Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 8 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you arranged a meeting with Miss Charlotte Harris. This lady is the daughter of the famous Councilman of New York, Mr. Steven Harris. You had reasonable suspicions that Mr. Steven Harris was involved in a crime in New York City. A man who had a connection to the Mafia from several sources. Your dinner with Miss Charlotte Harris went through a lot of trouble. Your relationship itself was perfect. Miss Harris has great respect for you. The only problem was your conscience. To have such a person by your side, successful and famous, who wants to hang out with everyone. The only problem is that you will have to approach her to have more information about Mr. Steven Harris. You had two options. Each option leads in a certain direction. The consequences of the election are coming. Get ready. Note: Unlocks this stage if you previously selected ‘’Don’t Use Her’’ in Stage 3-7 A Dinner Date. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 8.

Since you have already decided not to make use of Charlotte to obtain intel, you have no choice but to think of something else. After contemplating, you decide to seek Prosecutor Boseman’s help. She might have some ideas about how to get closer to Councilman Steven Harris. You carry this hope with you as you pay another visit to her office. The secretary leads you into Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s office. Seated behind her desk, she slowly lifts her head.

The secretary leaves and closes the door behind her. You take a seat opposite Prosecutor Diane Boseman. You gave some thoughts to the things she said to you previously. But you have realized that there are limits to what you can achieve, and you have not been able to make such progress.

The office is enveloped in silence for a few moments, and you throw a nervous glance at the prosecutor. Then she says that she worked with private detectives. They usually use an alias when they are investigating a lead or when they are trying to approach an informant. It’s like what you see in detective fiction; they do not usually give away their true identity. Because to a detective, giving away their identity is akin to exposing their motives. This can easily alert the other party and put their mission in jeopardy. Now, when you listen to her words earnestly and try your best to read between the lines.

Your case is different. You don’t need to hide your identity like private detectives. She also did mention previously that you could try using an interview to get closer to Councilman Harris. Everything is possible. Just like that case with uncle murderer.

According to Diane Boseman, there is no need to be so pessimistic before you have even started. Prosecutor Diane Boseman nods a look of approval on her face. Her words can give you some inspiration and confidence.

After getting home, you rack your brains for a reasonable excuse to interview Councilman Steven Harris. You will definitely draw suspicion if you suddenly tell Mr. George Kane that you want to interview Harris. You rack your brains to search for an answer. All of a sudden, an idea flashes through your mind. That is right! The election date is nearing, and Mr. Steven Harris is a candidate. You should change your clothes before going to work. The interview with the councilman has been set. Wear something Gentle and Charming to cheer yourself up.

You return to the agency, and quickly arrive at Mr. Kane’s office. You knock politely on the door. You enter. Mr. George Kane is in the middle of reading a newspaper. Considering that it’s about the upcoming election, you would like to ask him about the interview with Councilman Harris. The sound of Mr. Edmund Davis’s chuckle reaches your ears. You turn to see Davis with his arms crossed, leaning against the door frame and staring intently at you. He throws you a glance and walks into the room. Mr. George Kane also turns his head to look at him.

There are already enough reports about him. But Mr. George Kane says that you should keep up with the times and taking the initiative to follow up on a lot of topics. That is commendable. It is a good opportunity for you to get more experience as well. But it doesn’t seem to think too highly of Councilman Harris.

Mr. Edmund Davis will interrupt this conversation. He thinks that you should not carry on with this interview. He thinks that you should think it over carefully. The worry and dissatisfaction in his voice unnerve you to some extent. However, this is the best chance you get to approach Councilman Steven Harris. And it is not something you can tell Davis. Under the scrutiny of Davis and Mr. Kane, you decide to hold your peace.

Having said that, Davis heaves a big sigh, turns, and leaves. The atmosphere in the office remains tense even after Davis has left. Considering this is your first interview with Mr. Steven Harris, you ask Mr. Kane for advice about the interview.

You will have to answer the questions they will ask you without avoiding them. You will have two options for each question. You have three questions. Question 1: What is your impression of Mr. Harris? Option 1 (A serious councilman) and Option 2 (A loving father).

A serious councilman
A loving father

If you choose Option 1 (A serious councilman), you will say that you have read some statements about him. He always looked serious.

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If you select Option 2 (A loving father), you will say that you believe in this assumption. You met Miss Charlotte Harris, and she’s told you about how her father has influenced her and how doting he is.

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Question 2: In which era do you think Councilman Harris has an edge over his competitors? Option 1 (His support for women’s rights) and Option 2 (His philanthropy).

His support for women’s rights
His philanthropy

If you choose Option 1 (His support for women’s rights), you will state that Miss Charlotte Harris mentioned before that her father has always been supportive of her aviation dreams. And her father has always approved of her fights for women’s voices to be heard. A pause for a moment and glance at Mr. Kane. He seems to be listening very intently.

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If you choose Option 2 (His philanthropy), you will state that it should be his support for charities and his philanthropy because he is passionate about doing charity, and has donated to many public welfare organizations such as hospitals and schools.

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Question 3: How familiar are you with the electoral system? Option 1 (I know it quite well) and Option 2 (I don’t know much).

I know it quite well
I don’t know much

If you choose Option 1 (I know it quite well), you will say that you have read up on the congressional and local election system before. Electoral laws, age limit, candidate requirements, as well as electoral procedure. You have done your research on all of those.

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If you select Option 2 (I don’t know much), you will say that you don’t know much about it. You will read up on it right away.

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This is a sign that this stage has come to an end. It took place in preparation for the next stage. How will the interview with Councilman Steven Harris go? Will you be able to separate the writer and your sympathies towards his daughter? What you had planned must be carried out without error. Your goal is clear and you orient yourself accordingly. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.