Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 2 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you experienced a great deal of emotional pain. Mr. Edmund Davis has made it clear to you loud and clear that you are not welcome in the newsroom. You tried to take some of the blame so you could help him not lose his license. He has always stood up for you. You just wanted to return the favor in some way. You didn’t succeed. On the way back to your apartment, you saw a person working on entering the hotel where you spent time with Mr. Edmund Davis. Bellboy offered you an umbrella that Mr. Edmund Davis inadvertently left. Stage 2 has two forks. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 2.

The day starts with you waking up late. You forgot to reset the alarm last night. Struggling to open your eyes, you peer out the window and you feel worlds away. Today’s view is no different from previous mornings but you feel very different. Your memory clears up as the drowsiness fades away.

You clutch your blanket, feeling as despondent as you did yesterday. You thought a good night’s sleep would fix everything but you remember everything even more vividly. You remember every callous word he said, but you do not resent him at all. Instead, the more pain you feel, the more clearly you remember all the times you have spent together.

Tears fall as you recall memories about him. You’ve gone through so much together. When you first met, he was just a frivolous, rich kid, but then everything he did made a deep impression on you.

You do not blame him. You feel guilty instead. It is all because you asked him for help when Mr. Rio Rossi threatened you. If it weren’t for you, he would not be sued, and the paper would not shut down.

Just like that, you fall asleep once more. It is almost noon when you wake up again. You must have gone numb with sadness because you feel better than you did this morning. You get upset when you think about him. Looks like the best way is to keep yourself busy. You sit up and take a deep breath.

You face yourself to think about other issues, pulling yourself together. With the trial in mind, you force yourself to perk up by clapping your face. You brainstorm for ideas, and then you remember that Mr. Rio Rossi said something before he died.

Mr. Rio Rossi said that the records of Taylor’s investigations may be able to ‘’bring them to their knees’’. He took Jessica’s belongings in an attempt to find them. That is the key for winning the trial.

Ten years ago, when an old cop was searching tirelessly for his lost granddaughter, he found out that several other girls had gone missing too. When he discovered the link between these cases, he was already in too deep. Despite the lack of support from his friends and the station, he continued investigating. At the time, he was probably prepared to die. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have transferred the guardianship of Jessica to his good friend Bob Wilson. If Taylor had hopes of bringing the truth to light, he would definitely have hidden the evidence he found. Where would he have hidden it?

The answer is obvious. He may have parted ways with Taylor over the missing girls, but they might have remained friends. In fact, it would have been the perfect cover.

With that in mind, you leap from your bed in excitement, almost tripping over your pillow. You have to see Bob Wilson. Perhaps Bob has some evidence. Put on a Perky and Warm outfit, and find him.

You rush to the police station and arrive at Bob’s office with Jack’s help. Considering how important the records are, you attempt to suppress your excitement as you approach him. To your question, Bob is annoyed and eager to drive you away, but you hold onto hope. You watch Bob’s face closely. Something flickers across his face for a slip second.

You lower your voice; in case the walls have ears. You will tell him your situation. Mr. Edmund Davis and you are being sued by Mr. Steven Harris. The only way for this lawsuit to be dismissed and for you to win the case is to get a recording. That’s what you’re asking Mr. Bob Wilson.

You watch Bob closely. He frowns, like he’s just remembered something. Your voice seems to bring him back to the present, and he returns to his usual impatient self. He says that he can’t help you because he has no power. You scrutinize Bob’s face. He is calm and unwavering, not a trace of dishonesty to be found. What Bob Wilson said does seem rather reasonable and maybe your assumptions are unfounded.

With that, he pushes you out of his office. Your heart skins in disbelief and disappointment. You have no hope of finding the missing records, and you will have to find some other solution. But you have no idea what could be better than the records. You are at your wits’ end, and you can almost hear reality mocking you.

You have to fight back. You leave the station, not knowing what your next step is. A lot of evidence includes Taylor’s records, your notes, and the old newspaper reports. They are all hard to find, and the only thing you can do right now is to rewrite your notes. If you lose at the second trial, Davis and you will face harsh consequences. You are afraid of failure, but you are even more unwilling to resign yourself to the fact that you’re being punished for seeking justice, while evildoers get away scot-free.

After leaving the station, you return to the Gotham Times with the excuse of picking up your belongings. You try to find evidence from the information that you previously gathered. But to no avail. When you return home, it is already past ten. You collapse in bed, exhausted. Before drifting off to sleep, you are still thinking about everything that has happened, still hoping.

If only you can turn things around tomorrow. You will try. This thought ends stage 2. This Stage could have gone differently. One ending is such that you take evidence and the other is this one. In the next stage, we will explain how stage 3 is unlocked. You can find everything on our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.