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Might and Magic: Chess Royale coming to mobile and PC this month!

Might and Magic Chess Royale

Might and Magic: Chess Royale is exactly what the name suggests – auto chess meets battle royale. It is the victory sound of Ubisoft and the all-time champion game series M&M, which has conquered the PC long time ago, in the ‘90s even, and has recently also made a successful transition to mobile with M&M: […]

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X – Microsoft Strikes Back

PS5 vs Xbox X series

According to recent online sources, in overall power, PlayStation 5 will bring roughly 30% less power than Xbox Series X. Reportedly, these figures come from a recent test, which data suggests that PS5 maxes out at 9.2 teraflops, while its competitor, Microsoft’s upcoming baby, goes up to 12 teraflops. This has started a series of […]

Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood Review

Ice Scream 2

Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood release date was on 17 December 2019, and it came just in time for the Holiday season. With nothing to do but revel in the warmth of our homes and enjoy some time off, I’ve thought of playing some recommended games, and this title sounded attractive. If you are […]

Cute Animals – Fun game for toddlers just got released for Mobile

Cute Animals

Cute Animals Free Puzzle for Toddlers is a mobile game dished out by Creatygon Games. It is a creative studio that is focused on passionate projects for younger audiences, which include good visual solutions, comprehensive environment, and engaging fun gameplay. This title is just that, as it is aimed at kids one to three years […]

Steel Rage: Robot Cars PVP Shooter Warfare Review

Steel Rage Review

Steel Rage: Robot Cars PVP Shooter Warfare certainly is a mouthful, but it’s just what it says it is. An action-packed car-driving PVP shootout, which is best described as old School Twisted Metal PvP extravaganza, with controls adapted for mobile play (only Android so far). Only, the cars are more realistic, the vehicles are a […]