to White. You run right over to Davis’ seat. It is about the article on Mr. Rio Rossi. Maybe reporters wrote this article to drag Juliano down. Many things caused this article to be written. You will talk to Mr. Edmund Davis about what all can cause riots in your investigations these days.

You could look into what Taylor was investigating What made Juliano instruct Rossi to kill him. Davis and you organize your thoughts in his direction and begin planning your next step. At one point your phone starts ringing. You have no choice but to return to your seat to answer the phone.

The caller turns out to be Prosecutor Boseman. She’s interested in what you went through last night and wants to meet you to discuss the incident. Although you are unsure of her intentions, you somehow feel that she can help you resolve some of your problems. With this in mind, you head to Prosecutor Boseman’s office alone.

She has been investigating Juliano for a while. If you assist her in the investigation, you may find some records. Evidence that could help her deal a blow to the Mafia. Mr. Rio Rossi left you only words. There is no physical evidence. However, Prosecutor Boseman insists on hearing it all. Sensing her determination, you decide to tell her about what happened between Mr. Rio Rossi and you, as well as his last words. And since Jessica’s death is related to Mr. Rio Rossi’s, you give her a quick summary of the details regarding that as well. She lapses into deep thought after hearing your story.

There may be no physical evidence, but if you follow this trail of clues, Boseman is sure to find something. Considering that you will continue the investigation, that is a good thing for Prosecutor Boseman. She will help you by requesting all the information about Mr. Walter Taylor. You couldn’t find anything about him so you had to follow Mr. Rio Rossi.

After meeting with Prosecutor Boseman, you hurry back to the office and tell Davis about it. He will be delighted with your skills to personally ask Prosecutor Boseman to find you a file. Your conversation with Mr. Edmund Davis will interrupt White. He calls your name as walks over. There is a letter for you.

The letter gives you a strange feeling. It’s as if there is a clue in there somewhere. As you read the letter, White will say that there was an in-depth interview with Juliano on TV. Most Mafia bosses are content to lurk in the dark, but not him. An article in a newspaper will draw your attention.

Suddenly, you realize why you felt that something was off. Suddenly, you know what Mr. Rio Rossi’s goal was. Mr. Rio Rossi hated Juliano to the core. Even though you have the evidence, he knew you might not do anything about Juliano. If Juliano thinks you are a threat to him, he would take action against you. When that happens, you will have no choice but to retaliate and become Juliano’s enemy. The road to finding the truth was already paved with obstacles, and now you are faced with another crisis.

You stare at Mr. Edmund Davis, enthralled by his smile. He always gives you strength in times like this. Its charm is the cure for your day.  There is no time for depression because you two make a very successful couple who deal with dangerous journalism. Will you successfully continue the investigation? Will you face a new problem? At some point you won’t be able to go back, that’s a fact. This is a journey of no return. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.