Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 3 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you tried to add evidence so that you could be the winners in court. The trial would go in your favor if you find evidence strong enough to disprove every detail made in the indictment. You had to go to Mr. Bob Wilson. He said there was no evidence for you. It was a hit that set you back further. You have to keep fighting because this is an important stage. To unlock Chapter 4 Stage 3, you must do the following: Replay 1-15, choose Let Boseman Know Your Thoughts; Replay 2-1 and choose to Convince Him; Replay 3-1 and Share Rossi’s Dying Words; Replay 4-2. The ending is different. It is the result of letting Boseman know your thoughts in 1-15. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 3.

The envelope is made of thick kraft paper. As you search for your letter opener, you ponder over the list of possible senders. But you just can’t figure out who would send you a letter right now. You carefully cut the envelope.

You flip open the notebook. Inside, there are detailed notes on all the missing girls and the carefully penned result of Taylor’s investigations of every case. There are also testimonies from several parties and eyewitnesses, as well as their home addresses in there. You bet these have only been read by a privileged few.

You pace back and forth in the room, in equal parts excited and nervous. A slip of paper falls out of the envelope.

You look at the notebook, then back at the message on the piece of paper. Filled with mixed emotions, you grip the worn notebook tightly. To think you were exasperated by his unhelpful attitude earlier.

You think of his behavior and the message on the slip of paper. The thought unsettles you. A small mishap was all it would have taken to lose these records forever. But you are ecstatic you have the genuine records now. You guess you can finally sleep soundly tonight. Feeling hopeful for the trial, you drift into a peaceful slumber with the notebook tucked in your arms.

Now that you finally have the evidence you need, both your mood and your sleep have improved greatly. With these records in hand, you are more likely to get a favorable outcome at the trial. The trial is a few days away. As you go over past events in your mind, you realize that only a handful of people have helped you. And you believe you know why Taylor’s file went missing in the first place.

You have to change out of these clothes before you contract Prosecutor Boseman. Change into something Warm and Gentle before meeting Miss Diane Boseman. Perhaps she will help you out.

With these thoughts in mind, you call Prosecutor Diane Boseman. When you tell her you have new leads, she promptly agrees to meet you. You pack up Taylor’s records and hurry to Prosecutor Boseman’s office.  

You have something important to tell her. The fact is that you are being sued by Councilman Harris.  There was not enough hard evidence, but all the clues you found point to him. You need her help to gather evidence. You’ve just found a piece of important evidence. You have Taylor’s records of the cases he worked on.

You hand over the notebook. Miss Diane Boseman reads through the records carefully, frowning deeper after each page. There are not many pages, but she’s taking a long time to peruse them. You wait with bated breath until Miss Diane Boseman asks you for a copy of these records.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman somberly passes a copy of the records to her secretary with a few simple instructions. The secretary leaves the room with the papers. Prosecutor Diane Boseman motions for you to stay. You wonder what’s going on. Is she checking the legitimacy of the records? Two hours pass by…

The secretary enters the office and places some documents on the table. They speak briefly before the secretary turns to leave the room. Diane says that they can corroborate some of the details stated in the records, but not all of them. There is nothing to support the rest of the information.

According to Miss Diane Boseman, submitting this as evidence for the trial is risky. She will give you audio reels for the trial. This is the result of going back to 1-15 and letting Boseman know your thoughts.

These audio reels are secret recordings of Juliano’s phone calls for the past year. They should be useful to you. She trusts you will use this evidence for good. Besides, she stands to benefit if you win the case.

You take the two vital pieces of evidence and leave Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s office. Your future is uncertain, but you are now brimming with confidence. This is an extremely important step you have taken. Miss Diane Boseman is on your side. In the next stage, one of the most important events in this timeline awaits us. Your destiny may change depending on the outcome of the court. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.