Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 14 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had two different streams during stage 13. You could get the evidence in its entirety and you could also get insufficient evidence. It also depends on what awaits us in stage 14. Below you can see two different ends and we will help you cope better. Diane Boseman managed to do some great things with her team. It depends on today’s stage and your choices whether you will have a bright future or you will have to cope after the defeat. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 14.

Insufficient Evidence
Sufficient Evidence

If you have insufficient evidence, you will obtain the Ending: A Lonely Future. There is an uproar the morning after the report was published. The entire city is in a state of shock and distrust, and Councilman Steven Harris is at the forefront of it all. It didn’t take long for him to sue the paper and your team for deformation. Thus, you find yourself in a court battle against the Councilman’s organization. Everyone in your team is ready to go all out for the trial. You know that this will not be an easy dight but it will determine the rest of your lives. Due to a lack of evidence, both the judge and jury are on Councilman Steven Harris’s side. Councilman Harris wants you to apologize for the report and close own the Special Prosecutor office. Reporters flock to your office to write stories denouncing your team members and how you set things up to frame the councilman. On the other hand, Councilman Steven Harris is reported as the innocent victim of a political plot. The public views you as criminals and you receive countless criticism and abuse. In the end, you have no choice but to close the Special Prosecutor’s office and dissolve the team on the spot.

This will be your last day here. Come tomorrow, this team will no longer exist. You are all feeling down and helpless. Today will probably be the last time you all see each other.

Thomson will say that you are clearly in the right. You do not have any reason to leave. Boseman says that there is no longer a need for you to discuss that. You all have to leave this city because you lost. It is as simple as that. Pack your bags and leave this place, the sooner the better.

If you value your life, you should move to a different city until this incident blows over. Prosecutor Diane Boseman has an ominous look on her face. Nobody else has any other questions after that. You need to get home to pack and leave New York City as soon as possible. You pack your bags and return to your room to prepare for the trip home. But before you leave, you need to make a trip to Charlotte’s home to apologize in person. Charlotte refuses to let you into her home. She wants nothing to do with you.

No matter how many times Butler asks Miss Charlotte Harris, her answer is not going to change. If you insist on staying there, Butler will have to call the police. Charlotte’s indifference hurts you but there is nothing you can do except leave in despair. Still lost in your sorrow, you are completely unaware that someone is following you until…

A few hulking figures emerge from the darkness and pull you into a vehicle and you can feel it racing in the opposite direction.

The men turn out to be a member of the Mafia and they take you to Las Vegas. They force you to work as a dealer in a casino, a far cry from your previous job. Your job requires you to perform a repetitive task while wearing a revealing outfit and a forced smile. You spend your days at the casino in a daze. You do not expect anyone to recognize you. Until that person appeared. It’s the end of another exhausting day of working the card tables. While dragging your exhausted self across the casino’s luxurious lobby, you meet an unexpected person.

It’s him. You never thought you would see him here. It’s Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You panic and lower your head. His words will upset you. He recognized you but you lied about that.

His gaze lingers on you for a moment before walking away coldly. You quickly leave the casino, just in case, he remembers the naïve reporter obsessed with the pursuit of justice. The Elizabeth Colvin of the past has been buried in this place of sin and evil.

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If you have sufficient evidence, you will obtain the Ending: A Successful Official. There is an uproar the morning after the report was published. The entire city is in a state of shock and distrust, and Councilman Steven Harris is at the forefront of it all. It didn’t take long for him to sue the paper and your team for deformation. Thus, you find yourself in a court battle against the Councilman’s organization. Everyone in your team is ready to go all out for the trial. You know that this will not be an easy dight but it will determine the rest of your lives. With all of the key evidence in place, you manage to get both the judge and jury on your side. You achieve complete victory and all the papers rush to report on Councilman Steven Harris’s downfall. Faced with overwhelming pressure, he bows out of the local election. And that marks the start of the official investigation on Councilman Steven Harris. Prosecutor Diane Boseman suddenly comes up to you during one of the busier days in the office.

The second trial is supposed to take place in a few days. But something has happened to Councilman Steven Harris. He shot himself in his study. The police are currently at the scene. He left behind a letter that includes both his will and a list of all of the crimes he has committed. Jessica’s death is also within that list. You should be happy about the news. But right now, all you can thing about is Miss Charlotte Harris. Panic races through your mind. You need to get in touch with her.

You need to make a call. You run to the other end of the office, leaving Prosecutor Diane Boseman all by herself. You dial the number to the Harris residence and wait with bated breath. After what seems like ages, the call finally connects. It is Miss Charlotte Harris.

She asked about the report. You were prepared for her to be angry but that question caught you off-guard. You will finally admit that you wrote this article.

You never wanted things to turn out this way. You are unable to answer her question. A million-dollar question you didn’t have an answer to. You really didn’t expect things to end this way. You tell her that she needs to take care.

You told her you to have a plan about who you could get him a defense attorney to reduce his sentence. She said that she gave you all the evidence so you could write a report that painted your father as the devil incarnate. Her words are like a stab to your heart. She insisted on not calling you again and pretending you never met. The line goes dead. Miss Charlotte Harris has hung up. Your heart aches as you let go of the receiver. You slump down onto the floor, hugging yourself.

You bury your face in your elbow and shake your head. Your sleeve is instantly soaked in tears. You may have won the battle, but you have lost Charlotte forever. Even if Miss Charlotte Harris refuses to forgive you, you still want to see her in person. After several weeks of contemplation, you finally make your way to her home alone.

All you can do is stand outside the mansion and look at it in disbelief. As you wander on the street, a newsboy runs past you.

Newsboy says that the first female pilot to fly across the ocean has lost her mind. The news of the newsboy makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. You feel like you have stumbled into an endless storm of pain and guilt. Your heart is bleeding, and tears stream down your face. You have lost a dear friend, but you will never forget her smile.  

Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s career soars over the next few weeks. You have earned her trust and respect. Things appear to have come to a close but you can’t go of what has happened. No one is talking about Councilman Steven Harris’s death anymore, but you feel that things aren’t as simple as they seem. You remember the phone book you found in his study and decide to ask Prosecutor Diane Boseman about it.

Initials of names and phone numbers… Nothing seems to be out of place here. Boseman looked into the phone numbers. They belong to either politicians or wealthy businessmen of the country.

Their investigation shows that the Tiger Charity Association founded by Councilman Harris is only operating as a charity on the surface. He and the charity’s other members are suspected of tax evasion and money laundering via various charity projects. The names of those found in the phone book are all members of the charity.

You may have something big here. With so many clues on hand, you will definitely uncover the truth. Despite your enthusiasm, Prosecutor Diane Boseman gives you a faint smile and shakes her head.

No matter how you look at it, it’s just a book with a bunch of initials and phone numbers in them. It will not hold up as evidence in court. The only one who can answer some questions is no longer with you. Just knowing their identities is not enough. Acting now would be like beating your heads against the wall. Boseman hasn’t forgotten your goal for creating this team. You are not going to stop until all of them are brought to justice.

In the blink of an eye, a few years have passed and Prosecutor Diane Boseman has been elected as Mayor of New York. She will be delivering her inaugural speech today and you will be joining her as her spokesperson. You encourage each other before taking the stage.

You need to thank her as well. Her care and guidance gave you a clear direction in life. This is just the beginning. Boseman hopes you will continue to lend her your support every step of the way.

Under the bright lights, you will be accompanying the newly elected Mayor Diane Boseman, to the highest office of the city. Your position as her spokesperson has also made you the envy of your colleagues in the press. It is a great feeling to be in power but you can’t help but wonder if this is what you truly wanted. A loud cheer greets you but your heart feels empty as you scan the faces of the crowd. Deep down, you know the person you are searching for will no longer return. Although you have gained and lost many things along the way, you still do not know if what you have done is worth it. But it’s too late for you to turn back down now. Your only opinion is to continue forward on this path. Over time, perhaps you will find your answer when you reach the end of your life.

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With these sincere and difficult words, stage 14 ends. That is how the story with Miss Diane Boseman ends. We hope you enjoyed these stories as we have a few more stages to complete the game. Now we pay our full attention to the route where the main characters are Miss Elizabeth Colvin and Mr. Vittorio Puzo. A lot is waiting for us and we hope you are as excited as we are. Follow our walkthrough.
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