Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 1 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous chapter, we went a step further in our investigations. We had to quit to go with Mr. He crawled into a secret investigation. In many ways, we have gone a step further. Prosecutor Boseman, Edmund Davis, and Vittorio Puzo are the three main characters who guide us through the story. Each character has their own path that we walk. A lot has happened and we enter the last chapter as if we are entering the narrowest circle. All the main unfoldings are set out in this chapter. Get ready, this is a one-way ticket! The story continues. Hit Start once you are ready to begin Chapter 4-1.

Even though the newspaper has stopped running, you still feel like returning to the office. You also want to see if Edmund is still at the office. You are worried about him. As you make your way up, you see a handful of colleagues packing their belongings. There’s no one on the third floor where you work. The once busy editorial department is now early quiet.

Despite not knowing that Mr. Edmund Davis is around, you still want to take a look at that office. You are about to walk over to the private offices when someone interrupts your walk.

A middle-aged man in a dark coat calls out to you from the entrance. He’s short, with thing cheeks and a pair of gold wire-frame glasses perched on his aquiline nose. Stern man is looking for Mr. Edmund Davis. He speaks with a grim face and furrowed eyebrows.

The New York Newspaper Association has issued an important notice to Mr. Edmund Davis. This stern man must inform him in person. When you said that you can forward the message, the man hesitates for a moment upon hearing your reply. He will give you a letter to hand to Mr. Edmund Davis.

Edmund has already closed the office due to public opinion. He can’t take another blow. Even if someone has to shoulder the responsibilities, it shouldn’t be him. You will try to take the blame for the article. But Edmund Davis will show up.

You just saw him last night, but it feels like many days ago. For some reason, his expression feels almost like a stranger’s. He speaks with the man and pays no heed to you.

According to Mr. Charles Benson, the false news Davis has written has negatively impacted the New York press industry. Given this, they will consider revoking his publishing rights permanently. Your anger will interrupt Mr. Edmund Davis.

You look at Edmund’s dark eye bags and begin to wonder if he is confused from lack of sleep. At the thought of this, you can’t help but inch closer to him in concern. The moment he pushes you away, you finally understand why Davis feels so strange today. There is no sign of his usual gentleness. He has become a totally different person. His sudden change in attitude leaves you lost, stunned and sad.

But now is not the time to think about this. You should deal with the Association Supervisor first. You think that you are the reason for that report. You must not let Davis suffer the consequences alone.

Even though the report was published under Mr. Edmund Davis’ name, the investigation and write-up were completed by you. Edmund Davis leads Mr. Benson to his office as he speaks. Unexpectedly, he does not follow Edmund but scrutinizes you.

You were about to reply to Mr. Benson when Edmund suddenly approaches you. For some reason, his harsh reproach makes tears well up in your eyes. As you look at Edmund’s cold, unsmiling eyes, your heart feels as if it’s been thrown deep into the abyss.

With that, Edmund pays you no further attention and heads to his office with Mr. Benson. You never thought that Mr. Edmund Davis would say such things to you. Guilt, sadness, and disbelief. Several emotions overwhelm you. You try to think of a reason why Edmund Davis would be so heartless to you, but your mind is a mess and you can’t think straight. You hear bits of their conversation from across the corridor.

Try as might, you can no longer hold back your tears. This is the decision he has arrived at after thinking all night. You do not know how you left the office. Before you know it, you find yourself roaming the streets.

You end up near the Sun news offices. You have long forgotten the pain of getting retrenched from Sun News. But another memory of this street is fresh in your mind.

Your rub your swollen eyes and hurry away from this upsetting place. You walk around the streets aimlessly till the sky turns dark. You have plenty more important things to be doing. You know you shouldn’t be doing this. Someone calls out your name. You look up. It’s a bellboy from a high-class hotel. The hotel looks familiar. Once you make out its name, your heartaches again.

That bellboy at the entrance knows Mr. Edmund Davis very well. He already remembers your name even though you have only been with Edmund a few times. He will ask you where is Mr. Edmund Davis. You have two options. Option 1 (Stay Silent) or Option 2 (Reply Him).

Stay Silent
Reply Him

If you select Option 1 (Stay Silent), you are not going to be able to reply to his question, and you can only look at him in silence. He studies you for a moment, then a look of realization dawns on his face.

The bellboy will try to be very generous. He says that relationships aren’t always smooth-sailing. He is sure that you will make up in no time. Looking at his grinning face, you do not know what to say. But now, all you feel is the ache in your heart.

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If you select Option 2 (Reply Him), you freeze upon hearing him mention Mr. Edmund Davis. All the emotions you’ve tried so hard to suppress are now threatening to burst. But right now, you want to hide your pain from others, no matter what. You pull yourself together and give the bellboy a strained smile.

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The bellboy has to get back to work. He will give you a piece of advice. The advice is to go home. It is dangerous to be out here alone at night. The bellboy waves you goodbye then looks up at the sky. He seems to have suddenly thought of something.

He dashes into the hotel and returns after a brief moment. He brought you an umbrella.

You yearn to take the umbrella from him. But you probably no longer have a chance to pass it to Mr. Edmund Davis. You feel like crying again. You shake your head at the bellboy in silence, then leave the street to escape from the memories.

It rains on your way back, just like the bellboy said. You walk alone under the pouring rain, but you do not feel cold. Perhaps the ache in your heart has made you numb to everything else. Memories of your moments with Mr. Edmund Davis come flooding back to you. Memories once distant, but now vivid in your mind. You never thought that this would happen to you someday.

You were all alone before he joined you anyway. You are just going back to how things were before. With this feeling, stage 1 ends. You have lost a great friend, perhaps the greatest you have ever had. This is a man who has always been your support, even when you could not support yourself. Maybe this is not the end? Maybe this is not what it looks like? Find out what awaits us next in chapter 4.
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