Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Queen Marie Chapter 2 Stage 1 of Dress up Time Princess. During the previous chapter, we had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Colvin. A young reporter tries to break through the jaws of New York and perseveres to find out the truth. There have been ups and downs but the most important thing is that Elizabeth Colvin must continue to search for the truth despite the many obstacles that have befallen her. In this chapter, we expect new problems to emerge as the story begins. Elizabeth Colvin is not aware that much more awaits her than she expects. Hit Start when you are ready to begin Chapter 2.

Your day started in bed. A lot of things have happened these days and that’s why you can’t sleep well. But still, you have to drag yourself out of bed early to sort through the leads on this mysterious case. You will take out your notebook and look at what you have written.

Based on the evidence you’ve gathered so far it seems like this Bob Wilson is the man you’ve been looking for. It is almost impossible to track him down. Back in the modern era, there was the internet. Probably it is time to look for other solutions.

You are walking down to make the call at a roadside phone booth. The recipient picks up the call within two short rings. But you agreed to meet in person this man at the Moon Café on 26th Street, at 3.30 pm. There isn’t much time left. Better keep moving. Suit up. The keywords are Simple and Gentle.

You will arrive at the Moon Café at 3 pm, half an hour ahead of the meeting. After a short while, a man slides sideways into the seat across you, his face concealed behind a newspaper. This is Jack.

You need to tell something to Jack. He hesitates for a moment, then smooths down his clothes before turning towards you. His attention will be drawn to his dress. He dresses that way because he works in a very dangerous industry. One must beware at all times.

When you mention Bob Wilson’s name, Jack won’t be around. He will try to hide his fear because Bob Wilson is a dangerous name in his business. They will ask you why you want to find him? You will give him all the necessary information you have gathered during the previous days. It will cost you a lot of money.

You won’t have much choice. Jack is the only ideal and realistic option at the moment. You will have to return home after the meeting with Jack, hopefully, he will have good news for you soon. After three days, Jack and you meet again. This time he has new information for you about Bob Wilson.

Bob Wilson works for the New York Police Department, but the car plate number you provide is not registered under his name. Wilson doesn’t own a car. He drives a patrol car to work. Does that mean Jessica’s belongings could have been taken by someone else? You will ask Jack to look for a person whose license plate.

After the meeting with Jack, you have to return to the office to finish your work and plan for tomorrow’s schedule. You must head down to the precinct where Bob Wilson works. If what Jack told you is true, he will be there. Meeting Bob Wilson could lead to a breakthrough in the case.

You will meet a well-known person at the police station. It’s Jack. In this case, his name is John. Jack is a person who is a corrupt cop. That way he was able to find the names you needed. He will give you a huge discount on all future jobs. Just keep this a secret between you and him. You will give him an offer he will not be able to refuse. That way you will save his job and he is the only informant you currently have at your disposal.

You need to follow Jack around the building, weaving left and right, before arriving at a door with Bob Wilson’s name on it. Upon Wilson’s approval, Jack and you enter the room. You will introduce yourself. Bob Wilson is an older and fuller cop. Jack will leave the room. What follows is a conversation about Jessica. Bob Wilson is surprised that Jessica has passed away.

Officer Bob Wilson is a very proud man. You will encounter that dilemma when you say that there is something hidden in all these happenings at New York Metropolitan Hospital. Bob Wilson doesn’t want the article to see the light of day. You have two options. Option 1 (Argue with him) and Option 2 (Convince him). Note: This decision will drastically change the story.

Argue with him
Convince him

If you select Option 1 (Argue with him), you will start an argument with Mr. Bob Wilson. You put a lot of effort into securing this meeting.

You gave a lot of money and you made a lot of connections with people to get to this meeting.

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If you select Option 2 (Convince him), you will say that you won’t write about this case. But you hope Bob Wilson will address her grievances. Mr. Taylor chose him to be Jessica’s guardian, so he must have trusted Bob deeply.

His daughter died a mysterious death at the New York Metropolitan Hospital. Mr. Bob Wilson falls silent for a minute before replying to you nonchalantly.

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You won’t give up. You will definitely uncover the truth behind Jessica’s death. Mr. Wilson will freeze when you ask if Jessica’s daughter is really missing. Partner of Mr. Bob Wilson disappeared the day Amy disappeared too. But this will not be confirmed by Mr. Bob Wilson. Taylor died in the line of duty. You will be warned not to interfere in this case because it is too dangerous for you.

Jessica Taylor’s death is like a stone cast into a lake. The ripples will vanish soon and it will be like nothing has ever happened. No one could have imagined that such tiny ripples could cause massive waves. Will Elizabeth Colvin find out what happened to Amy? Will they find out what’s going on behind everything that happened at New York Metropolitan Hospital? Find out in this chapter. The next stage is just one click away. Follow our walkthrough. Thank you for reading.