Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 16 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Mr. Francesco Juliano offered you two options. The first option was to say that Mr. Rio Rossi was harassed. The second option was fatal, that is to say, that you were in contact with Mr. Rio Rossi. During the conversation with Mr. Juliano, You could see Juliano not liking Rossi and killing him. He did not directly admit but provided details. He also said on a couple of occasions that he was doing some other jobs. These jobs are far more dangerous than working with the Sparrow Room. In this way, he showed that Mr. Francesco Juliano is a very dangerous person to the gangster world. Continuation of the story with Mr. Vittorio Puzo is in this Walkthrough. Good luck! Start once you are ready to begin stage 16.

The Sparrow Room is at its liveliest after 10 pm. Even in your room, you can hear the sounds of people having fun. Since Mr. Francesco Juliano talked to Mrs. Molly and you didn’t have to go on stage anymore, you have time to yourself.

You change into simpler clothes and sneak out to payphone outside the Sparrow Room. You feel uneasy and awkward as you wait for the call to go through. The last time you met in the nightclub, he was right there with Juliano and you.

You will say that Mr. Francesco Juliano trusts you now. You do not have to go on stage anymore. You have a piece of new information, you thought Puzo should know. There is a pause on the other end of the line.

You need to meet Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You are free for the next few days since you don’t have to go on stage. Mr. Francesco Juliano won’t be looking for you. Tomorrow morning at ten then, Mr. Vittorio Puzo will send someone to wait for you at the usual spot.

You are seen as Mr. Francesco Juliano’s lover now. If Leonard comes again, he will be in danger when Mr. Francesco Juliano finds out. Puzo says that if anyone asks, you just need to say that you are going to Delos Hari Salon.

You make some small talk with the other dancers, and find out that Delos is one of New York’s most expensive hair salons, famous for their excellent service. They even provide chauffeur service for the more distinguished customers. You think you know what Mr. Vittorio Puzo is planning. The next day, you lie about going to Delos Hair Salon and Mrs. Molly agrees without question.

You better change. You have to look like a fashionista who’s going to get her hair done. Since you are going to the Salon, wear something Elegant and Charming to get past Mrs. Molly.

You get into the car and Leonard greets you enthusiastically. He will say that you are a beautiful woman. That warms your heart. Too bad he can’t act like your boyfriend again. You roll your eyes at Leonard’s nonsensical joke.

At the same villa as before, Mr. Vittorio Puzo sits across from you and sips his coffee. Mr. Vittorio Puzo looks much better now. But a depressive aura still looms about him. You wonder why is he still so haggard. You start to tell him the news about the underground brothel. When you asked Mr. Francesco Juliano about a dancer named Darya, he mentioned he has a more lucrative business elsewhere.

You are guessing this has something to do with Darya’s whereabouts, so… Mr. Francesco Juliano has many lucrative and illegal businesses, this doesn’t help Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Mr. Puzo is right. Now that you think about it, you have no idea why you thought this piece of information was useful.

Your problems will cease to exist. Mr. Vittorio Puzo is going to hit Mr. Francesco Juliano, you can be his person on the inside. At Mr. Francesco Juliano’s insistence, the meeting between the New York City families has been brought forward. This meeting is very important. They call it the Assembly, and it is held once every three years. The families all get together to discuss their business direction for the next few years. It was due to be held a year and a half later, but it’s been brought forward to next month.

Money, power, everything you can think of. Looking into his eyes, you know Mr. Vittorio Puzi is serious. But you have only just gained Mr. Juliano’s trust, and he only told you so little.

Also, even if Mr. Francesco Juliano is a terrible criminal, vigilante justice is not the way to go. When you gather enough evidence, the law will deal with him. Mr. Vittorio Puzo rarely raises his voice. It makes you nervous.

You think that if you find enough evidence, they will. According to Mr. Vittorio Puzo, you don’t know how things are done in New York City in those days. He also says that Councilman Steven Harris and Mr. Francesco Juliano have had many illegal dealings together. The support for Councilman Steven Harris is very high in this election. If he is re-elected, Mr. Francesco Juliano will continue to work with him. In recent years, Mr. Francesco Juliano has been trying to expand his drug and human trafficking business. However, his suggestion has never gotten the support of the other families.

His business has been booming in recent years, thanks to Harris. The relationship between Juliano and Councilman Harris is an open secret. If you don’t stop him, here is a good chance his suggestion will be taken up in this meeting.

You are shaken by what Mr. Vittorio Puzo just said. But you also feel a little indignant. You don’t want Mr. Francesco Juliano to die from your own selfish reasons. Mr. Vittorio Puzo and you have the same goals, but now you seem to want to go about achieving it differently. He needs your help to assassinate Mr. Francesco Juliano, but if you want to kill Mr. Francesco Juliano, then you may never find the truth behind the deaths of Mr. Rio Rossi and Jessica Taylor, and you will never know what is going on in ‘’The Basement’’. Mr. Vittorio Puzo shakes his hand at your torn expression and softens his tone.

On the surface, he has a profitable business relationship with Councilman Steven Harris. Even if you find the evidence, Mr. Francesco Juliano can smooth things over easily. And your identity will be exposed. You can’t get into that situation. It is dangerous. You look at Mr. Vittorio Puzo, speechless.  As for the truth, when Juliano falls, Puzo is sure it will be easier for you to uncover the things that are hidden. Now you have to decide what to tell him. You have two options. Option 1 (Tell him it’s a good idea) or Option 2 (Tell him you want to use legal means).

Tell him it’s a good idea
Tell him you want to use legal means

If you select Option 1 (Tell him it’s a good idea), you will say that you didn’t even consider this option. But Mr. Vittorio Puzo has his own theory. 

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If you select Option 2 (Tell him you want to use legal means), you will say that you don’t want to do anything for another month. There is still a month to go before the meeting of the families. During this time, you will try your best to find the evidence you need.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s weariness becomes more apparent as he listens to what you are saying.

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You have about a month, maybe you can find some evidence. Mr. Puzo hopes things go the way you want them to. Just then, someone knocks on the door. It is Mr. Nino Ricci.

You have to part. Leonard will send you back to Sparrow Room. You lean against the car window in a daze, watching the scenery zooming by. The conversation with Mr. Vittorio Puzo weighs heavily on you.

He says that Mr. Puzo saved his life. He repays him in this way, working for him. Alicia didn’t tell anything from that night when you had practice with Mr. Puzo. Leonard also says that you will definitely be able to help the boss. Seeing Leonard’s earnest expression, you don’t have the heart to rebut.

You are almost at Sparrow Room. Mr. Francesco Juliano has been very taken with you lately. Leonard needs to be careful when he heads back. After returning to Sparrow Room, you spin a story for Mrs. Molly, to explain why your hair is unchanged. After you remove your make-up and change, you are completely exhausted. You collapse onto the bed the moment you enter your room. You close your weary eyes, thinking about what Mr. Vittorio Puzo has told you today.

Your arrival in the Sparrow Room is the last thing you will do at this stage. Stage 16 is over and so you leave room for new stories. The end we all expect is approaching. The next stage is Stage 17. Save the strength for the end, you will need it. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.