Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 12 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, the first problem occurred. A team made up to the liking of Prosecutor Diane Boseman encountered the first big problem. That intrusion you had into the office at Harris Mansion was remembered. It was not to be expected that it would go unexplored. Your guilt has only further contributed to you being more cautious and persistent. This is the difference between a quality group and a group that is toxic. Thomson has been uncomfortable on several occasions but that is just proof that you have much better and more persistent people who express dissatisfaction in different ways. The next thing you need to do is do something that your friend won’t like. Miss Charlotte Harris will have to be deceived for the sake of your higher goals. Best of luck. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 12.

With your mind made up, you call Miss Charlotte Harris to arrange a meeting. You arrange to meet at the airfield. Charlotte wants you to meet her old friend. You end the call feeling guilty. Prosecutor Diane Boseman notices your mood.

You nod and try to smile. You tell her where and when you will be meeting Miss Charlotte Harris. Miss Harris is a warm and friendly person. Innocent and kind, and always cares about others around her. Before you go, let Miss Diane Boseman remind you of a few things. You need to figure out her weakness. Once you do it, you will get through their psychological barrier.

The person you’re meeting… You say she’s a good person. But she has a few weaknesses. Miss Harris values relationships and empathizes with the downtrodden. People like this tend to act on values and beliefs they believe are right. They are trusting and empathetic. They easily empathize with others and act on their emotions.

You notice Thomson and Annie looking at you occasionally. You know they are looking forward to seeing the result. It is time to meet Miss Charlotte Harris. You should change into something suitable. You haven’t met Miss Charlotte Harris in a while. Change into something Cooling and Perky to make a good impression.

Once you are ready, you say goodbye to the team, and leave the office. The moment you arrive, Miss Charlotte Harris calls out to you. She’s beaming. You look out the window and see a few planes parked near the hangars. The constant roar of planes flying overhead is audible indoors.

You look where Miss Harris is pointing and see a red plane. It sparkles under the sun, outshining the other planes. And the plane is an aviator’s best friend. Aviator’s life is in its hands.

Miss Charlotte Harris beams proudly and tells you all about the plane’s technology and capabilities. You do not understand the things she’s talking about, but her confidence and joy leave a deep impression on you. 

Miss Charlotte Harris drags you to her plane. You have never been on a plane like this before. Miss Charlotte Harris puts on her goggles and gets into the cockpit. She flies the plane upwards and towards the sky.

You will love the view. Being a little nervous is normal, but you are also excited. Everything looks different from up there. The plane’s name is Argo. This plane was the plane she flew across the ocean. She is also introducing it to you. You are both precious to her.

You feel a pang of guilt. If she knew the real reason you came today… Miss Charlotte Harris seems to notice your discomfort. You can’t tell her the real reason, so you make up an excuse. Charlotte lands Argo smoothly and returns to the hangar. You finally feel the ground again.

It is about the same thing before. It’s a long story that starts with the death of a woman named Jessica Taylor. She was a patient at New York Metropolitan Hospital. You tell Charlotte everything you know so far. Jessica’s death, an impostor taking her belongings, and Officer Walter Taylor’s death.

You hand her Officer Walter Taylor’s file and the mostly-deciphered transaction list. Mr. Walter Taylor and Mr. Bob Wilson were in charge of investigating these missing person’s cases. They did not make any headway for some time. Bob Wilson volunteered to withdraw from the investigation. Mr. Walter Taylor continued investigating alone and uncovered dozens more missing children. He reported this to his superiors.

Emma Smith, Lucy Schmidt, Mari Hoffman. You point out the deciphered initials to her. Based on the deciphered information, this should be a transaction list. The part in front records the alcohol transactions. The dates in the back, the names, and the numbers starting with one… You think the missing girls were trafficked, like the alcohol.

The evidence is solid. It all points to human trafficking. This is the thing that you were looking for in Steven Harris’ study. You will try to calm down Miss Charlotte Harris. There is no proof Councilman Steven Harris is linked to this specifically.  You should persuade Miss Charlotte Harris to find more information for you. How should you convince her? Option 1 (Appeal to Her Sense of Justice) or Option 2 (Just Tell the Truth). Note: This decision will drastically change the story.

Appeal to Her Sense of Justice
Just Tell the Truth

If you select Option 1 (Appeal to Her Sense of Justice), Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will say that every name on this list represents a missing girl. The loss of a child is a permanent wound to a family.

Only a cold-hearted person could ignore their tragic fates. You have to do something about it. And you know Miss Harris. She is not cold-hearted. She is compassionate.

Everything looks nice and proper on the surface. You stumbled onto this quite by accident, thanks to a chance encounter. You wouldn’t have seen this hidden truth otherwise. And you understand the impulse not to trust what you see and continue blindly believing everyone is leading good lives. But if you turn your back on these people who have been taken, and worse…

As long as one person still believes in justice, the world can be made better. Charlotte will not be alone. You are here with her. To bring this darkness into the light, and give hope to people who need it…

With Miss Charlotte Harris by your side, you will be even more determined in your pursuit of justice. And she will. For her beliefs, and the children.

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If you select Option 2 (Just Tell the Truth), Charlotte Goodwill does not go up. You will say that the truth is clear as day. Whether she believes it or not, it happened.

She should not turn a blind eye to these victims and their families. If you don’t put a stop to this, there will be even more victims.

Officer Walter Taylor’s final report was ignored and abandoned. This darkness has encroached on the legal system. They can’t or won’t help. You can do your part. If you find more evidence, you can write an article and publish it for the world to read. You would be one step closer to ridding New York of this evil.

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You need stronger evidence to move the investigation forward. Something tying Councilman Steven Harris to the Mafia. You are asking her to betray her father. She has already chosen not to turn a blind eye. Miss Charlotte Harris is conflicted. You can see it in her eyes.

If she can’t find anything, then it might prove Councilman Steven Harris’ innocence. But if she finds something, she would be helping innocent children. If she does this, she will have a clear conscience regardless of the outcome.

Miss Charlotte Harris’ hands are clenched into fists, her knuckles turning pale with the force.

Councilman Steven Harris’s accomplishments as a politician are widely known. The jury might consider that. Besides, he has enough money to get the best defense attorney. The court might go easy on Councilman Steven Harris.

You are counting on Miss Charlotte Harris. And this is how stage 12 ends. Your friendship with Miss Charlotte Harris has been put to the test again. This time the test is much more demanding since he has to go against his father. Her father is a man who is very important to her in life. It is not easy to go against your close people, no matter if they played a big role in your life or not. Will you be able to get new evidence? Will Miss Charlotte Harris help you? You can find out all this on our Walkthrough.
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