Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival – important details announced

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan festival ticket details were just released and the drawing registration is open now. The registration is available via the app and it is your chance to join the event scheduled to be held on August 31 and September 1, in Indianapolis this year. The organizers of the fan festival have given an extremely limited number of tickets and they are emphasizing that the simple registration does not guarantee a ticket, and even if you win, you actually win a chance to buy the ticket, you do not get one for free.

Furthermore, each ticket given through the app will be limited to one day of the event, while it is speculated it will last for several days. The winners, drawn by the app, will be given a chance to purchase tickets for $30. A single copy of this particular ticket enables one visitor to visit the event for a single day, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

However, the winners of the draw will also be given a chance to purchase a more exclusive Early Access Ticket. This ticket will cost $40 and it will enable the visitors to enter the event two hours earlier, at 9 a.m., and stay even more at the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan festival.

Dragons Unite!

The full program is not yet set in stone, but the visitors will get a chance to explore the White River State Park and participate in the Special Assignments which will be a part of the event. The fans will also be the first to discover new in-game content, encounters, and the never-before-seen Oddities – Dragons! The dragons are announced to come in several types, from Antipodean Opaleye to Welsh Green, as they will represent regional specific Oddities. They are set to debut at the festival in late August, so the visitors will actually be the first to experience the new content.

Also, the organizers of the event have several other things in store for the fans, like special photo snapping option with elements from the game, so they can forever mark the occasion with new friends they make. Also, another part of the program is said to be a new Calamity which will require fans to work with SOS Task Force within the White River State Park, so it will be exclusive to the event.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival ticket draw has now begun, so register for your chance to win the exclusive right to purchase the tickets. For more info, go visit the official site’s section dedicated to the festival by clicking here, and also stay tuned via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.