Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 11 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a phone conversation with Miss Diane Boseman. She is a prosecutor in New York City. From the time you met her until today, she is valid with one of the most successful and brave women you have ever met in your life. The team for the fight against crime consists of 4 people. Led by Miss Diane Boseman, the members are Thomson (prosecutor), Annie (secretary), and you. These are selected people who make up a small and independent group. Thomson is a person who is not pleasant to talk to, but judging by Miss Diane Boseman, he is a person who will be extremely important. Annie is the secretary who works for Miss Diane Boseman. She is a woman who has unlimited trust in Prosecutor Boseman. You received a special invitation because you are a person who, with his work and courage, managed to show that he deserves a place in this group. It remains to be seen what this group will be able to do. Start once you are ready to begin stage 11.

You start on your new job and a new life upon joining Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s team. A week has passed, and you are familiarizing yourself with the work. Your job involves writing press releases based on new evidence discovered by the team, and mailing them to news agencies. For you, it is not hard at all. In fact, it is right up your alley. You thought everything would continue to go smoothly, but then you run into your first crisis. You almost late for work due to a traffic jam, but manage to arrive in the last couple of minutes.

You look frazzled after being stuck in traffic. Change into something Gentle and Charming and focus on work.

Dressed and presentable, you put a smile on your face and walk towards Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s office. But you hear Thomson and Annie engaged in a fierce argument when you reach the door.

When you hear Thomson say your name, you hold your breath nervously and eavesdrop on the conversation. Annie says that it was an accident. Thomson says that it was intentional. You still do not know what is the problem.

He said it since the beginning, you are not reliable at all. You are the shortest stave of the team, says Thomson. You cautiously poke your head into the office and glance at everyone in the room. It turns out Prosecutor Diane Boseman is present too. She is browsing her documents despite the fierce argument between the other two. Annie will stand in your defense. He will state that it was all a mistake that was not intentional. They will say you wanted to help. Miss Diane Boseman is the person who hired you and Thomson is wrong to attack you like that for something accidental and unintentional. Thomson already has a different opinion.

Apparently, Councilman Steven Harris became more cautious because he discovered you in his study. You stand quietly by the door and listen to Thomson’s tirade, and feel guilty when Annie speaks up for you. While thinking about this, you accidentally knock your shoe against the door frame.

Both Thomson and Annie immediately clam up and shoot you complicated gazes. You see Thomson curl his lips in disapproval. He says that you are useless. He blames you for the halt in your investigation. Even when you apologize, he says that you should be thinking about how to salvage the team’s losses.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman snaps sternly at Thomson, and he shuts up. You will say that you are really sorry. You didn’t know that the consequences were so grave. You will do your best to think of a solution. Annie brings you a cup of hot coffee and takes you aside to sit down. Prosecutor Diane Boseman nods and begins to speak.

Councilman Steven Harris has started investigating his confidants and subordinates in secret. He is purging his personal team. He also changed his personal line. Annie hurriedly stops Thomson. He shuts up with a sheepish look on his face and seems to have suddenly remembered something. Everything Boseman has mentioned so far has only increased the difficulty of your investigations and slowed your progress.

Councilman Steven Harris has proposed to the mayor to abolish the special prosecutor office. If this proposal passes, your team will be dissolved. He reasons that the department requires high spending with no result to show. Thomson keeps interrupting the conversation with angry lines.

Boseman continues. All you need to know is that the mayor intends to approve Councilman Steven Harris’ proposal to dissolve your department. She will hand you the newspaper. Released this morning.

This means that councilman Steven Harris is highly likely to get re-elected. And that’s how dire things are right now, and you are running out of time. Prosecutor Diane Boseman takes a deep breath and pats you on the shoulder. She said to you not to mind Thomson’s behavior. It is a serious issue after all. Thomson is just bad-tempered, but he has the best interest of the team at heart.

Diane says that nobody should point fingers right now. You need to gather more information as soon as possible to make progress. Producing actual results is the only way to save your department.

Annie says that your previous source of information has been completely cut off. You have to take a different approach to continue investigating.

Considering that you are a friend of Councilman Steven Harris’ daughter, you should see if you can get more information from her. Your team is about to be dissolved. This is not the time to be struggling with a dilemma.

Annie knows that you are a kind and upright person. But if you had any other choice, they would not want to do this either. Prosecutor Diane Boseman has something for you. You should take a look. It is a list.

These are the secret documents you found. Prosecutor Diane Boseman got someone to decipher some of the information on it. You can see that the first part includes an alcohol transaction of some sort. Prosecutor Boseman motions to you to check out the part at the back. You see that there is a list of dates, locations, names, and some strange words. If you don’t get it, read it together with the report in Officer Walter Taylor’s file.

The cover page has Officer Walter Taylor’s name, police identification number, and precinct he was posted to. You flip open the file skimming through the records in front. You pause at the last few pages, which record the missing person case of a girl named Amy.

It says that Officer Walter Taylor and Mr. Bob Wilson were in charge of investigating this missing person case. Taylor continued to investigate alone and reported to his superiors the dozens of missing children’s cases which he had uncovered. You look at the list of victims. Your heart aches as you read their names out loud.

These names match the names on the transaction list. You should read on, there are more noteworthy things below. Your heart starts to race. You quickly check out the column naming the school.

As far as you can remember, it is a welfare school that relies on donations. It accepts children from poor families. There is a report written by Officer Walter Taylor at the back of the file. His report describes his suspicion that the cases are linked and that the victims are all children from poor households. No further leads or deductions are mentioned in the report. The report is the last part of the file. The file can’t give you any more info.

You suspect that these missing children have been targeted for illegal human trafficking. The list records the details of each transaction. The numbers on the list that start with digit 1 are probably the ages of the missing children. Prosecutor Diane Boseman nods, indicating that your guesses coincide with hers. She tells you to continue. These dates do not match the dates that the children went missing. The date after the report was made, do you think they may be the transaction dates. There are also some symbols on the list that have not been deciphered. They are likely to be descriptions about the quality of the ‘’goods’’ or some other information.

Your heart is in turmoil as you think of the dark truth hidden within these papers. Prosecutor Diane Boseman says that if your department is to be dissolved, the truth will be buried. More families and children will be swallowed by this growing evil. She also says that your target is not the councilman Steven Harris, but the crimes of New York City. You must fight him to the end. Also, you must quickly find evidence that will prove the link between Councilman Steven Harris and these documents.

They hope you can consider your suggestion for the sake of these innocent children and grieving families. Everything they said makes sense and the evidence is clear as day. You can’t sit back and ignore the spread of this evil.

With these thoughts towards your friend, Miss Charlotte Harris, stage 11 will end. A very long stage that abounded with many dialogues and theories about the continuation of the fight. The first problem came and thus you got proof that you are going in the right direction. Some thorns can be felt on every right path. The thornier the path, the bigger the star to reach. Justice must win and your team will persevere. You have good people around you. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.