Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 17 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a private meeting with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He told you the plans for the next period. This means that there will be a certain showdown where you can get hurt. The problem would be if your intentions were revealed. You try to stay true to your role. The name from Stage 17 is Abandoned Factory’s Gunshot. That says a lot about the place and upcoming event. Start once you are ready to begin stage 17.

It’s been a week since you met Mr. Vittorio Puzo and heard his plan. You are anxious to get more leads from Mr. Francesco Juliano. And there are only a few sure ways to get a man to do something for you. Every time you wake up in Francesco Juliano’s large bed, you feel as though you are someone else. Just a few months ago, you were a nameless reporter, slogging away in a newspaper. But you were happy and content. You will never understand how did you become a Mafia Boss’ personal pet…

Feeling his hot breath on the nape of your neck, you give a soft moan and snuggle against Mr. Francesco Juliano.

You feel his coarse hands as he nips at your ear. Juliano says that he can give you a lot more than that. Your persistence has paid off. Juliano is much gentler and more open with you now. The deadline Mr. Puzo has given you is drawing near, you need to act quickly. But the thing with Mr. Rio Rossi is still fresh in your mind, and the past few days you could not bring yourself to do anything.

While you are thinking, Mr. Francesco Juliano gets up from the bed. As he is buttoning his shirt, he leans over to give you a peck on the lips.

Mr. Francesco Juliano pauses for a moment. He said to you not to return to the Sparrow Room. Wait for him here. This is the first time Juliano leaves you alone in his mansion. You feel a sharp thrill. Trying to suppress your excitement, you give him a shy nod. Juliano gathers his things and soon leaves. You peer around surreptitiously before leaving the room to explore the house. Other than the housekeeper, you are alone here.

This is a rare opportunity. You should search the house for the evidence. Where should you start? Option 1 (Living Room), Option 2 (Bedroom), or Option 3 (Study).

Living Room

If you select Option 1 (Living Room) and Option 2 (Bedroom), you will find nothing. You will try to find records but it will be unsuccessful. You will hear the maid passing by and that is why you will go back to your bed. You will wait for the maid to knock on the door and that is a sign that Mr. Francesco Juliano is waiting in front of the entrance.

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If you select Option 3 (Study), you will go to the study. It is the place where Juliano works. That will be a good place to start. His desk is all messy, and there’s even a thin layer of dust covering it. It does not seem like anyone’s been in here to clean up.

You rummage through the entire study. Drawers, shelves, the underside of the table, and sofa. You tap the large globe to check if it’s hollow. Nothing at all. Exhausted, you slump into the leather chair before the table.

He must have locked up all the important documents. You stare at the desk in frustration. It’s a sturdy redwood desk, with a lamp, a phone, notebook fountain pen, and a Bible. The Bible looks old. The cover is very worn and the pages are yellow with age. It looks so out of place.

Curious, you reach out and flip open the Bible. You purse your lips as you remember how ruthless he was when he committed murder. You flip open the dog-earned pages. What verses could this cold-blooded murderer like? The first dog-eared page has ‘’P.M.’’ written with pencil in the margins. A verse has been marked. ‘’Still, thou shalt earn thy bread with the sweat of thy brow until thou goest back into the ground from which thou wast taken; dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.’’ You flip to the next dog-eared page and it has ‘’J.B.’’ written on the margins. There is another marked verse.

The third page has ‘’M.T.’’ written in the margins and another marked verse. ‘’And the light shines in the darkness, a darkness which was not able to master it.’’ The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh… There are more than ten dog-eared pages. You flip the Bible and notice something else. Many pages had been dog-eared but were then unfolded.

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You close the Bible and carefully place it back into its original position. After that, you stayed in the bedroom and wait for Mr. Francesco Juliano to return. The housekeeper knocks on the door today that Juliano has returned and is waiting for you in the car. You don’t dare to keep Juliano waiting, so you hastily put on your makeup and check your appearance. You get into the car but Mr. Francesco Juliano is silent. He shoots you a cold look. His gaze freezes on you and you feel goosebumps rising. His strange behavior is making you nervous.

Mr. Francesco Juliano looks at you, anger burning in his eyes.

Last Friday, you went to meet Mr. Vittorio Puzo under the pretense of going to Delos Hair Salon. Maybe he has discovered your relationship with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. A sheen of cold sweat breaks out on your back.

If he had found out about Mr. Vittorio Puzo, he won’t be this calm. But now you know that he is talking about Leonard.

Leonard said that he still has feelings for you and wanted you to accompany him. Or else he’d go to your hometown and tell everyone you are a dancer in New York City. You let out a few sobs, pretending to be upset by the whole ordeal. You sneak a teary look at Mr. Francesco Juliano and notice that his expression has softened.

Mr. Francesco Juliano drives you into an abandoned factory in a secluded spot. The inside of the factory looks sinister. A rusted chimney, trash on the floor, and dusty old car frames. With no glass in them, the windows look like gaping voids, ready to swallow unsuspecting passers-by. Mr. Francesco Juliano stops the car in an empty clearing. A black car is parked there. Upon Juliano’s arrival, three men hurried out of the car.

Mr. Francesco Juliano waves his hand and those men move to open the car boot. They pull out another man with his hands bound together. A dirty bag covers his head. He is pulled towards Juliano, stumbling all the way. He is then forcing onto the floor.

Mr. Francesco Juliano is smiling but his eyes are cold. He walks to the man and yanks off the bag. The face that looks up at you is bruised and bloodied, but you can still tell it’s Leonard. Leonard’s swollen eyes flash as he sees you. As you watch Leonard struggling against his bonds and blinking blood out of his eyes, you start to shake with despair.

Mr. Francesco Juliano lifts one hand out of his pocket and wraps it around your waist, gently patting your hip. You whimper and lean against him, pretending to be terrified. He grabs Leonard’s hair and forces his head back. Juliano’s grip on his waist turns into a vice and you grimace in pain.

Not knowing what to do to help Leonard, you could only shake your head. Mr. Francesco Juliano grabs your chin roughly and pulls your face up to meet his eyes. What should you do? If you don’t hurt Leonard, Juliano will not trust you. But how can you hurt Leonard…

Leonard’s desperate voice breaks you out of your spell. Juliano glares at Leonard and kicks him brutally. Leonard’s body falls heavily to the ground, his face contorting in pain. Mr. Francesco Juliano pulls something out from his waist and puts it in your hands.

The cold metal chills you to the bone. You stare at Juliano in disbelief. He gives you a small nod. This will make sure it’s clean. You hold the gun limply in your hand, your eyes drifting towards Leonard. He had gotten back on his knees. Even though his face is filled with bruises, his eyes are calm when he looks at you. 

Mr. Francesco Juliano almost spits as his face contorts with rage. He says that Leonard is a spy sent by Vittorio Puzo. He’s a traitor. He orders you to kill him. You grip the gun tightly, but you can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger. Juliano knows Leonard is with Mr. Puzo. If Leonard’s cover is blown, what about you? Does he know about you too…

Leonard’s voice again brings you back to your sense. His lip is curled up but his eyes are full of resignation. Juliano’s men interrupt his tirade by beating him savagely. Juliano says that you kill him or die with him. You stare numbly at Leonard. His face is all bloody, but his eyes are still looking straight at you. Desperate and pleading, you have two options. Option 1 (Shoot) or Option 2 (Beg Juliano).

Beg Juliano

If you select Option 1 (Shoot), you will understand what Leonard is trying to say. His cover is blown and you aren’t. If you don’t shoot, you will both die. You steel yourself but your hands shake when you aim the gun at him. Leonard sees what you are doing and he smiles in relief. You close your eyes and squeeze the trigger.

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If you select Option 2 (Beg Juliano), you will say that you can’t kill him. You give your best pitiful expression, but Mr. Francesco Juliano still looks enraged. Your plea is ignored.

Your palms are sweaty and you almost lose your grip on the revolver. You wonder if there is any way for Leonard and you to leave unscathed. While you panic, you feel Juliano’s cold gaze.

Leonard lifts his head and stares at you unblinkingly.

Juliano’s men beat him up again after his outburst. You understand what he is trying to say.

You do your best to hold back your tears. Your hands shake as you aim the revolver at him. Leonard sees what you are doing and he smiles in relief. You close your eyes and squeeze the trigger.

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You turn around so you can’t see Leonard when you open your eyes. Juliano seems satisfied with you. That crazed rage has been replaced with a smile. Juliano tells his men to clean up before taking their waist. He swaggers as you leave.

You numbly listen to Juliano while he guides you to the car.

Juliano’s mood has lifted considerably after getting rid of the spy Mr. Vittorio Puzo sent. He’s very chatty on your way back. He shares with you all the methods he uses to deal with Mafia members. And perhaps because you have mentioned Mr. Rio Rossi before, he starts talking about Rossi too. You now know all about what transpired between him and Mr. Rio Rossi, and how Rossi died. Mr. Francesco Juliano says that someone once paid him to kill a policeman, and he sent Mr. Rio Rossi to do it. Apparently, the policeman had done certain things that threatened a VIP’s profits. Mr. Rio Rossi failed to keep some secrets, and so Mr. Francesco Juliano dealt with him. In your mind, you match up what you found out in the past with Juliano’s words, and manage to somehow reconstruct Rossi’s death… But where did Jessica’s daughter go? That’s still a mystery.

The car drives along the road. Its destination is the Sparrow Room. You lean your head against the car window and wearily close your eyes. Juliano trusts you now, and you have gained some important information, but you can’t seem to feel unhappy at all. Your heartaches. The sorrow you feel is unbearable. A man named Leonard will be forgotten in that empty plot. A place you will never visit again. Follow on our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.