Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 4 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a private conversation with Prosecutor Boseman. This woman is known for being persistent in her intentions to bring down the Mafia in New York City. You gave her a lot of data that you collected. Some data is not of sufficient quality to be displayed in court but you definitely need to present it publicly. A very important thing happened when you got the voice recordings. There is evidence linking Mr. Steven Harris and the Mafia. You have to be smart and use them carefully. Miss Diane Boseman’s secretary had to copy your evidence for her archive. All this shows that the decisive day is approaching. You have to go for all or nothing. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 4.

You start your day by waking up. It is morning already. You still feel exhausted. You managed to sleep through the night, but you guess your worries have drained you. You can’t pin your hopes on Walter Taylor’s records anymore. You are so tired. But as long as there’s still time, you shouldn’t just sit here. All the evidence is lost, including Taylor’s file.

You feel guilty losing such an important document. It feels like you have let her down. But you have no one else to turn to. It looks like you will have to approach Prosecutor Diane Boseman again. Perhaps she’s the only one who can help you now. You are about to meet Miss Diane Boseman. Change into something Warm and Gentle. Let’s hope she will help you.

With that in mind, you call Prosecutor Boseman. Once again, she readily agrees to help you. Clutching that last glimmer of hope, you make your way to Prosecutor Boseman’s office.

It is short notice but you have something important to tell her. You have been sued by Councilman Steven Harris. Diane Boseman knows that because that incident has caused quite the commotion. For her, it is rather inappropriate to publish that article without conclusive evidence.

Miss Diane Boseman will ask you if you are certain that Councilman Harris is involved in the disappearance of these girls. But there was not enough hard evidence. All the clues you found point to him. And that is why you are here. You will need help to gather more evidence for the trial. Previous evidence was lost on the day of the trial. Someone stole it.

You understand how hard is to gather evidence. If you weren’t at your wits’ end, you wouldn’t come to you. Although Diane Boseman understands your predicament, she is unable to help you. This is not just Taylor’s file. On the day of the trial, all the evidence went missing. Your partner, Mr. Edmund Davis, and you deduced that Mr. George Kane, the Chief Editor of Gotham Times, stole your evidence. Councilman Harris’ influence is apparently so extensive that it can even control what goes on in a small-time newspaper like the Gotham Times.

And the true evil behind all of this will soon be forgotten. Diane understands but there is hardly a case to be made for an accusation without evidence. Before you get sufficient evidence, it’s best not to act rashly in case you alarm the other party.

If she could get just a bit of support from her. You are willing to face everything head-on and fight till the bitter end. Prosecutor Diane Boseman seems torn. After several moments of deep thought, she calls for her secretary. Prosecutor Diane Boseman beckons for the secretary to come closer. After a brief, hushed conversation, the secretary leaves the office. Miss Diane Boseman smiles at you, and motions for you to stay awhile. Your heart thumping, you guess that Prosecutor Boseman instructed her secretary to bring some evidence. An hour later, she finally returns. The secretary sets something down on the table and leaves again.

Take a look at the evidence. She can’t help you much, but you might find these useful.

These audio reels are secret recordings of Mr. Francesco Juliano’s phone calls for the past year. They should be useful to you. These will prove that Councilman Steven Harris and the Mafia have been working together. No wonder Prosecutor Diane Boseman is so ready to believe you. She must have gleaned that from monitoring Mr. Francesco Juliano’s phone calls. Something suddenly occurs to you.

You can’t put her plans in jeopardy because of you. But Miss Diane Boseman is a high-quality person. There is no need to blame yourself. She trusts you will use this evidence for good. Besides, she stands to benefit if you win the case.

There is hope that the court rules in your favor. As you take this crucial evidence away with you as you leave Prosecutor Boseman’s office. It is the only piece of evidence you have, and your chances of winning are slim, but you believe. You can do it.

And in this way, a window full of possibilities for continuation opens. Some situations are viewed much differently only if you have positive and quality people. One detail can turn the day in your favor and the person’s mental structure changes in a positive direction. Will you be able to win in court? Will this evidence provided to you by Miss Diane Boseman be valid? You can read it all on our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.