Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 4 Stage 8 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we finished the story with Mr. Edmund Davis in the best possible way. All the people who created and spread crime are gone, for now. We all know that Mr. Steven Harris was one of many who was inserted for some interest. In the end, we saw who was pulling the strings and who was making big decisions. The Gotham Times is back on the big stage and your friendship with Mr. Edmund Davis is so strong that he will no longer doubt you as a person and as a colleague. But that doesn’t mean this book is over. The story continues in the background. If you previously obtained the evidence from Councilman Harris safe in Stage 3-12, you can hand over the evidence to Diane to unlock Stage 4-10. Start once you are ready to begin stage 8.

After your meeting at the café, you keep thinking about what Miss. Charlotte Harris said. Press accuracy, the social impact of false news, her family… Her voice echoes in your head, telling you not to forget your professional ethics and integrity as a reporter.

The answer was truthfulness, objectivity, and independence. You’ve never forgotten that. You constantly remind yourself to stay true to what you believe in. You shall be responsible for every decision you make. After thinking things through, you decide to meet up with Prosecutor Diane Boseman and tell her about what happened. You should change into more presentable clothes before heading to the prosecutor’s office. You’ve made an appointment with Miss Diane Boseman. Meet her in a Simple and Elegant outfit. There are some things you need to set straight.

You arrive at the prosecutor’s office and are greeted by her secretary. She reappears and invites you inside after informing the prosecutor of your arrival. The secretary nods with a smile and proceeds to knock on the door of the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman looks up from her desk and greets you with a nod. You will take a seat. You came here to talk to her about the interview. It is about an interview with Mr. Steven Harris. You gave her a call before you went to Harris Mansion. Prosecutor Diane Boseman told you about the secret documents in the councilman’s study, hoping you could find evidence of his crimes.

You sneaked into Councilman Steven Harris’ study like her told you. You found some things, but you are not sure they are useful. Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s eyes glint with excitement, but she quickly composes herself. She will ask you to show her what you found. You might be able to discover some clues. Option 1 (Hand over the evidence) or Option 2 (Don’t hand over the evidence).

Hand over the evidence
Don't hand over the evidence

If you select Option 1 (Hand over the evidence), you will unlock Stage 10 in Chapter 4. You nod and prepare to hand over what you found but Charlotte’s face suddenly flashes in your mind. You stop your tracks, remembering what Miss Charlotte Harris told you the last time you met. She reminded you of the undesirable consequences of publishing unverified news. It is going to be a huge blow to Miss Charlotte Harris and Councilman Steven Harris, her father.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s voice snaps you out of your stupor. She looks at you with concern. You remove the items from your bag, the pieces of evidence feeling heavy in your hands.

You found them in a secret safe in the councilman’s study. You hand over all the items to Prosecutor Diane Boseman with a heavy heart.

The file alone is not enough to support that conclusion. But it is reasonable suspicion. She needs more evidence. She will let you know if you can help with anything else. Prosecutor Diane Boseman looks up from the pile of evidence and regards you seriously.  As you know, being a prosecutor, she is committed to fighting crime and serving justice. But that is not something she can do alone. That is why she is building a professional team. An investigation team. She hopes it will become a powerful weapon against crime.

She may be the one leading the team, but justice is what truly drives them. She officially invites you to join the team. You have shown remarkable tact, courage, and critical thinking. Your commitment to pursuing the truth is in line with your objective. She truly admires the competence and qualities you have displayed in the investigation process. The sudden invitation throws you off. You are honestly surprised that Prosecutor Diane Boseman thinks so highly of you. It sounds like a really important job. You need to think this through carefully.

Gotham Memoirs Walkthrough | Stage 4-8

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If you select Option 2 (Don’t hand over the evidence), you will unlock Stage 9 in Chapter 4. You keep hearing Miss Charlotte Harris’ words in your head, unable to forget the pleading look in her eyes. There is a heavy, suffocating feeling in your chest. You are suddenly filled with a strong unease.

You will lie to Prosecutor Diane Boseman. You will say that you sneaked into Councilman Steven Harris’ study, but you couldn’t find the documents you mentioned over the phone call. You discovered some kind of mechanism in the study. You briefly describe the tiger statue you found and what you did with it.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s gaze hardens, and her face grows stern. You dig your nails into your palms and try to relax, unnerved by her question. You thought Prosecutor Diane Boseman would ask you to leave, but she softens her expression and sighs.

Your heart clenches as you remember Jessica, the poor mentally ill woman you met in the hospital. She suffered so much in life; you can’t believe she passed on just like that.

Boseman says that even though the victims have already passed on, she tells herself it is her duty as a prosecutor to seek justice for them. Their family, their friends, and the public deserve to know the truth. It is the least you can do for them.

You often think about Jessica and what happened to her. Unfortunately, your investigation has to be stalled because you have no new evidence. Boseman only hopes Jessica will be able to rest in peace. You feel a lump in your throat, overcome with grief when you remember Jessica Taylor. Diane Boseman wants justice for Jessica. She will push forward with the investigations if you have sufficient evidence.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman pours you a cup of tea and pats the back of your hand in encouragement. You will try to get close to Councilman Steven Harris again and make up for your failure.

Councilman Steven Harris is where he is today not just because of his competence. He’s also incredibly scheming and resourceful. Knowing him, your actions today have probably alerted him already.

The Councilman Steven Harris becomes suspicious. You will have to cease the investigation on her side. Now is not the time to blame yourself. You should think about what you can do to salvage the situation. Try to recall any details you might have missed out.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman picks up her teacup and takes a sip in silence, her face obscured by the steam. She says that you need to prepare for the worst. As you know, the elections are coming and Councilman Harris still retains a high level of support. That means he will most likely be re-elected. When that happens, he will gain even more power, and no one will be able to stop him. Once he has New York City under his control… You can imagine the consequences.

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New York City will fall into darkness, taken over by crime, and there will be no one to stand up to justice. Perhaps no one will be able to oppose Councilman Steven Harris when the time comes. Think about what you can do to prevent that from happening.

You see a hint of rage on Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s face, but it quickly vanishes. You wonder if you imagined it. You are apologizing for her expectations and disrupting her work.

You bid farewell to Prosecutor Diane Boseman. As you leave the office, you realize belatedly that your back is drenched in a cold sweat. With this thought, stage 8 ends. This was a big turning point for you. The decision you made during this stage brings you twice. He wears something of his own every time. The consequences of your choice will be felt soon. Will you be able to find new evidence? Will you be able to balance your friendship with Miss Charlotte Harris and working with her father, Mr. Steven Harris. Find out in our walkthrough.
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