Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 15 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we also finished the story with Prosecutor Diane Boseman. You could have seen only two ends. One end was sad. You failed to win in court and you had to leave town. During that time, you were kidnapped by people who work for mafia families. You would spend your life working in a casino. At one point you met Mr. Vittorio Puzo and because of that, it was very difficult for you. The real Elizabeth Colvin would never spend her time and life in places like this. The second ending was almost ideal. Prosecutor Diane Boseman became Mayor Diane Boseman. She has dedicated her career to fighting crime. You are her biggest support and she took you with her. A slight shadow of success is cast by the fact that your friend Miss Charlotte Harris was taken to a psychiatric hospital due to mental problems after the death of his father, Councilman Steven Harris. The rest of the story with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. We pay full attention to this story. Start once you are ready to begin stage 15.

Stage 15 starts with a question. Mr. Francesco Juliano will ask you if you slept well. Mr. Francesco Juliano will order his servant to prepare breakfast for you. The startled servant rushes off to prepare breakfast. A sumptuous Italian breakfast is served shortly after. Mr. Francesco Juliano asks the servant to turn on the radio. It is tuned to a news channel. He beckons you to the table, but before you can sit, he pulls down on his lap. You gasp and your cheeks redden. You try to stand, but he holds you tightly. You stop fidgeting after he pats the small of you back.

Mr. Francesco Juliano insists that you eat sitting on his lap. He picks up a piece of sausage and feeds it to you. You feel uncomfortable and embarrassed but quietly accept the morsel. To your surprise, he continues to feed you piece after piece. He seems to enjoy this, but you can’t wait for it to end.

Mr. Francesco Juliano lowers his hands and listens to the news report. He starts feeding you again after the report reveals little progress has been made in the case. Sensing an opportunity to question him, you put your arms around his neck and pretend to be curious.

According to Juliano, someone made a short-sighted decision that will delay some of his businesses. But it’s nothing he needs to deal with himself. Juliano puts his cutlery down and reaches for your chin.

He says that you just be a good girl and he will show you a life worth living. You sigh in relief. But you should not waste this opportune moment, even if he gets a bit suspicious.

They are far more than that. His main business involves pretty girls like you. He admits it so easily. You must press on.

He doesn’t touch them at all. Darya almost got sent away. But he managed to convince Mrs. Molly otherwise in the nick of time… He gives you a perfunctory pat, indicating you should end the conversation. But you couldn’t bear to see her so scared, so you just summoned the courage to stand up to Mrs. Molly.

You asked Mr. Juliano if Darya would be sent to a bad place. Mr. Francesco Juliano chuckles mockingly. The Sparrow Room is not his most lucrative business. It is Paradise. He whispers grows softer as he leans closer, his breath in your ear. You want to push him away. He lightly nips at your neck.

No wonder Darya was so frightened. Mr. Francesco Juliano pauses and flashes a cold, cruel smile. He says that Darya’s luck runs out. Debts can ruin lives if one is not careful. And a debt must always be paid. Doesn’t matter who you are. The weak will be exploited. That is how society works. If you want to control your own destiny, you must grab life by the horns. On your question about girls like Darya going there, he flashes an arrogant grin, unable to resist continuing.  Every customer has different tastes. They must strive to satisfy every palate. That will deeply disturb your mind.

He blinks at you, growing cockier. According to Mr. Francesco Juliano, age is just a number. He has women from all over the world. Besides, he is giving them a job, and a roof over their heads.

Mr. Francesco Juliano notices your surprise and thinks you are ‘’going all sympathetic again.’’ So, he drops the subject and continues to feed you from the breakfast spread. He also said that you have nothing to worry about as long as you are his girl. Just enjoy the good times.

You would still be working in a factory if you hadn’t met Leonard. The factory is a tougher place to work than the Sparrow Room, says Juliano. There’s a union that protects the factory workers.

Maybe you can mention Mr. Rio Rossi since you are talking about the union. You will say that you met the union chairman at the factory. Allegedly, you can’t pronounce his name correctly. He seemed willing to help the factory workers. Juliano pushes you to the floor and scowls at you. You stare back at him in shock. You struck a nerve. He just stares at you for a few minutes before finally speaking. His voice is cold and menacing.

Your answer will greatly affect what happens next. You must be careful. What should you say? Option 1 (Say that you overheard the conversation) or Option 2 (Claim that Rossi harassed you).

Say that you overheard the conversation
Claim that Rossi harassed you

If you select Option 1 (Say that you overheard the conversation), you will say that Leonard was showing off when he took you to the factory. He brought you to meet the union chairman, that’s why you vaguely remember his name.

Mr. Francesco Juliano shifts to his usual demeanor, warmly coaxing as he helps you to your feet. You acted like a fool. Juliano seemed to still trust you, but that was a deception. That night, the route to the Sparrow Room led to a nightmarish hell. You found the location of those other girls first-hand. Your life withered away in endless darkness.

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If you select Option 2 (Claim that Rossi harassed you), you will say that Leonard brought you to meet him, Mr. Rio Rossi. He said some nasty things to you when you were alone. After that, you decided not to work at the factor and come to the Sparrow Room instead. Mr. Rio Rossi and Mr. Francesco Juliano don’t see eye-to-eye. Hearing his name repulses him, is all. Juliano helps you to your feet and his anger dissipates.

Mr. Francesco Juliano bursts into laughter. He says that many people would. But not to worry, he always makes sure these kinds of people are taken care of.

You had known Mr. Rio Rossi’s fate for some time now, but Juliano’s casual admission surprises you.

Mr. Francesco Juliano tries to feed you again. After you decline several times, he finally relents and removes his grip on you. He gestures for the food to be cleared. You spend the rest of the day swimming and playing billiards. Due to your current relationship, Mr. Francesco Juliano wants to personally escort you back to the Sparrow Room. Before you leave, he asks his servant to bring in some expensive dresses.

It has been a long day, and you are actually looking forward to going back to the Sparrow Room. Change into something Noble and Charming.

Mr. Francesco Juliano whistles when you step opt in the new dress. He stands close to you, sliding a hand on your hip and pinching you lightly.

He leads you out of the room and down to the mansion hall, his hand glued to your side. While he talks to his subordinates, you think about the information you have gathered. A familiar voice derails your train of thought, but Mr. Francesco Juliano quickly steers them away before you hear anything they say.

It is Edmund Davis. He thought he saw someone he knows. The attendant will take his luggage to Room 901. Edmund Davis gave some money to the Attendant to take his luggage to his room. The attendant said that he is not supposed to say this, but that man was Mr. Francesco Juliano. Juliano leaves quickly after taking you to the Sparrow Room. You wonder what he said to Mrs. Molly, but she says you don’t have to perform on stage, train, or do any other chores. These concessions prove useful. The safest time to contact Mr. Vittorio Puzo is when everyone else is performing.

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This is how Stage 15 ends. You could see what kind of man Mr. Francesco Juliano. One wrong answer and your life can be turned upside down very easily. At one point you are his favorite person. Already in the second, you can end up in places where there are people who have been sentenced to the greatest humiliations. It’s not easy with people, especially with a person like Mr. Francesco Juliano. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.