Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 5 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous two stages, you had to make an appointment with Miss Diane Boseman. She is a respectable woman in New York City. She’s a prosecutor. These legal entities have a lot of work to do, specifically the problem with the Mafia. You have received certain evidence from her that you can present in court. The question of how much impact each of these pieces of evidence will have, you must hope for the best because it is the last chance to persevere in your intentions. The trial has just begun and you need to focus and have faith. Justice is slow in life, but it arrives exactly when it should. Best of luck. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 5.

It is the Day of the Second Trial. The clerk will say his famous words. The case of Steven Harris versus Gotham Times is in session. Judge Hobbes presiding. All rise. Prosecutor may start his examination of the defendant.

At the beginning of this year, you were hired by Mr. George Kane. Before working at the Gotham Times, you were working with Sun News. You were forced to leave Sun News.

According to Mr. Martin Schulz, you were fired from Sun News for reporting fake news. Loud murmurs filled the court. You can’t believe they got Martin Schulz to testify against you. The judge bangs his gavel and calls for silence.

Regarding Councilman Harris, every word you wrote in the article is true. Prosecutor continues. Brown flashes a smile that makes you feel uneasy. That is because Prosecutor Robert Brown will ask you about your relationship with Mr. Edmund Davis. Upon hearing this, you can’t help but glance at Mr. Edmund Davis. He is staring at Prosecutor Robert Brown with a frown on his face.

Prosecutor Robert Brown has in his hand the testimonies of the employees of the Gotham Times and Waterlife Hotel. According to Mr. Burns, an employee of the Gotham Times, you and Mr. Edmund Davis share an intimate relationship. He often sees you together. Mr. Howard, an employee of the Waterlife Hotel, reports that you and Mr. Edmund Davis often check into their Penthouse Suite together. After that, loud murmurs fill the court again.

Based on what he knows, reporters of Gotham Times work independently. Knowing that he has gained the upper hand, Prosecutor Robert Brown’s questions get more consistent and direct.

Mr. Edmund Davis seems unperturbed by the prosecution’s words. But he’s still avoiding your gaze. For you, it is normal for multiple people to work on the same story, especially if it happens to be a big one like this. Prosecutor Robert Brown will not be nice this time.

Objection sustained. The jury will disregard the prosecution’s last question. Mr. Robert Brown will rephrase the question. But it is true that Mr. Edmund Davis and you followed the leads and wrote the article together.

Your name is there too, you are credited as the editor. And the reason what happened when Prosecutor Robert Brown said that Edmund Davis is listed as the sole author, is because he didn’t want for you to get into trouble. But how to explain this to the jury? You have two options. Option 1 (Explain) and Option 2 (Keep mum).

Keep mum

If you select Option 1 (Explain), you will say that Mr. Edmund Davis and you thought about this before you published the article. As the person involved is a man of high status and authority, Mr. Davis wanted to protect you by only listing his name on the article. You look at Edmund, only to find him looking at the floor. He seems to be thinking about something.

But as a responsible reporter, you should stand beside him, not behind him. This is why you are here on the stand now.

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If you select Option 2 (Keep mum), you will stay silent. The more you say, the more ammunition Prosecutor Robert Brown will have. And you took an oath to speak only the truth in court. You look at Edmund, hoping to gather strength and support. But seeing his indifference, you realize you are no longer on the same side.

With a triumphant look on his face, Prosecutor Robert Brown continues his hammering.

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Robert Brown turns towards the jury. He will say that by the testimonies given by the two Chief Editors, you are clearly not credible.

Councilman Supporter will speak very loudly. He will say that you are a troublemaker and ignorant woman. You should be locked up. A loyal supporter of Councilman Steven Harris screams at you and is immediately removed from the court by the judge. A feeling of helplessness envelops you. Order is restored in the court. Prosecutor Robert Brown fixes his sleeves before launching into another tirade.

Prosecutor Robert Brown has no more questions. The court is adjourned. You will resume in one hour. The prosecution may call upon the second defendant then. As everyone files out of the courtroom, you can’t help but feel bad about your poor performance. You get up from your seat and return to the dock. Your lawyer gently pats you on your shoulder, expressing his support and encouragement. As for Mr. Edmund Davis, he glances at you coolly before walking out of the courtroom.

One hour later, the court is in session again. The prosecutor may begin. Mr. Edmund Davis sits in the witness box, frowning as he awaits Brown’s questions. Unlike his earlier placid attitude, Prosecutor Robert Brown looks as if he is ready to charge at Edmund.

Seemingly confused by Brown’s line of questioning, Edmund hesitates before speaking. Brown will say that over the past few years, Mr. Edmund Davis has sold multiple assets to keep the paper afloat. He would also buy his own unsold newspapers. And he does this almost every day.

He did that because it was left to you by the parents, and it is very important to him. The newspapers are profitable now. About sales and advertisement revenue, his profits have increased. Growth in sales would bring more revenue.

This is the time for objection. The prosecutor is misleading the jury. The articles he mentioned were reprinted from other newspapers. Besides, it is perfectly normal for newspapers in New York City to report on political candidates.

Mr. Robert Brown keeps his composure. After a few seconds of silence, he starts throwing out questions again.

You will have some thoughts about Prosecutor Robert Brown. He is a cunning fox. He is insinuating that Edmund is in cahoots with Councilman Harris’ opponent. He says that this article you wrote with Mr. Davis has severely damaged Councilman Harris’ reputation.

After beating around the bush for so long, Prosecutor Robert Brown finally comes to the point. You must prove that Mr. Steven Harris did what you reported. With two major pieces of evidence in your hands, you feel very confident. They should be able to prove that you did not make it all up. Who knows, it might even further incriminate Mr. Steven Harris. You nod, signaling to your lawyer to present the evidence. It is at his moment that Mr. Edmund Davis final looks at you. You look at Edmund squarely, hoping that you will continue to have faith in you.

At that point, stage 5 ends. It is a cliffhanger. Stage 6 will be the stage where the unfolding will take place. Will you be able to win? Will the evidence be valid for the judge? The problem with all of this is that you don’t even know who is all corrupt and that’s what worries you the most. All you have to do is follow our walkthrough. So, you can find out what awaits you in stage 6.
Thank you for reading.