Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 4 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had one big pleasant surprise for a change. You realized that you were not alone, that you were accepted as a person and as a reporter. You have the full support of the people and you have your views which are extremely appreciated. You spent a good part of your early time with your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. You have come to some conclusions that will help you in your next endeavors. You got the idea to investigate the missing girls from the district. You investigated Amy’s disappearance. This is Jessica’s daughter. Now you have to go to great lengths to explore every detail related to Jessica’s case. You can do all this with the help of your colleagues and friends. You are not alone. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 4.

White and you bury yourselves in newspapers for the rest of the afternoon. When you finally find any useful reports, your fingers are already covered with ink.

Although you have only covered three somewhat related clues, these seem sufficient. You call for White to stop, and place the other newspapers back in the storeroom. Finally, a chance to rest after a busy afternoon. You get up to give yourself a good stretch. As you sit down, Jack’s letter catches your eye.

You need to straighten up and grab the phone. Two things you need from Jack. Firstly, everything about Mr. Bob Wilson. And secondly, everything about Gotham Charity School. Absolutely everything.

After ending a call, a wave of guilt washes over you. Mr. Edmund Davis and you are in deep, and now you are about to drag Mr. Bob Wilson into it too. White rushes to your table. Panting, White informs you that there is a lady at the front door asking to see you. Guarded, you make your way to the entrance. Mrs. Ivanova’s face is in shadow, but you recognize her anyway. You invite her to your room at once. After some hesitation, she agrees.

You will help Mrs. Ivanova to find her daughter. He will have to provide you with some details first. Then you will use these details to publish a missing person ad. Mrs. Ivanova takes a deep breath. She looks tired and haggard.

Mrs. Ivanova’s daughter’s name is Lilia. She is 12 this year and has been studying at Gotham Charity School for 5 years. That is because Ivanova cannot afford to send her elsewhere. And that is a coincidence. This ties in with your speculations. Mrs. Ivanova does not want her daughter to slave the way she does when Lilia’s all grown up.

She sobs bitterly, unable to suppress her emotions. For you, it is alright, this is her daughter after all. Mrs. Ivanova produces a handkerchief from her pocket, dabs at her eyes, and pulls herself together before replying.

After work, when she got home, she could not find her. She always comes home right after school. Mrs. Ivanova panicked. Later, she searched high and low along the path she takes to school, countless times, but no avail. Neighbors and colleagues all helped to search but it was fruitless. Her hoarse voice speaks volumes about her despair. Her sorrow is heart-wrenching.

The teachers all said she went home after school, so they weren’t much help. She did go to the police, but all they did was make few notes and she hasn’t heard from them since. One policeman even said that her daughter might have eloped with someone. Aligated, Mrs. Ivanova clenches her fists.

Mrs. Ivanova knows for sure that something happened to her. She went to a medium, and she told her Lilia is still alive. But you have to do everything you can to comfort this heartbroken mother. Then you gently probe her for more details until you get a thorough understanding of the matter.

You being drafting a missing person ad right after you see Mrs. Ivanova out. Right then, Mr. Edmund Davis rushes into the office. You go to the room owned by Mr. Edmund Davis. Of course, he owns his own room, considering that the man owns the entire building and the entire newsroom. You have been working here for the past few months but you had no idea there was another office.

He found a friend and hot insider news from him about the school. Gotham Charity School is a welfare school sponsored by the Tiger Charity Association. The main sponsor of this organization is Councilman Harris. You also just found a report about him giving a speech at the school’s opening ceremony more than a decade ago.

You simultaneously fall silent for a moment. His friend told him that Tiger Charity Association is a very mysterious organization. It has been established for more than a decade, but hardly anyone knows about it. That is odd because rich personalities and politicians usually make sure that everyone hears about it whenever they do ‘’charity’’.

Davis suddenly looks kinda worried. You can understand why. He is afraid that you might falsely accuse an innocent man but he’s also afraid of letting a villain get away scot-free.

There is no evidence but it is possible. After all, he has ties with both organizations. If he is really involved with the missing girls, then what will happen if he gets elected. If he is guilty of something, you can’t let him get elected.

Mr. Rio Rossi’s accusation of the school with all the missing girls, and his relationships with the Mafia… That is not enough to prove that he’s in the know, or that he’s involved. Without any evidence, you cannot have objective truth in your article.

You are neither judge nor jury, and you can’t pass judgment on the crimes of others. The media needs to stand by the people and protect their rights. And that means you must present the facts objectively, even if it means endangering the newspaper’s reputation, says Davis. Davis also thinks of a way to verify this, so you should go back and get some rest first.

At home, you lay in bed ruminating about all that’s happened today, unable to fall asleep. Waking up in the morning, you have a premonition. No matter what sort of decision you came to today, it is likely to cause a furor. A whole host of other people, not just Mr. Edmund Davis and you, will be implicated in this. You may find some unexpected today. Put on something Warm and Gentle, and get to work.

After changing, you dash down to the office. While commuting, you keep thinking about how to verify these things. Sadly, you couldn’t think of a solution at all. You are in your office with Mr. Edmund Davis. He has asked a friend to make some inquiries. He will call him later. You will have to pen down everything you know, but keep in mind that nothing has been verified yet.

Mr. Davis will insist to write an article with your help. If anything happens, he is the only one who is responsible. But you are a team. You do everything together. This responsibility isn’t his to shoulder.

You are not scared of consequences. Even if he writes this article, he will have to get an editor and proofreader. That will be your job. Time slips by, and Mr. Edmund Davis finishes the article in no time. Suddenly, you recall something crucial. Davis keeps Taylor’s file in his drawer. You should lock it in the safe together with your notes. Those are pieces of evidence for later. You open the safe with Edmund’s guidance and place Taylor’s file and today’s notes inside.

Of course, Nobody can open it, apart from you two and Mr. George Kane. After you lock the safe, Davis’s phone finally rings. A rather muffled knock sounds from the receiver. Once, twice. No more no less, exactly twice. If a certain person is involved, the unknown caller should hang up within 10 seconds. Otherwise, he will stay on the line.

As Edmund’s trembling voice counts to seven, the call is cut off. That means one thing.

You send the report for printing at once. You even forget to inform Mr. George Kane about it. You expected the report to cause an uproar. But you never thought that it would result in more than just danger and trouble. What will happen in the next stage? Will this article have serious consequences? This move and the reaction of your colleague says a lot. The unknown informant from the phone was quite reliable and convincing. Follow our Walkthrough.
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