Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 7 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage was a series of disappointments and sorrows. A lot of bad things happened. Mr. George Kane turned his back on you. That’s why he was fired. Many journalists have had many questions for you. Your colleagues and workers in the Gotham Times have resigned. White admitted that the Mafia had a big impact on this situation. Mr. Edmund Davis is a man who was a lot of things but was never in a bad mood and without a shred of will to communicate. These are the moments when everything turned its back on you. You have to get up and wipe the dust off yourself. You have to go further because that is the only way to progress as a reporter and as a person above all. After the rain always comes the rainbow. Head up, Elizabeth Colvin! Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 7.

As you return home, Prosecutor Boseman’s words echo in your head. A friend. She could be the breakthrough you need. Charlotte Harris, a friend, a fellow alumnus, and Councilman Harris’s daughter. You finally decide to call her. You take a deep breath and dial Miss Harris’s number.

A friendly and cordial voice comes through the receiver. It is strange to ask a friend about her father’s crimes. Thankfully, her prompt reply means you don’t have to grapple with that feeling too long.

Memories of the alumni ball, the last time you met Charlotte Harris. And the dress she wore is still fresh in your mind. You will ask her if she is free to meet up. The thought of meeting her with an ulterior motive worries you. What if she notices something is up?

You hear her hearty laughter. She would love to have dinner with you. There is this pretty good Italian restaurant she knows. You will have dinner with Charlotte Harris this week.

As the day of the date approaches, doubts begin creeping in. You have been thinking about what to wear. And whether you will come across as ill-mannered during the date. You don’t think she is the kind of person who makes fun of others. But being in the presence of someone as dazzling as her, who wouldn’t want to be the best possible version of themselves. Now is the time to put an outfit together. Miss Charlotte Harris is always dazzling. Only something Gentle yet Simple will be appropriate.

You will arrive at the Italian restaurant she chooses. The attendant from the restaurant will lead you to the table where Miss Charlotte Harris has already arrived. You can’t help but grin when you see her warm and infectious smile.

Miss Charlotte Harris starts ordering and asks about your preferences from time to time. After ordering, she smiles and looks at you warmly. She will start asking polite questions about you. You catch up on what has happened since your last meeting. She remembers there was some unpleasantness at the end of the ball. She was referring to the incident with Colin and Braun.

Other than that, the night was wonderful. You will be grateful to meet Prosecutor Boseman. You were inspired by her speech. Prosecutor Diane Boseman is insightful and forthright. She is also one of the country’s top prosecutors. Surely, it is an honor to get to know accomplished women like Miss Charlotte Harris and Miss Diane Boseman. You still feel inspired by some of the things she said in the interview.

The waiter brings you many dishes. Salami, some type of seafood soup, pasta, and other fine dishes. Continuing on your topic, she said that the person who helped her the most was her father. She wouldn’t be what she is if it weren’t for him. Her father is Councilman Steven Harris.

You can use this opportunity to ask her more about Mr. Steven Harris. It would make sense since it comes up naturally. Miss Charlotte Harris says that he is kind and loving. You wouldn’t associate those words with the man you are investigating. He supported her decision to fly and told her to ignore anyone who did not believe in her. There will always be those who doubt a woman’s abilities.

Miss Charlotte Harris always grins from ear to ear when she talks about her father. She seems genuinely happy. The Councilman Steven Harris is important to her, of course. You have always thought Councilman Harris would be a stern person at home as well.

For you, the politicians have always struck you as the type to be solely focused on their careers. But for Miss Charlotte Harris, he is definitely driven by his career. His term is almost over, but he has no intention of taking a break.

He rarely speaks to Charlotte about his job. The Councilman Miss Harris describes is completely different from what you have known. She sticks her tongue out at you playfully and you continue the conversation. Councilman Steven Harris is not mentioned again during dinner.

Looking at her radiant smile, you think of something. This is one of the very few ways to get closer to her to get more information on Councilman Steven Harris. Now you have a dilemma. Option 1 (Use Her) or Option 2 (Don’t Use Her).

Use Her
Don't Use Her

If you select Option 1 (Use Her), you will unlock Stage 3-10. You would be happy to meet Miss Charlotte Harris again. She will tell you not to wait too long to call her. Your intentions were not to hurt her. You just want to uncover the truth.

Tonight’s dinner really went by in a flash It must be because of the company. For Miss Charlotte Harris, it is always fun to chat with you. You will leave the restaurant. The road ahead is full of uncertainty, but you are feeling much better after he met with Miss Charlotte Harris.

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If you select Option 2 (Don’t Use Her), you will unlock Stage 3-8. You will hesitate. If you want to get more information on the councilman Steven Harris, all you have to do is to nod. But you can’t do it. You will lower your head so Miss Charlotte Harris will not see the guilt on your face.

Her concern only fills you with more guilt. It is just as you thought. You can’t do this to a genuine friend. You will say that you are worried she will busy at the office. But Miss Charlotte Harris will say that you can call her anytime you want. After that, you will go home.

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This dinner puts an end to your day and this stage. Stage 7 is officially over. The problem is that you had to choose an option. These options bring you different paths. They lead you in two different directions. Your direction is very important in the continuation of this book. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.