Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 11 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had a chance to talk to Prosecutor Boseman. We presented her with a plan to fight the Mafia, corruption, and crime. We spoke about the events while you were at Sun News, the reasons for the dismissal, and the suspicions of the entire journalistic system in that building. Miss Diane Boseman is a person who with her authority can help and complete your fight plan. It doesn’t matter when you do it alone and when you have the support of some important and influential people. Stage 11 is a sequel to stage 10. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 11.

Before meeting up with Jack, you need to call your parents to find out about the situation at home. Surprisingly, your dad answers the call. He tells you that the police have summoned the gangsters who were hounding him, so the gambling debt has been written off. Finally, you are greatly relieved and all the more grateful to Prosecutor Boseman. You decide to continue investigating Mr. Rio Rossi to repay her. On the other hand, Jack arranges to meet you at a café. He says that he has gathered some interesting information. You arrive at the agreed time and see him waving to you the moment you step into the café.

Jack all smiles as he gets up and pulls out a chair for you. As Jack says, sit tight. Don’t fall off your seat in shock when you hear what he has to tell you. He is about to tell you the news. Jack’s smile fades and is replaced by a somber expression. He is not sure if you can handle the consequences. Although Jack earns off selling information, he feels that you should still be warned. Like in stage 9 where Mr. Rio Rossi was shot and told you the truth, here you can find out from Jack the same thing. He found out the same thing.

Mr. Rio Rossi used to be from the Mafia. Now, he appears to be a law-abiding man. Jack notices the look on your face and raises an eyebrow. Jack also says that Walter Taylor dies when he got caught up in a Mafia fight by accident. Jack sips his coffee and takes a long pause before he continues.

He might have been shot in the head, or the stomach or even had bullets rained upon him. Either way, poor Mr. Walter Taylor died just like that. And based on what Jack has gathered so far, Mr. Rio Rossi killed Mr. Walter Taylor. He is Jessica Taylor’s father. Mr. Rio Ross was later charged with killing Taylor and sentenced to jail. But he was released after only six months due to lack of evidence.

Rossi has powerful backing. Normal people do not want to mess with Mr. Rio Rossi. Jac lowers his head, unwilling to divulge more. You hand him the payment. Just as you are about to leave, Jack heaves a sigh and says in a hushed voice:

You leave the café and decide to head to Prosecutor Boseman’s office to share the news with her. The Juliano family is a very very dangerous Mafia family. You should change into something presentable before you head over. You need to sort out the news leads with Mr. Edmund Davis. Go with something Gentle and Charming.

Didn’t think you would be back here so soon. Miss Diane Boseman’s office is a place where you feel safe. You will take a deep breath, then follow the secretary into Prosecutor Boseman’s office. You two meet again. The first thing you are going to say is that your father’s debt problems with gangsters have been settled. This is all Prosecutor Boseman all over it.

Also, you are here because you have found out that Mr. Rio Rossi is related to Walter Taylor’s death. You need to sit down opposite Prosecutor Boseman and recount what you learned from Jack. According to the information, Walter Taylor died in a Mafia fight. Rio Rossi is probably the one who killed him. That makes him a suspect. He was charged with Taylor’s murder and arrested as a suspect.

Six months later, Mr. Rio Rossi was released due to a lack of evidence. The charges were dropped as a result. Also, you heard that Mr. Rio Rossi was once a member of the Juliano family. So, there is a valid reason to suspect that the Juliano family has something to do with this.

Prosecutor Boseman is deep in thought. You say nothing, for fear of distracting her. After what feels like an eternity, she finally looks up at you. She will tell you that she has already learned of the connection between Juliano and Rossi before this. Of course, she has her own ways as a prosecutor.

Her extensive investigations have proved that some political powers are colluding with the Mafia. There may be some shady dealings between politicians and the Mafia. Specifically, Steven Harris. Her reply takes you completely by surprise. You stare at her with your eyes wide in shock. Councilman Harris is secretly in cahoots with the Mafia.

You might think you might want to investigate that area as well if Councilman Harris is involved. Prosecutor Boseman looks at you gravely, as she’s read your mind. Perhaps you can do some things that Prosecutor Boseman can’t. It should be easy for you to get close to people with the excuse of interviewing them. You are young, female, and a reporter. They will not suspect a thing.

The interview is just a chance for you to gain his trust. But Prosecutor Boseman senses your doubts and smiles. She has always felt drawn to you. Because whenever she sees you, she is reminded of how she once was. In her first year as a prosecutor, she was sent to work on a case that involved the Mafia. A despairing mother came to her for help. Her son had been dragged into a Mafia dispute and murdered. She knew who the murderer was, but the case locked evidence and could not proceed.

It is very difficult to get recognition from Mafia members. A friend of hers helped to obtain key evidence when he knew of their troubles. The murderer was his uncle. Her friend made the right choice. He chose to uphold the law and punished evil. If Miss Diane Boseman failed to prosecute the murderer, the truth would have been buried forever. The victim’s mother would have spent her life in agony. She had to do something to let the victim rest in peace and help comfort the woman who had lost her son. Though Prosecutor Boseman managed to bring about justice in the end, the story still leaves you with a heavy heart.

As Miss Diane Boseman says, sometimes we do have to pay a price for the sake of justice. But as long as you feel the price is worth paying for, you should go ahead and do it.

This concludes Stage 11. The day that passed mostly in the story with Prosecutor Boseman, ended in a great way. You said some things that weren’t for everyone’s ears. You also learned some things that were meant just for you. In this way, you have strengthened the foundations of trust with important people who are fighting for peace and stability in the city. New York has always been a big city and few people had a sincere intention to fight crime. Prosecutor Boseman and you are one very stable team that will do a lot. What awaits you in the next stage? Will you have new situations that cause an increase in adrenaline? The name of stage 12 is named “Determination”. This story continues in Chapter 3 Stage 7 ‘’ A Dinner Date ‘’. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.