Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 20 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you witnessed the murder. You read well; you witnessed your first murder. Why do we say first? Because you are in such an environment where murders change handshakes. Mr. Francesco Juliano is a person who represents the very top of mafia families. A very dangerous man who does not accept NO as an answer. You have to be very careful because this is very dangerous territory. You’ve been lucky on a couple of occasions but it’s all over. New days bring new possible temptations. This is the last stage for this chapter. The finale of this chapter takes effect. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 20.

Even after you return to the Sparrow Room, the terrifying scene remains etched in your brain. Mr. Francesco Juliano visits the club every day, and you keep him company. Every time you see him, you are reminded of what happened that day. Three days pass before you manage to recover. Or perhaps you’ve just grown numb.

Just as you are about to enter the dressing room, you see two girls inside. It’s Lily and Catherine. They appear to be discussing something. Judging from their expressions, it is not a fun topic. They are talking about you. They call you Chippy. They are talking about you. They assume you hooked up with Mr. Francesco Juliano. Catherine frowns. Clearly, Lily’s words are affecting her. 

Lily says that Darya lost her chance on stage because of you. You can’t bear listening to her slander you any longer. You rush into the dressing room. Lily and Catherine are both shocked at your sudden appearance. They stare at you, dumbstruck.

Lily glares at you, her face turning red. It is going to be tough getting her to admit she’s making things up. Perhaps you should try scaring her. Let’s see if she dares to continue spouting nonsense.

Lily tries to avoid your gaze and shrinks back a little. Lily’s face turns pale. She will beg you not to tell Juliano. The consequences would be catastrophic for both girls. Both Lily and Catherine would end up in the basement.

Lily leaves in a rage. Catherine manages to force an awkward smile before leaving as well. This powderkeg of an argument has finally ceased. You smile sheepishly at Darya. You stand in the empty dressing room, thinking about Lily said. You recall Natasha telling you that the ‘’basement’’ is the underground brothel of one of Mrs. Molly’s lackeys. After hearing what Lily had to say, the ‘’basement’’ sure sounds like hell on earth. You think about the moment Darya was dragged away, and feel a sudden tinge of regret. If only you pled for her, she wouldn’t have to go there.

Note: If you previously selected Speak up for her in Stage 3-17, Darya will defend you and you will receive information about Juliano’s business in Stage 4-15. Time to go. You have to change into something suitable. Don’t anger Juliano. Wear something Noble and Charming to attend the banquet with him.

Mr. Francesco Juliano looks like he is in a good mood. He takes you to a club even more luxurious than the Sparrow Room. Everyone stares at you when you enter the lobby. You have a feeling that tonight will be rather unusual. Juliano and you sit on a loveseat further from the stage. The jazz band is playing the latest hits, the low voice of the singer reverberating from afar.

Mr. Francesco Juliano sets down the champagne, stands up, and grabs your hand. You need to follow him and not ask so many questions. With his arms gripping you tightly around your waist, Juliano pulls you across the hall. And you spot the man in an obscure corner.

The sight of him reminds you of the intimate moment you shared with him that day. You peer intently at his face and notice that he seems incredibly exhausted.

Mr. Francesco Juliano sits down opposite Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You sit beside Juliano. Juliano wraps his right arm around you, stroking your shoulder possessively.

Mr. Francesco Juliano behaving so intimately with you in front of Mr. Puzo, makes you feel rather uncomfortable. Juliano motions you to sit in his lap. While all of this is going on, you glance at Mr. Puzo. His expression remains the same. You take a deep breath and sit on Juliano’s lap.

She says as he pinches your ‘’lower part of your back’’. You know ‘’Lisa’’ is just Juliano’s plaything. But the way he’s showing you off to Mr. Puzo makes you feel a little sick.

Mr. Juliano ignores your complaints and pinches you even harder. It’s all because last time Puzo asked you to go out with him. This triggered an avalanche at Mr. Juliano. He will rub to his nose every detail of the rejection from last time.

Juliano holds your ching with one hand, his face inching closer. You freeze as you see his lips coming closer. You look at Mr. Puzo out of the corner of your eye. He’s staring at you. You’ve known from the start that an increasingly intimate relationship with Juliano is unavoidable. But it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you have to do it in front of Mr. Vittorio Puzo. What should you do? You have 2 options. Option 1 (Give in to Juliano) or Option 2 (Reject Juliano).

Give in to Juliano
Reject Juliano

If you choose Option 1 (Give in to Juliano), things have progressed so quickly, it’s too late to turn back now. To be honest, you’d rather kiss a pig. You stop looking at Mr. Puzo, and caress Juliano’s neck instead, offering your lips up to him. Juliano smugly kisses you.

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If you choose Option 2 (Reject Juliano), you will refuse his kiss. Your reason will be valid for you.

You push him away, pretending to be shy. But you did not expect Juliano to be so strong. You don’t dare to push hard either, and he insists on leaning in. When his lips touch yours, he says something under his breath. It is a message just for you.

Your back is instantly covered in a cold sweat. You awkwardly put your hands around his neck as he forces a kiss upon your lips. For several seconds, all you can hear in this tiny corner are wet smooching sounds.

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Juliano is kissing you passionately with one arm around your waist. His other hand is groping your chest, and he is about to reach inside your dress. The sudden sound of glass shattering startles him. He pushes you away coldly, glaring at Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You look to the side and notice that a champagne glass is lying on the floor in pieces.

Sticking Juliano and becoming his lover is something you both agreed to. You’ve always thought you are imagining things whenever you felt like he has feelings for you. Juliano stares silently at Mr. Vittorio Puzo. His face is unreadable. You remain silent as well. There’s a terrible, hollow feeling within you.

After Mr. Puzo leaves, Juliano ignores you and walks back to his seat without a word. Juliano is holding you by the waist while watching the performance emotionlessly. You will try to score some points by asking few questions.

You will say that you couldn’t control yourself while kissing him, and you accidentally bumped the table. Your hip still hurts. Juliano considers it briefly before relaxing. Juliano looks a lot happier now. He leans closer and starts running a hand through your hair.

He licks his lips, gazing at you lustily. He obviously wants to sleep with you, but you know you can’t refuse. With this sentence, Chapter 3 ends. In a very unexpected and exciting way, it leaves us in suspense.

Will you indulge in this situation? Will you perhaps refuse? Mr. Francesco Juliano is an extremely dangerous person! You have to be smart. The story continues in Chapter 4, Stage 4-15 Dangerous Probe. And we continue our Walkthrough in Chapter 4.
Thank you for reading.