Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 3 Stage 9 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to prepare for today’s interview. Mr. George Kane asked you a few questions about your journalism skills. You had two options in question. These answers did not and will not affect your future research and play. You must leave a good impression as a reporter in front of your boss to leave a good impression on the respondents. Mr. Edmund Davis was briefly in the office with you. It seems that it is not for you to interview Mr. Steven Harris. On a couple of occasions, he tried to make you think about your desire. He failed in his endeavors. Get ready for an interview in stage 9. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 9.

You work tirelessly to gather information, preparing an outline for the interview. This opportunity is extremely important. You hope this interview goes smoothly, earning you Councilman Harris’s trust. After completing your prep work, you received word that Mr. George Kane wants to see you at his office.

You have two options. Option 1 (I’m Ready) or Option 2 (I Need More Time).

I'm Ready
I Need More Time

If you select Option 1 (I’m Ready), you will be given an affirmative answer. You are ready for the interview. You have been gathering information on Councilman Steven Harris, on all his experience and current political achievements.

You used public information to find and interview his old teachers, classmates, and some colleagues. You think you are sufficiently familiar with the subject’s experience and personal milestones. Mr. Kane says nothing, but smiles. He seems to approve of what you have accomplished.

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If you choose Option 2 (I Need More Time), you will say that this is the first time you are interviewing politicians. You need more time. Mr. Kane frowns, his expression hardening. He fixes you with a steely glare. These words are not of a professional reporter. He has arranged for you to conduct the interview.

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Although the desk lies between you two, Mr. George Kane leans forward, his eyes sparkling. He looks excited. He tells you the time and location, even taking the effort to write it down for you.

You return to your seat and call Prosecutor Boseman. Tell her the location and time Mr. George Kane arranged. Prosecutor Diane Boseman is silent for a minute. She seems to be contemplating something.

He (Mr. Steven Harris), mentioned this in one of his conversations, so it should be true. There might be something that interests you in those documents. You will find something useful. Even if you could somehow sneak inside, it would be difficult to find. You would have to rummage through the Councilman’s personal things. It is tricky to keep your morals while investigating. Prosecutor Boseman picks up on your hesitation and sighs.

But sometimes, to realize a long-term goal and protect more law-abiding citizens, you have to compromise. And do something distasteful. You have to be the sword and shield, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Prosecutor Boseman understands your dilemma. Her priority is to uphold justice. That benefits the most people. Before you make a decision, ask yourself if your action will have an outcome that will be worth it. If yes, then do it. Believe that the outcome will bring you comfort and affirmation, relieving you from the temporary uncertainty.

She will share a personal experience. She will try to help you. Boseman interacts with people from all walks of life. It made her understand that stereotypes are unreliable, at best. Her cases have seen a housewife, praised by all in her neighborhood, murder her own child for insurance payouts. A deported policeman, exposed for being in cahoots with the Mafia.

You will make your own deductions. Use your wisdom to slice through the facade, and see the truth for what it is. Prosecutor Boseman’s tone is very serious, which makes you anxious. After hanging up, you prepare for the interview. You should change into something suitable for the occasion. This is no ordinary interview. You have to take it seriously. Change into something Simple and Elegant before heading out.

When you arrive at the Harris Mansion, you are shown to the reception room to wait for Councilman Harris. The windy weather messed up your hair. An unpleasant start. Hopefully, the interview will proceed more smoothly. Councilman Harris’s secretary enters the reception room, interrupting your thoughts. You stand, smiling, and shake his hand cordially.

Mr. Blake nods sternly and departs quickly without saying anything more. He is cordial enough, but also cold and distant. You feel slighted, though it may just be your imagination. You sit up straight on the chair provided. Your legs and back begin to ache when Mr. Blake finally returns. 

Mr. Blake will ask you if are you from the Gotham Times. Because Mr. George Kane arranged this interview. You will have to answer now. Option 1 (Yes) or Option 2 (No).


If you select Option 1 (Yes), Kane Goodwill goes up. You will say that Mr. Kane thinks this would be an excellent opportunity for you to learn. You will also say that Mr. Kane is a good mentor, and happy to give you such opportunities.

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If you select Option 2 (No), you will say that you wanted to interview Councilman Harris. And Mr. Kane agreed to help arrange it. The elections are coming up, and the Councilman’s name has been in the news.

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But before you even finish your question about Mr. Harris, an inscrutable expression flits across his face. Councilman of New York City, Mr. Steven Harris enters the room.

You hear the gravity in his voice and take your pen and notebook. The interview properly begins. You ask questions according to the outline you had prepared earlier with no issues. Councilman Steven Harris does not have any significant reaction to any of the questions. He is very calm, and his answers are delivered with the usual politician’s smoothness and sophistication.

Although Councilman Steven Harris has been nothing but courteous and polite, you feel he’s guarded. He uses his politeness to keep his distance and hints that this interview should end.

Councilman Steven Harris stands and shakes your hand, telling you to be careful on your way out. He offers to let you rest a while before taking your leave. Councilman Harris politely leaves, and you sigh deeply. You will return empty-handed today. You are about to leave when someone calls your name.

Miss Charlotte Harris enters, looking at you in surprise. She grins at you warmly. Charlotte and you exchange pleasantries, and you tell her about the interview. She says that if you wanted to interview her father, you should have just asked her.

You were unhappy how poorly the day went, but Charlotte’s warmth brightens it. Though you are delighted to see her, you are still thinking about the document hidden in the Councilman’s study. You will need to sneak in and search for it.

This might give you a chance to search the study. With this invitation, stage 9 comes to its end. Your interview did not go as you expected. Councilman Steven Harris has fenced himself with his answers on several occasions. He didn’t have much choice and he wanted it to be over as soon as possible so he could leave. Will you be able to retrieve the hidden files? Will you be discovered? Will Miss Charlotte Harris be disappointed with your actions? Find out on our Walkthrough.
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