Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 3 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage began with a very tense nightmare. You dreamed of details from the street where you witnessed the murder of Mr. Rio Rossi. That’s where your life ended. Luckily for you, it wasn’t real. You had a date for Miss Diane Boseman. She is a Prosecutor in New York. You had a more serious conversation that ended on a quid pro quo basis. That means you will do something to help her with the investigation. And she will help you with getting data for Mr. Walter Taylor. Any help would be welcome. The stage ended with you and your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis found that you are one very good duo who can solve a lot of things but only if you work together. The sequel follows in stage 3. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 3.

Though you asked Prosecutor Boseman for help on recovering Mr. Walter Taylor’s records, you did not have much hope for it. A week later, you receive unexpected good news. You will call your colleague because you got Mr. Walter Taylor’s file from Boseman.

Miss Diane Boseman does not have any appointments today, so right now is fine to pick up these files. Mr. Edmund Davis drives you to Diane Boseman’s office. He waits in the car while you meet the prosecutor. You will take a seat. But there is something she must tell you first. Although she has Mr. Walter Taylor’s file, it is incomplete and some files are missing.

Getting files was far more difficult than she anticipated. As you expected, Mr. Walter Taylor is the key to your investigation. It is suspected that Mr. Walter Taylor discovered something very important. That led to his death. The point of the story is that they will ask you if you want to continue your research? It is very important what you will answer because you are within reach of the truth.

You leave the office, Prosecutor Boseman escorts you. You might seem determined and confident in front of Miss Diane Boseman, but you are actually very worried. You know it is dangerous to investigate something like this, but you have been running into precarious situations one after another. You need to hurry to Davis’ car to share what you have just learned.

This file is extremely important, and it might not be a good idea to look at it at the office. You remain silent as you drive to Waterlife. You study Mr. Walter Taylor’s file together in the suite. Aside from the missing information that Miss Diane Boseman mentioned, you also notice some bizarre details. And confirm some of your conjectures as well.

Amy’s missing person case should be the last case Mr. Walter Taylor and Mr. Bob Wilson partnered on. Despite being partners, Wilson chose to exclude himself from all follow-up investigations. You can assume Taylor met with a mishap because of the follow-up investigation.

Boseman reminded you of something today. She said that Mr. Walter Taylor is a key person and that he might have uncovered something big. That file is more crucial than thought. Mr. Edmund Davis and you study the file once more time.

Emma Smith, Lucy Schmidt, Marie Hoffman. Each of these girls disappeared on the way to school. The reason Mr. Walter Taylor put these together, it’s because girls are from the same school.

You were just guessing that it might be the same school, but it is worth checking out. Even if the school turns out to be innocent, you would be able to strike it off your list of possibilities, says Davis.

You will need to get Jack to investigate some things. That is the most effective way to deal with Mr. Bob Wilson. Davis and you will go back to the office to prepare. You can visit Charity School tomorrow morning. On your way back to the office, you are preoccupied with your thoughts. Maybe you are just too nervous, but you keep feeling like you are being watched. And you don’t want to share this possibly imagined feeling with Mr. Edmund Davis, so you can only endure it on your own. Your unease remains despite the amount of work and the ample rest you are getting.

You go wash your face in an attempt to shake off the terrible feelings left over from the dream. The cold water calms you down, and you take a deep breath before changing your clothes. You are about to head to the school with Mr. Edmund Davis to investigate. Something Elegant and Formal would be appropriate.

Now you have to wait for Mr. Edmund Davis. But suddenly, you roll your eyes when you hear his usual honking rhythm. At the window, you gesture to him to make him stop disturbing the neighbors. On the way to school, you discuss how you are going to conduct the school visit. However, the gate is shut when you arrive at the school entrance. Mr. Edmund Davis and you identify yourselves and explain why you are here to the receptionist. She politely declines to let you in, saying that appointments have to be made in advance. You try both persuasion and intimidation, but she remains resolute.

You can pretend to be students or teachers. Since it is a welfare school, they might not reject a visit from a sponsor. It is not difficult for a rich person to find a sponsor or to become one himself. At this moment, you should split up. You can search through the old papers at the office, and see if there is any news related to the school or the missing girls.

Mr. Edmund Davis drops you off at the office and leaves again immediately. Though you expected to face a large number of old newspapers to look through, you are still shocked by the immensity of the task at hand.

White walks over to you with a concerned look on his face. You guess you look really anxious. You want to decline White’s help, but looking at the heap of newspapers before you… You hand over the task of finding reports about Gotham Charity School to White. Then you turn your full attention on the search for reports on missing girls and missing person ads. White and you make quite a bit of noise retrieving the papers from the room, and draw Mr. George Kane’s attention.

As you explain to your boss what you are doing, he will assist you in your current endeavors. For reports of missing girls, you can try New York Global, World Post, and Big Apple Daily. They have pages dedicated to information on lost children.

You’ll apologize to your boss for talking a few days ago. But he is such a man that he will understand all that. According to him, you were just fighting for your investigation. At least it proves he chose the right person. And if you need his help, let him know. It is something you have decided to investigate, so make sure you bring the truth to light.

Filled with gratitude, you watch Mr. George Kane return to his office. You are so fortunate to be a part of the Gotham Times. Here you have met passionate colleagues, an excellent chief editor… and Davis. with this thought, you end this stage. In a very nice way. Sometimes you wonder if you are alone in some situations. You wonder if you belong somewhere and if you are wanted in your environment. The fact is that not everything is as black as we think. Just turn around a bit and realize you’re already there. Your haven. Follow our walkthrough.
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