Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 18 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to choose between two directions. The first direction would be to immediately shoot Leonard who is your colleague at work. The good thing is that you are not revealed in the eyes of Mr. Francesco Juliano. That way you would have his full trust. The other direction was to beg Mr. Francesco Juliano and not to shoot but in the end, you would have to make that move as well. It all ended with you going to your room. In this way, you have shown yourself how far you have to go for the sake of some of your principles. The sequel follows in the text below. Start once you are ready to begin stage 18.

Stage 18 starts with you talking to Mr. Vittorio Puzo. So much happened today. You will start panicking. You think you let Leonard down. Leonard is dead, you had to shoot him. Mr. Vittorio Puzo says that he was unlucky. Puzo is not nervous at all.

You will see Mr. Puzo but after that, you need to be more careful. Vittorio Puzo mulls it over a minute before giving you a solution. You should bring some clothes out with you tomorrow. If anyone asks, you are going out for lunch and need to send some clothes to the laundry on the way. Go to Salumi on Kinney Street. Order something, then call you from the public phone by the bar.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s meticulous panning calms you down. He also says that no matter what happens, you will take them on. After hanging up, you trudge back to your bedroom. Everything comes crashing on you, and the light before you fade into darkness. Just like your life, where there is only gloom and bleakness. The next day, as you pack the clothes for the laundry, you think about how to tell Mr. Vittorio Puzo what happened yesterday. Leonard’s death… Your mistake… The truth… There’s too much. You need to remain calm. You can’t give anyone the chance to pick up on what you are doing. There are not any problems when you head out. Nobody asks where you are going. No strange men demand your whereabouts.

You hail a taxi to Salumi and place an order. You pick at the food disinterestedly. Since your life’s been thrown into chaos, you have zero appetites for the event the most sumptuous feast. You just hope for some direction, or a chance to tell someone all of this. Luckily, you will be able to do that in just a few hours. While waiting for the food, you head to the public phone to receive your next instructions.

You need to enjoy your lunch first. An hour later, go to the restaurant’s back and take the taxi with the plate number ending in 287. It will bring you to a safe place. You don’t say much beyond softly agreeing. You finish your lunch with a heavy heart. You keep watching the clock, restless, hoping it’ll move faster. One hour later, you grab your bag of clothes and walk out of the restaurant, towards the back door. The taxi with the plate ending 287 is waiting. You walk to the taxi. The driver is smoking. He glances at you and your bags, then presses the horn.

You freeze for a moment, confirming the car plates again before nodding. He inclines his head, indicating you should get in the car. You haven’t gotten your bearings when the car starts moving. This man doesn’t seem like one of Vittorio’s. Out of safety precautions, you try to feel out his role in this.

Someone already paid. He seems to have misunderstood your motive and profession, but that’s not surprising. Seeing his obstinance, you lose interest in asking any more questions. You soon arrive at Kenny’s Laundry. The taxi hastily leaves after you alight. An enthusiastic laundry lady appears at the door and pulls you into the shop.

Perplexed, you pass them to her, you’re brought to another bedroom. The lady tells you you can go out the back after changing into a different set of clothes. Someone’s waiting for you. Do as the laundry worker said, and change into something Grand and Charming, to meet whoever’s waiting.

Today’s setup is giving you the full spy experience, but it also soothes you a little. You go out through the back door to discover Mr. Nino Ricci is waiting for you.

Mr. Nino Ricci already knows about Leonard. He says that it is not on you. He says that Leonard’s a good fellow, but quite unlucky.

Ricci says that this situation is dangerous. If it hadn’t happened yesterday, it might have happened tomorrow. You have fewer days to enjoy yourselves. Time passes as you sigh heavily. After a day of running around, you finally arrive at Vittorio’s current residence.

You tried asking Mr. Francesco Juliano about the brothel he opened, and he didn’t seem to mind. But after you mentioned Mr. Rio Rossi, he reacted very strongly and got suspicious. Mr. Vittorio Puzo puts your hand in his, comforting you. You smile at him and continue your story.

He found out Leonard might be linked to you, and forced you to kill him. Mr. Puzo says that it is not your fault. It is Juliano’s fault. Looking at the determination in his eyes, you feel a little stronger and nod. And finally, there it is. You want to avenge Leonard. You have Mr. Francesco Juliano’s testimony, you can expose him. You can go to the police station and look for the inspector. But then, Mr. Vittorio Puzo lets out a soft chuckle, interrupting your passionate speech.

Other than your solution, there’s no other way to punish him. Mr. Puzo says that you must know the law can’t do anything about you. The only penalties you ever face are related to tax. As for the blood on their hands, only more blood can cover it. It is time to stop being naïve.

You are undecided, but Mr. Vittorio Puzo forces you to look at him, using his devilish voice to charm you. No matter what method, you will make him pay, says Puzo. That leads you to the dilemma. Option 1 (No Matter What the Method) or Option 2 (Insist on Legal Method).

No Matter What the Method
Insist on Legal Method

If you select Option 1 (No Matter What the Method), Vittorio Goodwill goes up. You will agree with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He’s hurt so many people. He needs to be punished so their souls can find peace.

You nod. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s go through your plan again.

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If you select Option 2 (Insist on Legal Method), you will say that you would have done it yourself already, but he deserves a public trial. This way the world can see his crimes. Death alone won’t punish him.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo says that you don’t have enough evidence to ever bring him to trial. You are an ant trying to move an elephant. Even he can’t do it.

Punishing him requires the right opportunity. Once you miss it, he will be free forever. Puzo says that you should think about the people he harmed, think about him living out the rest of his life in luxury.

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You didn’t find any significant evidence. Leave it to Mr. Vittorio Puzo, and relax. You nod shakily, unsure if this is the right choice. Go through the plan again. You need to assassinate Mr. Francesco Juliano before the Assembly.

You are no longer as enthused about his as when you first discussed it. Puzo checked. He contacted two other families to prepare for a large-scale drug business. The other families are interested in the huge profits this business can have. If you don’t end him this time, he will be too powerful. You won’t be able to touch him and New York City will overflow with drugs.

This is where Mr. Vittorio Puzo needs your help. You thought that you need to assassinate him, but no. Mr. Vittorio Puzo chuckles softly, patting your head. He would not let you do something so dangerous. All you need to do is to tell him where he is.

You are a brave girl, but to ensure your safety, he will teach you how to use a gun. But this gun is different. It is for defense, for safety.

First, make sure the safety’s off, but only before firing. It should be on at all other times to avoid accidental discharges. Raise the gun, aim at the target, don’t shake, and pull the trigger. When you are firing at someone, do it in their direction and move backward yourself. Your safety is more important than hurting them. Guns have recoil, so be very careful. The gun is for self-defense, so he won’t teach you how to reload.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo is satisfied with your skills. You have to go back. Before you go, you need to take something from Mr. Vittorio Puzo.

When the time comes, protect yourself. You nod firmly at Mr. Vittorio Puzo, promising him. Mr. Nino Ricci sends you back to the laundry, and you find they actually cleaned the clothes you left with them. You take the washed clothes back to the Sparrow Room. Nobody thinks, strangely, you did laundry the entire day. You lay on the bed for another sleepless night. 

This is how Stage 18 ends. Two more stages to go. The end and unfolding of this incredible story that seduces us are approaching. You have learned a few basic things and you need to be prepared for any outcome. Life in a mafia environment has no rules. One day you are alive, the next day you are not. Don’t panic when an avalanche starts. Just be prepared to survive. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.