Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 20 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you could have had three obtained endings. The big one was the Mafia Couple. That completion was achieved when Mr. Francesco Juliano was killed in a restaurant for his birthday. Obtained endings ‘‘Absence of Justice’’ and ‘‘An untrusted All’’ had an end by you being killed and by Mr. Vittorio Puzo and Mr. Francesco Juliano received prison sentences. To unlock this stage, you had to follow certain steps. If you previously selected Reject Juliano in Stage 3-20 and Beg Juliano in Stage 4-17, Juliano will be suspicious of you and finds your gun if you inform Vittorio. That moment you will pass out. This will allow you to proceed to Stage 4-20. Start once you are ready to begin stage 20.

Stage 20 begins with you opening your eyes. The icy cold water jolts you awake. It takes you a few seconds to realize you are tied to a chair in Juliano’s mansion. Mr. Francesco Juliano is sitting on a couch across from you with a whip in his hand. He has a horrible sneer on his face.

As you regain your sense, the pain all over your body returns as well. You start to remember the events from before you passed out. On your way to Aunt Tara’s to celebrate Juliano’s birthday, the gun you were hiding in your skirt was found. Mr. Francesco Juliano called off the party immediately and had his men bring you here. Despite the torture, you did not give up any information on Mr. Vittorio Puzo or your plans.

You will say that it is for self-defense. Mr. Francesco Juliano gives you a wicked smile and whips you without any hesitation. The pain sears through your body and you almost pass out again.

He gives you another lash. You break out in cold sweat and begin to feel faint. You can no longer tell if it’s due to pain or fatigue. As you sweat reaches old wounds, the cuts burn. Mr. Francesco Juliano takes a break and sips his coffee.

Mr. Francesco Juliano gives you a death stare and waves his man over. Upon hearing what his man has to say, Juliano’s face turns red with anger. Juliano pushes the man aside and gives you a ruthless kick. The kick lands squarely on your chest and you fly backward. You want to curl up in pain but you are still tied to the chair. The only thing you can do is gasp and writhe like a dying fish. Mr. Francesco Juiano walks over, the heels of his shoes tapping rhythmically against the smooth marble floor. He towers over you like a god judging a doomed man.

Your heart skins when you hear your name. The dancers of the famous Sparrow Room in New York City are busy getting ready. Mrs. Molly rushes out of the packed dressing room. The girls who are dancers will exchange a few sentences about you and Mr. Francesco Juliano. You can conclude that the guest tonight is Mr. Vittorio Puzo. That means you will have a serious situation tonight. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a quiet evening, not in the least.

Mr. Francesco Juliano is seated right next to the stage, watching the dancers in silence. Even though the dancers are trying their best to get his attention, he remains expressionless. Swirling the glass in his hand, he takes a sip of whiskey. He gestures for one of his men to come over.

He is not here. He expects Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Juliano’s men nod in acknowledgment. Before they can leave, they hear a loud voice coming from the entrance. Mr. Francesco Juliano sits up and watches the door warily.

Mr. Francesco Juliano says that they have to proceed with the plan. Obviously, it is going to be a messy night. Almost all of the seats in the nightclub are occupied by Mr. Francesco Juliano and his men. A man wearing a black trench coat appears at the entrance with about 10 men in tow. He walks up to Mr. Francesco Juliano without an ounce of hesitation.

Why the long face, Vittorio? These are the first words between two mafia members. Mr. Vittorio Puzo furrows his brows but accepts Juliano’s offer to sit down. Three dancers in bunny outfits emerge from backstage. Their coy expression and shapely figures tantalize the senses of all the men in the club. Mr. Francesco Juliano is enjoying the performance, tapping his feet to the rhythm of the music. A man pushes a red velvet box onto the stage.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo does not smile, but his frown deepens. The bunny dancers guide Mr. Francesco Juliano onto the stage. Juliano gives Vittorio a wide grin. Juliano quickly pulls off the velvet cloth and kicks the box off the trolley. There is a dull thud and something rolls out of the box.

The dancers scream and run backstage while Vittorio’s and Juliano’s men stand ready. A woman has rolled out of the box and she is lying lifelessly on the floor. Her tattered clothes are stained with blood. Her disheveled hair obscures her face.

Mr. Francesco Juliano walks to the body and steps on her back. He pulls her hair and reveals a battered face caked with blood.

Even though her face is covered in dirt and blood, Vittorio can tell that it’s Elizabeth. He clenches his fist and tries to suppress his rage.

Juliano didn’t expect such generosity from Puzo when he invited him. Juliano is planning to have some fun today. Too bad it’s not going to involve him. Juliano points a gun at Elizabeth’s head.

Vittorio’s men stop him before he can rush onto the stage. Juliano’s men have surrounded them. Any sudden movement may very well be their last.

There is only one bullet in a gun. He will let you go if you survive five pulls of the trigger.

The sound of a gunshot wakes you. Your eyes struggle to adjust to the lights in the room. Puzo says to Juliano that he should let you go. Or he will put a bullet between Juliano’s eyes. There seems to be something heavy holding you down. You try to struggle free but to no avail.

Hearing Mr. Francesco Juliano’s voice sends shivers down your spine. You try moving your fingers. To your surprise, you still have some strength in your hands. After a few powerful whimpers, you flop back on the floor like a dead fish. Mr. Francesco Juliano’s eyes the pistol in his hand and remembers there’s unfinished business.

While Mr. Francesco Juliano was distracted, you’d taken the chance to bite down on his left leg. Almost immediately, Mr. Vittorio Puzo fires a shot and hits Juliano on his arm. Vittorio’s opening shot turns the entire club into a bloody battlefield. After freeing yourself from Juliano, you manage to roll off to one side of the stage. As you fall off the stage, you find yourself in a warm and familiar embrace. It’s Vittorio. With the help of his men, you manage to get to cover. Despite the danger, Vittorio holds you tightly.

Hearing him say that makes you tear up a little. But you say that it is not his fault. This happened because you slipped up. If you gained Juliano’s trust, all of this would not have happened. Puzo says that the plan to assassinate Juliano was a mistake from the start.

Before you can reply, a gunshot rings out close by. Mr. Nino Ricci and Vittorio’s men provide cover fire as you escape to the dressing room holding hands. In the short distance to the backstage, Vittorio has lost two more men.

Vittorio Puzo peers at the door and frowns. He is visibly worried about your current situation. Nino and Giorgio will take you out of here. The rest of them will follow Vittorio to the main hall. Nino and Giorgio start protesting.

Vittorio has his reasons for staying here. He won’t leave. You shake your head furiously, tears welling up in your eyes. You stay silent. There’s nothing you can say to change his mind. Once his men acknowledge his instructions, Vittorio heads for the door. You will have two options. Option 1 (Go with Vittorio’s Plan) or Option 2 (Insist on Staying).

Go with Vittorio’s Plan
Insist on Staying

If you select Option 1 (Go with Vittorio’s Plan), Vittorio Goodwill goes up. With one hand on his gun and the other on your arm, Nino Ricci looks at you with mixed feelings. Giorgio raises his gun and stands ready.

Even though your eyes remain on Vittorio, you nod in agreement. Vittorio turns around. He must have sensed your gaze somehow and your eyes meet. You can see joy, sadness, and anger in his eyes. They remind you of both the good and the bad times. But you just can’t quite describe all the details.

He charges out of the dressing room without hesitation. You encounter an intense gunfight the moment you leave the dressing room. Most of Juliano’s men have their sights trained on Vittorio. He probably set up the meeting just to take Vittorio down. Nino Ricci and you manage to escape Sparrow Room unscathed. However, Giorgio was not so lucky.

There is an explosion from within the Sparrow Room. Both Nino and you are startled. You free yourself from Nino’s grip and run towards the Sparrow Room. Something hits you on the back of your head and you find yourself falling to the ground.

Next thing you know, you find yourself on the beach. The weather here is always good. Every evening, you walk along the beach alone. In a quiet city like Cefalu, time slows to a crawl. It has been six months since the last events in New York City. You are told that you are only safe in Cefalalu because it is the hometown where Mr. grew up. Vittorio Puzo. You have been waiting for a long time for your beloved Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You have to wait because it is very difficult when everything is monotonous and when you are alone.

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If you select Option 2 (Insist on Staying), Vittorio Goodwill goes up. You will say that you are not leaving. With Nino and Giorgio here, he will have a better chance of getting Juliano. Both Nino and Giorgio nod in agreement.

Mr. Nino Ricci appears conflicted but he still grabs you by your arm. You will propose to stay with just one man. Vittorio Appears to be open to your proposal. Giorgio will stay with you. Nino is one of his most trusted men. He can’t leave him with you at such a critical moment. Nino looks at Vittorio expectantly. There’s another round of gunfire in the main hall. Vittorio Knows he’s running out of time.

Vittorio looks at you one last time before heading out the door. You can see joy, sadness, and anger in his eyes. They remind you of both the good and the bad times. But you just can’t quite describe all the details. After much deliberation, you decide to hide in the dressing room. Your heart races with each gunshot you hear in the main hall.

In an intense situation like this, time always slows to a crawl. Over time, the number of gunshots reduces significantly. An unpleasant thought strikes you. What if Juliano got to him instead? You hear hurried footsteps approaching the dressing room.

Hearing his voice fills you with joy and you leap into his arms. Accompanied by a few of his men who survived, Mr. Vittorio Puzo and you run across the hall to get to the exit.

The explosion catches all of you off-guard. The impact knocks you backward, separating you from Vittorio. You land on the ground with a loud thud. The pain cuts deep, but you try hard to look for Vittorio. Finally, you catch a glimpse of his men shielding him before you blackout.

The citizens of Cefalu all lead leisurely and carefree lives. One of their favorite pastimes is to walk along the beach after dinner. Especially on evenings as beautiful as this.

Grandpa will tell a story about the poster outside the cinema. The story about a man in a black suit and a woman reporter. She was very brave. The story goes on. And the telling has no end. The end you deserve.

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This is the end of Chapter 4 Stage 20. It is also the last obtained ending in Gotham Memoirs. We hope you enjoyed it because we enjoyed hanging out with you. Expect new books in Dress Up Time Princess. Follow our Walkthrough.
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