Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 6 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were at trial. Councilman Harris has filed a lawsuit against you and Mr. Edmund Davis. You were willing to go to trial because you had enough evidence. It all went wrong when you realized that someone had taken your evidence from the safe. Only three people had access to the safe. Mr. Edmund Davis, you and Mr. George Kane. Guess twice. To make matters worse, Mrs. Ivanova was a witness. That’s a problem because she told a different story at trial. She told you a story in private. All of this is an additional burden for you and your colleague. The fight continues, the trial is adjourned with the rage of the jury on your work. All this must be corrected below. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 6.

It is the next day. A reporter from Mandarin Daily will ask you if it’s true that you received a large sum of money from Councilman Harris ’competitor. Many journalists are there next to you to ask you a lot of private questions. The aftermath of yesterday’s trial is slowly coming to the surface. Your erupted battle leaves very painful scars. That does not mean that the war is lost.

You are at a loss to how to react to the onslaught of questions and endless camera flashes. You attempt to leave but are unable to break through the tight circle of reporters around you. Davis, your partner in the investigation, will come to rescue you from the reporters.

While the reporters are preoccupied with taking down his response, Mr. Edmund Davis makes use of the opportunity to pull you into the office. You didn’t expect the trial to draw even more attention than the report itself.

The situation caused by Mr. Rio Rossi’s death has died down. The more attention this incident gets, the easier it is for them to churn out more content. And that is why they are so eager to see this blow up even further, says Davis.

And that is why you are here. To give the world of news a breath of fresh air. And set a new benchmark for New York’s press. As Davis says, it wouldn’t hurt to look on the brighter side of things. Your goal is to increase the influence and sales of the newspaper. The method might be a bit different from what you envisioned, but you seem to be reaching your goal.

Maybe it is Mr. George Kane who stole the files. Who else could it be? Mr. Edmund Davis fired him, and he is no longer the Chief Editor of Gotham Times. Davis says that he really misjudged him.

White says that there are protesters outside the office. They are accusing you of slandering Councilman Harris and they are demanding an apology.

You reach the front door and find that the reporters are already pointing their cameras at the protesters. They are demanding an apology. They are saying that the unethical Gotham Times has slandered Councilman Harris. Boycotting Gotham times. Boycotting unethical media and fabricated news. The reporters notice your presence and turn their cameras towards you.

There is no chance to reply all these questions, and you wouldn’t know what to say either. You can only retreat back into the office. A middle-aged lady suddenly dashes out from the crowd. She accuses you of using her daughter in your ‘’fake news’’.  

Davis seems lost in his thoughts as the agitated lady is dragged away by a stranger. Maybe this article of yours has implicated innocent people. Looking despondent, Mr. Edmund Davis pulls you back into the office. You thought you could find some peace inside the office, but there’s another nasty surprise waiting for you.

It is because of all the recent events. White wants to leave as well. He still has to take care of his mother. He also says that a lot of them have been threatened by the Mafia. They are all forced to leave. There is no possible solution to this, according to White.  Everything started from that report you two wrote.

Davis says that the news industry is really small after all, and after his incident will be smaller. They are afraid of how it will affect their careers if they continue working here. So, they want to switch jobs before the New York Newspaper Association expresses their stand on the matter.

White bows to Davis and leaves. Davis stares at White’s retreating figure with a dejected look on his face. The newspaper was full of laughter just a few days ago. It is now an empty shell. The sense of loss from this large discrepancy threatens to consume you. You are unable to restrain yourself, and turn to look at Mr. Edmund Davis. However, you are greeted by the sight of his dispirited figure. You have never seen Davis in this state before. But you understand. As Gotham Times’ publisher, he should be even more upset than you over this. Mr. Edmund Davis right now feels like a stranger. A flood of complex emotions, along with guilt and unease, well up in your heart.

He says that he chooses this path itself. It is not like he hasn’t imagined this scenario. You should go back earlier today. He won’t be sending you home. Without waiting for his reply, Davis turns and heads for his office.

You keep mulling over it, and just can’t let go f your worries. So, you decide to return to the office and check upon him. As you approach Davis’s office, you realize that the door is ajar. You tiptoe to the small opening, and carefully search for Mr. Edmund Davis. Slouched back in his office chair, with half a cigarette in his right hand and photo frame in his left, Davis is staring at the photo with glazed eyes. Engulfed by smoke, he is still and silent like a statue. You feel the urge to enter the room and comfort him after seeing how depressed he is. However, you think back to his cold gaze earlier today, and your hand stops in mid-air.

You may be unable to comfort him. But you cannot bear to just leave him like this. With a heavy heart, you lean helplessly against the wall. A wall separates you, and it feels impenetrable. This day was something special. A day of sorrow and a day of disappointment. The day when even the greatest charmer went silent. If you ask God for the strength to endure problems, He will give you a problem that makes you strong. That’s how things work. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.