Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 10 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, stage 9, we had two options. Those possibilities were the endings of the story. Those were two endings that didn’t bring many good moments. You could have died in the fire that was set on you. You could have given up journalistic life and gone back to the farm with your father and mother. The second ending was much more painless. Stage 10 is a consequence of some other decisions in earlier stages. It offers us these options and new possibilities. All this brings something more original for us and therefore we can hope for better endings of this story. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 10.

You spend some time considering Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s offer, and finally decide to accept her invitation. You call her to tell her about your decision. She quickly answers the call, and you hear her familiar voice on the line.

You have made up your mind. Prosecutor Diane Boseman chuckles as if she already knows that you will join her. She has been waiting to hear that. She welcomes you on behalf of the team. She will arrange a time to meet up. You will be introduced to the team members. 

This afternoon. Go to her office. There is no work scheduled at the moment so you can make it. After ending the call, you make up a reason to ask for the afternoon off. Mr. George Kane does not question you. Now, you will have to change into something suitable before you meet the team members. This is your first time meeting the team. You should wear something Simple yet Elegant.

When you arrive, the secretary receives you warmly and takes you straight to the office. The name of the secretary is Annie. Annie opens the door without bothering to knock and invites you in with a smile. You smile and nod, and notice that apart from Prosecutor Diane Boseman, there is also a man in the room. Annie remains in the office and locks the door after you enter.

Your eyes widen in surprise, and Annie stretches her hand towards you in a friendly manner. Annie has always welcomed you every time you are here. She is a friendly person. She winks at you playfully. Her friendliness puts you at ease. You glance at the young man standing next to Prosecutor Diane Boseman. He looks grumpy and even a little arrogant.

Thomson keeps his hands firmly in his pockets and ignores your outstretched hand. You withdraw your hand awkwardly. This gentleman is obviously an arrogant person. Therefore, you will have to be careful. He asks you if you heard of the Liebig’s barrel. You know about Liebig’s barrel, but you do not understand why Thomson would suddenly mention it. Thomson is quite intimidating. How should you answer this question? Option 1 (I’ve heard of it) or Option 2 (What do you mean?).

I've heard of it
What do you mean?

If you select Option 1 (I’ve heard of it), Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will say that you know about Liebig’s barrel. It illustrates Liege’s law of the minimum. You do your best to summarize what you know about the theory.

If someone turns out to be the short stave that’s holding the team back, Thomson will not sit around and wait for them to improve.

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If you select Option 2 (What do you mean?), Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will say that you do not understand the question.

Despite his words, his snarky tone and look of disdain convince you that it was intentional.

Annie will interrupt Thomson’s. She will warn him not to joke any more. She pats your arm, trying to indicate that you should not mind him. But you understand how Thomson feels. You will prove yourself.

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Miss Diane Boseman stops the chatter. You should talk about more important matters. You each take a seat to listen to what Prosecutor Diane Boseman has to say.

That is why she decided to form a professional team of trustworthy elites. She pauses as she speaks and gazes at all three of you. She has set several tests and screened many people. Finally, she has selected a group of the most ideal candidates. These people are not only competent with integrity, they are also determined and think as she does. Everyone present here has been carefully selected by her. She is grateful for that.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman walks around her desk to you and bows deeply. You quickly get up to return the bow. Now she will introduce each team member. She gracefully extends her hand towards Annie’s seat. She has been her secretary for many years. She’s good at processing government documents and many other tasks.

Annie thanks, Prosecutor Boseman. Diane nods, then turns to Thomson and begins to introduce him. He is an assistant prosecutor, a rising star of New York’s legal industry. He may be young, but already has good achievements in the legal field. She looks forward to his performance on the team.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman clears her throat, then turns to look at you with a kind smile. She says Elizabeth Colvin, a reporter from Gotham Times. An intelligent and capable young woman.

You will defend your profession. Diane Boseman stands by your side. Thomson must know his limits. Your actions speak volumes about your competence and integrity. For her, you are the most outstanding young woman in New York. And the most outstanding people in New York City are gathered here. She sees endless possibilities in you three.

To save lives… Somehow, that feels a little strange to you. Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s rousing words are infectious. Your passion and desire for justice have been awakened. For you, it is an honor to join this team. From now on, you will fight evil and corruption in New York City together.

You smile and nod. You will have to head back to Gotham Times and tender your resignation as soon as possible. You pass your resignation letter to Mr. George Kane after you return to the office. Although he finds it a pity that you are leaving, he approves the letter after hearing that you have a better job offer. After settling the necessary procedures, you return to the office to pack your belongings to say goodbye to your colleagues.

As you smile and say your farewells, Mr. Edmund Davis suddenly barges into the office and grabs your arm.

You repeat everything you told Mr. George Kane to Mr. Edmund Davis. Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s words convinced you. You want to work with her to reach that goal.

You nod at him and turn to leave, but Mr. Edmund Davis suddenly chases after you. He wants you to know that he is still here for you. If you need any help from someone to talk to, he is there for you. You turn and leave the office, and walk towards a new life.

Stage 10 is over. You have met a new team that is fighting the battle against crime and corruption. This team is led by the great and fearless Miss Diane Boseman. It is up to you to try to solve some great mysteries that plague the largest city in the world. Will you be able to unite Thomson and you into one whole? Will you be able to continue the fight and persevere? You can find out all this on our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.