Harry Potter Wizards Unite

New video for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic and WB Games have cast yet another stupefy spell with a new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Augmented Reality game video teaser. Now, it seems like everyone who ever watched the movie, read the books, or played any of other games are in on the ritual. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Calling All Wizards video dropped on May 14th and it brings the basic story set behind the game closer to the waiting wizards i.e. fans.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Calling All Wizards Muggle-Proofed video is here:

!!!Repello Muggletum!!!

The Ministry of Magic is issuing a general alert for all wizards and witches of the world as the wizarding community is currently at the risk of worldwide exposure. It appears that the muggle world has been overburdened with traces and sightings of magic and unexplained phenomenon. So, all fellow wizards are invited to take up their wands and help rescue the wizarding community from this debacle.

According to the info let off so far by Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will feature gameplay based on detecting and solving Calamity mysteries that threaten to expose the entire wizarding community to the world. Players will begin as a Statue of Secrecy Task Force new recruit and use their phones to cast spells, discover various artifacts, and even fight fantastic beasts, all the while meeting the iconic characters from J.K. Rowling’s world.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR preregister phase is now open to all players on Galaxy Store and Google Play for Android users. Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date is still TBD, as we are only assured it is coming within 2019. The game is also done under the Portkey Games label and it promises to be the next big thing in Augmented Reality gaming.