Should I buy the Dress up! Time Princess A Servant’s Resolve story and spend 15 of my reader’s coupons? Well, we played through the entire story and the short answer is yes if you have reader’s coupons to spare. The story contains a single chapter with 10 stages, and after completing each stage you will gain one reader coupon, plus some additional rewards in the form of clothing items. After acquiring the “bonus” clothing items, you will be able to get a perfect score more easily during the later stages of the Queen Mary storybook. Also, after completing the book, you will gain back 10 out of 15 reader’s coupons invested. Besides that, you will also get “The Nightingale” dress (6 stars, Grand, Charming) after completing stage 10 (this is the only way to acquire this dress, as far as I’m aware).  A Servant’s Resolve is a prequel to the Queen Mary main story and it follows the life of Alfred, the palace servant, who eventually befriends Marquis de Lafayette (one of the main characters from Queen Marie storybook).


The main character is Alfred, a palace servant. His life takes an unexpected turn once he meets Marquis de Lafayette…

dress up time princess a servants resolve walkthrough

A Servant’s resolve is a side story. It has no outfit requirements and no dialogue options that can increase the Goodwill of your companions, just like most other side stories. On the downside, there is a 20 hour wait time period after completing a stage. As we already said, the story has one chapter divided into 10 stages, so it should take you approximately ten days to finish the entire story. Besides that, you will encounter several dialogue choices during the story, but these choices do not have any effect on the outcome of the story. In other words, there’s no branching of the storyline.

The story of this book explores the events that happened before the events in Queen Marie’s main storybook. During the story, we will discover how Alfred’s view of the world gradually changed after meeting Marquis de Lafayette. After speaking a few more times with the Marquis, Alfred will decide to abandon his job at the palace, deciding to join Lafayette’s military expedition into the New World.

The story (Spoiler Free)

The story begins with Alfred carrying the mirror with one of his friends, to the mansion of a very mean noblewoman…

dress up time princess a servants resolve walkthrough

In this story, we will be in the role of Alfred, one of the palace servants. At the start of the story, Alfred is approached by another palace servant who wants our character to help him carry the mirror from the Viscount’s quarters to the mansion, as instructed by Comtesse de Noailles.

Alfred quickly figured out that Viscount’s quarter is located next to one of the leaking toilets, and realized that the entire room must be filled with stench. Naturally, he wasn’t happy about the idea of performing this task, but it was one of his duties, and he couldn’t disobey the orders from Comtesse. Upon reaching the Viscount’s room, Alfred became nauseous because of the foul smell, unlike his colleague who was apparently more resilient. Somehow they managed to carry the mirror to Comtesse mansion, but Alfred was complaining along the way that he isn’t feeling very well. And that’s when the disaster struck. Overwhelmed by nausea, Alfred tripped and broke the mirror right at the entrance to the mansion. The Comtesse was furious and ordered two of her servants to beat up Alfred but, just when they were preparing to strike the first blow and carry out the order, Lafayette intervened. Marquis ordered them to stop, and criticized Comtesse, claiming that her behavior was inappropriate for a noble because, in his opinion, nobles should uphold higher moral standards and be an example that everyone else should follow. Lafayette’s words left a strong impression on young Alfred. From this day on, the young servant thought that Lafayette is different from the other nobles since most of them do not care about anything else except hoarding wealth and enjoying expensive food and drink… This was the short summary of the first stage of the book. Check our detailed walkthrough if you would like to know the entire story.

Requirements and difficulty

It is a very small download and will ask for around 18MB of storage space…

dress up time princess a servants resolve walkthrough

Dress up! Time Princess A Servant’s Resolve side story is not a large download and will ask for around 18MB of storage space. It is very easy to finish the entire story, since it has no outfit score requirements, and the difficulty is marked with a single butterfly. On the other hand, you will have to wait 20 hours before unlocking the next stage, so expect to finish the entire story in approximately ten days. Playing through a stage for the first time requires 5 stamina, but replaying the stage (and trying out the other dialogue option) doesn’t require any stamina.

In order to unlock A Servant’s Resolve storybook, you will first have to reach a level 4 Goodwill with Lafayette.


How well was it done?

dress up time princess a servants resolve walkthrough

The story represents the forming of friendship between Alfred and Marquis de Lafayette. At the very start of the story, Alfred is working as a servant in the Palace of Versailles, but he decides to quit his job and join Lafayette’s military expedition into the New World. During the story, Alfred starts admiring Lafayette even more, after hearing his plan to aid the colonists in their struggle against the British Empire, and Lafayette’s desire to help them in creating a society in which everyone will be treated equally. Initially, Alfred wanted to join the expedition in order to earn more money, but during the story, he also adopted Lafayette’s ideals.

Marquis de Lafayette is a historical figure, and he was a part of both the American Revolution and the French revolution.


A Servant’s Resolve storybook is worth spending 15 reader’s coupons…

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A Servant’s Resolve storybook costs only 15 reader’s coupons, and we recommend purchasing it since you’ll get back 10 reader coupons after completing all stages. Besides that, you will also gain The Nightingale dress upon completing stage 10. The story itself is interesting, and mostly revolves around Alfred, and how his view of the world slowly changes after every conversation with Lafayette. On the downside, we don’t get to see Alfred’s and Lafayette’s adventures during their time in the New World, and that was something that I was really looking forward to.

A Servants Resolve

The story


The story itself is interesting, and mostly revolves around Alfred, and how his view of the world slowly changes after every conversation with Lafayette.

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