Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 6 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous two stages, you were on the bench for the respondents in court. Prosecutor Robert Brown has been constantly asking embarrassing questions for you and your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. You may have noticed that Councilman Steven Harris and his men repeatedly paid or threatened certain witnesses to give false testimony against you. You managed to successfully overcome all those false testimonies, but that’s not all. Today’s stage is decisive. Either you will fall or you will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and in that way show what it means to be a persistent and honest person in this period when women are not respected. We wish you good luck because this is a serious situation you are in. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 6.

The stage begins with the Judge’s statement. The defense submitted new evidence to be processed. Court will reconvene in 30 minutes. The judge bangs his gavel, signaling the recess. You have a sigh of relief.  No matter what happens next, the evidence has finally been submitted.

After the lawyer leaves, the court gets rowdier and rowdier. But there is only an awkward silence in the dock. You think that the evidence should be useful.

You have decided that, even if you lose, you will stay and bear the responsibility with Mr. Edmund Davis. A glimmer of warmth flashes across his eyes, but they quickly turn cold again. You are begging him to give you a chance to make it up to him. Mr. Edmund Davis furrows his brows but does not reply. 

The lawyer’s return breaks the awkwardness. You try to calm yourself for the most crucial part of the trial. The court is in session. The defense may begin. Defense Attorney presents the late Officer Walter Taylor’s notebook as evidence.

The investigations of the missing girls are recorded here, and they are consistent with what was reported in the Gotham Times. Mr. Robert Brown will object but it is overruled, the defense may continue. You will now account for the relation between this new evidence and the case.

You see Mr. Edmund Davis watching you intently, and you give him a small smile. He looks confused and overwhelmed like he has something he wants to tell you. You stand up straight and address the jury directly. Take a deep breath.

After losing her daughter, she had mental health issues and was admitted to the New York Metropolitan Hospital. Officer Walter Taylor continued to search for his missing granddaughter, and in the process, he discovered several cases of girls going missing had a common pattern. All the girls were enrolled in Gotham Charity School and they all went missing on the way home from school. The investigation was halted after Officer Taylor was killed in the line of duty. When you started investigating, his daughter also passed away in the New York Metropolitan Hospital.

The objection is sustained. The jury will disregard your statements regarding the death of the officer and his daughter. You have to keep to the point. You will say that Mr. Edmund Davis and you pursued the leads left by Officer Walter Taylor. You discovered that Gotham Charity School is sponsored by Tiger Charity Association. And the association’s sponsor is none other than Councilman Steven Harris. Upon hearing about the councilman’s name, the audience starts murmuring again.

Prosecutor Robert Brown has two questions. First, you have evidence to prove that the missing girls are linked to the school?

Then do you have evidence to prove that Tiger Charity Association is linked to the missing girls?

You reported what could be reasonably deduced according to the available evidence. You do not have hard evidence that Councilman Steven Harris is linked to the missing girls. But you chased down several leads, and after putting them together, you can deduce that Councilman Steven Harris is linked to this issue. You had information on Officer Walter Taylor’s investigations, based on the informant’s statement.

There is none because he has passed on. The statement was his last words to you. And there are no witnesses. Mr. Edmund Davis and you are both present when he died. He accused Mr. Steven Harris of being in direct contact with the Juliano family, of the New York Mafia.

Objection sustained. The jury will disregard the statements regarding this informant. But Defense Attorney will say that the defense presents an audio reel as evidence. It is a record of conversations between Mr. Steven Harris and Francesco Juliano. An audible gasp rings throughout the court. Even Prosecutor Robert Brown looks stunned.

Audio reels say that Mr. Steven Harris and Mr. Francesco Juliano are talking about business. Steven Harris asks Juliano to take care of a certain person. And try not to leave the mess. This means that Steven Harris and Francesco Juliano are working together. They are ready to kill someone and they do not want to be discovered. 

Officer Walter Taylor’s daughter died after the first conversation. The second conversation happened earlier, around the time the girls started going missing. As for the third conversation, it was before the informant died. Now you pause for a moment before turning to Mr. Robert Brown.

As you were explaining the recording contents, Mr. Robert Brown and Blake were conversing in urgent whispers. Finally, he stands up for a rebuttal.

After Prosecutor Robert Brown speaks, the audience starts murmuring and discussing among themselves. The judge did not respond to Brown’s request but examines the court instead. Your lawyer watches the judge nervously, but Mr. Edmund Davis looks intently at you instead.

Objection sustained. While you expected the judge’s response, you still feel disappointed. Is that it for the evidence, you worked so hard to get. The court is adjourned. The jury may retire for deliberation.

Just as he finished speaking, reporters swarm over, wanting to interview you and Mr. Edmund Davis. Your lawyer leaves to hold them off, leaving Mr. Edmund Davis and you alone in the dock. Mr. Edmund Davis nods without looking at you. He hesitates for a long while before asking.

Seeing Mr. Edmund Davis initiate the conversation, you can’t help but smile. But you had help. Prosecutor Diane Boseman and Mr. Bob Wilson helped. Before the court, back when Davis was angry, he underestimated you. He promises that he won’t make decisions on your behalf anymore. Deeply touched, you can only smile and not at Mr. Edmund Davis. The jury returns and you wait quietly for their verdict. Judge says: On the case of Steven Harris versus Edmund Davis and Elizabeth Colvin of the Gotham Times. Jury’s verdict.

Judge: In accordance with the jury’s verdict, Edmund Davis and Elizabeth Colvin of the Gotham Times are acquitted of all charges. Mr. Davis and Miss Colvin did not write the report based on conclusive evidence. But they have made objective and logical deductions based on their leads. In our country, we have the right, and a duty to discuss matters relevant to the public. They realized that the case involves public interest, and have shown great courage. When devoid of malicious intentions, a publisher’s rights are protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Now, before we move on, there is something that you should know. 

If you did not obtain both Taylor’s notebook from Bob Wilson in Stage 4-3 Mysterious Mail and Diane’s audio reels in Stage 4-3/4-4, the story ends here with Ending: An Ordinary Life

If you did not obtain Taylor’s notebook from Bob Wilson but received Diane’s audio reels, the story ends here with Ending: Unsolved Case

If you obtained Taylor’s notebook from Bob Wilson in Stage 4-3 but did not receive Diane’s audio reels in Stage 4-3/4-4, the story ends here with Ending: The Same Destiny

Your heart soars, and you look around the courtroom, trying to memorize the faces of the judge and jury. They must have had a heated discussion during the process of making this difficult decision. Because of them, your hard work has not gone in vain. Evil has been brought to light. Justice and freedom shall prevail.

This is the perfect ending of this case. Justice has finally come to light and you do not intend to stop your efforts. This is a great victory that guarantees you great self-confidence. You smoothed out your relationship with your friend, Mr. Edmund Davis. The last stage for part of the story with Mr. Edmund Davis is stage 7. Unlocked Event: Take the Stand.

If you are unable to obtain the selected ending even though you selected the right choices, you must go back and replay the required stages from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, selecting the necessary choices before reading from Stage 4-2 onwards.

Follow our walkthrough and find out what awaits you in stage 7.
Thank you for reading.