Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 5 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you discovered a lot. You had a meeting with Mrs. Ivanova. She gave you all the necessary information so that you could try to find her daughter through the newspaper. Besides, you had a request for your informant, Jack, to find your very important information related to some details. After that, your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis has received new information and links between Councilman Harris and the schools you plan to explore. It’s all related to what you have with you from the information. There is no direct connection to this evidence but all indications are that the disappearance of the girls and specifically the daughter of Mrs. Ivanova closely connected. It is your obligation to do all this with your colleague and in that way send a message to the people through the newspapers to know who represents this city and who has to do with crime and corruption. The Mafia has a big share in all this. You mustn’t be alone in this fight. Mr. Edmund Davis has a big impact on all of this. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 5.

All-nighters are always tough, and this time it is no different. You worked through the night to publish the report on the Councilman in today’s papers. Just as you are about to leave, Mr. George Kane summons you into his office.

Truth is that you two didn’t mean to go behind Mr. George Kane’s back. If time allowed for it, you would have consulted him first. As a publisher, Davis would have the final say anyway. But to spread lies during the election to create sensationalism is no the motto of the Gotham Times.

Mr. Edmund Davis will defend you. According to him, the news may seem inconceivable but there is the truth behind it. Mr. George Kane stays silent. He refuses to believe that Councilman Harris has something to do with the Mafia and the missing children. It is not a strange thing but government officials have been found colluding with the mafia before.

Before you can give him an explanation, the phone on Mr. George Kane’s desk starts ringing. You don’t know who is on the other end of the line but Mr. George Kane is visibly nervous. You eye Mr. George Kane suspiciously, and he motions for the both of you to leave the office. After leaving his office, Davis and you discuss ways to present your findings to Mr. Kane. But before you even manage to gauge the public’s reaction to the news or convince Mr. Kane, you find yourselves facing an even bigger crisis.

Councilman Harris has sued you and the newspaper for defamation. He also sent in a request for an expedited trial to the New York Supreme Court. The trial will take place in two days. However, you expected a lawsuit at some point but it is way too soon. When you look at Mr. Edmund Davis, there is no ounce of worry or fear on his face. He even pretends to have a sigh.

Mr. George Kane says that Councilman Harris’ secretary is on the phone. He is willing to rescind the lawsuit if you publish an apology. Mr. Davis will refuse and you can say that the evidence cannot prove Councilman Harris’ direct involvement, but he is definitely linked to all of this.

While you may back conclusively evidence, it is not going to be a one-sided affair. In fact, you may be able to get a witness to testify on your behalf. Davis and you smile at each other. Nothing more needs to be said.

You decide to submit Mr. Rio Rossi’s testimony, Taylor’s file, and information related to the Gotham Charity School as evidence in court. Mrs. Ivanova will also testify in court as a witness. With everything in place, the only thing Davis and you can do is anxiously await the trial. On the day of the trial, you arrange to meet Mr. Edmund Davis at the office to pick up the evidence before leaving for the court. It is the day of the trial. Wear something Noble and Formal to leave a good impression on the judge and jury.

You came to the office. You met with Mr. Davis. Now you open the safe to retrieve the evidence. The safe is empty.

Both Davis and you were shocked. You search the entire office but you still can’t find the evidence. You grow desperate as the time of the trial approaches. It is difficult to stay positive when facing such odds. Without any evidence, you no longer have the upper hand. What should you do during the trial?

The courtroom is packed with people since it is an open trial. And Councilman Harris is overwhelmingly popular in New York City. The crowd must be disappointed. Only his secretary, Mr. Blake, is present. Accompanying him is one of New York’s most renowned attorneys, Robert Brown.

Mr. Edmund Davis will declare that you are unable to provide them at the moment. Robert Brown will defend his views. But you will want to call a witness. The witness’s daughter is a student at Gotham Charity School that has mysteriously disappeared.

You look at Mrs. Ivanova hopefully as she walks to the stand. She has a look of fear in her eyes. It is probably just nerves; this begins her first time in a courtroom. The Judge will ask Mrs. Ivanova to begin her testimony.

Mrs. Ivanova mumbles, confusing both Davis and you. Something is wrong. She keeps shaking her head and refuses to look at you two. She will say something that will not be fully true.

With the judge’s permission, Attorney Brown begins questioning Mrs. Ivanova. It will be established that Lilia is missing. That was her first reaction. After that, she said that her father took Lilia and that he later returned home. Mrs. Ivanova said in a panic that her daughter had disappeared and that she finally realized that she had gone to her father. But that will trigger your resentment.

Mr. Edmund Davis knows what is happening. He tugs on your arm to stop you. While Davis and you are wondering, the witness enters the courtroom. Shocking reaction when you see who the new witness is.

He says that you two worked through the night to publish the article and made the decision without consulting him. Like most reporters, you obsess over sensational news that would gain you readers and fame, says Mr. George Kane. He also says that Davis and you have a history of publishing some articles on your own. And he often has to revise your stories extensively before you go to print.

Mr. Robert Brown says that as the publisher, Edmund Davis must have realized that with the election around the corner, it is an ideal time to release this controversial report. That would explain the motive.

A young woman will say that Chief Editor sure is righteous. She would like him to be her boss. A young man says that if he is the judge, he would have declared those reporters guilty already. Pointing at Davis and you. The old man won’t have a very nice opinion. His beliefs are such that he thinks that because of Davis and you, today’s newspapers have gotten from bad to worse. As for Elizabeth, she is still in shock at seeing Mr. George Kane on the witness stand. The murmuring of the audience finally reaches you. You want to yell at them. To tell them what they are saying is not true. But at this moment, the defendant’s table feels like it is miles away from the rest of the courtroom.

The case will be adjourned to one week from now. If there is new evidence from either party, please submit them before the start of the next trial, says the Judge. Mr. Edmund Davis will comfort you. It is not pleasant when something like this happens because this has happened to him several times. You regain your composure after chatting with Davis for a while.

Mr. George Kane and Mrs. Ivanova could have been bribed or it could be due to other reasons. Maybe you never met the real Mr. George Kane before today. Is Mr. George Kane the person who took things out of the safe? Just looking at Davis’s serious and gentle eyes, you can’t help but nod your head. If you want to clear your names, you will have to gather enough evidence before the next trial. Will you succeed? Find out on our Walkthrough.
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