Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 10 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage 9 was hell on Earth. Some things got out of hand. You were afraid to go to Mr. Rio Rossi to a meeting. You didn’t stay long; he took your notebook and drove away. Mr. Edmund Davis and you followed him. You came to an old abandoned house where a shot was heard. That bullet was intended for Mr. Rio Rossi. On his deathbed, he confessed to you that he had done. That confession changes the course of this story. Stage 9 is the transition point of this book. The police arrested you and the continuation of that arrest follows. Note: This stage unlocks if you previously selected Call Diane in Stage 2-5. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 10.

The story continues by being in your room. You are about to meet Prosecutor Boseman at her office at two in the afternoon. You should change into something appropriate for the meeting. Miss Diane Boseman is composed and assertive. Look professional, and wear something Simple and Formal to move her.

After the last meeting, you can get to her office with no problem. You feel anxious following her secretary to her office. Miss Diane Boseman will greet you with respect. You will have something to tell her. Perhaps to give Prosecutor Boseman the whole story, or because you need someone to listen to you, you will tell everything.

Your final piece for the Sun News was a report on the New York Metropolitan Hospital. Prosecutor Boseman is familiar with that report. It was quite impressive. To get information for that report, you had to sneak into the hospital and met a patient named Jessica Taylor. After the article was published, you were fired from Sun News. You felt that there is something more. And what happened after your dismissal more or less confirms this.

You had heard conditions had improved significantly, but you knew Jessica Taylor was scheduled for a lobotomy. You didn’t think such a procedure would be good for her, but you knew you couldn’t stop it. Elizabeth is not related to Jessica Taylor in any way. The only thing you could think to do was to find out who Jessica’s guardian was and persuade them to cancel the operation. When you visited the hospital, however, you were informed that Jessica had died.

The operation had been brought forward. She passed away due to postoperative complications. Her belongings were taken by a mysterious man who claimed to be her father. Jessica’s father Walter Taylor, was a police officer who died in the line of duty. The man who took her belongings, you are still trying to figure out. You found his license plate number in the visitors’ records and traced it to a Wellmer Medical factory. You snuck into the factory at night and witnessed an illegal transaction involving alcohol. One of the parties involved was the union chairman at Wellmer Medical, Mr. Rio Rossi. The man who had claimed Jessica’s belongings.

You may not know Rio’s motives but you can be sure he is not a good man. Just taking Jessica’s belongings makes him even more suspicious. After hiding and listening to the conversation, Rio Rossi caught you there. You warned him that it would be traced back to him if anything happened to you. It was your only bargaining chip. You also lied about why you were there. Instead of confronting you directly, he targeted your family.

Mr. Rio Rossi threatened your father to control you. You think that Miss Diane Boseman is the only one who can stop this. There aren’t a lot of them, but there are Mafia in Kentucky, and they work closely with the Juliano family in New York. That is how they got your parents. Miss Diane Boseman investigated the Juliano family before, but she has never had enough evidence to prosecute.

You need to stay one step ahead of them. Miss Diane Boseman will inform Goose Creek’s district attorney about your parents. If all goes well, they will be safe soon. As for you, Miss Diane Boseman asks you if you want to continue investigating the case between Jessica Taylor and Rio Rossi. Jessica’s father is most likely to be linked to Rio Rossi. Apparently, Jessica has something valuable with them that they needed.

Before she was admitted to the hospital, Jessica was a factory worker whose daughter went missing. Her father, Walter Taylor, was a policeman killed in the line of duty a few years ago. According to your investigations, Walter Taylor may have had some shady dealings with the Mafia. And you can’t find Mr. Walter Taylor’s file at all. His ex-partner, Bob Wilson, refused to reveal any information on him.

Finding that file could clear up a significant number of things. However, Miss Diane Boseman might be able to do something about that. The investigation has not been easy for you. She will help out in any way she can. And like she said, your goals are aligned in this You are helping her build a case against the Mafia.

You have finally made some progress on both your parents’ situation and the case. She will contact you when you have something. For now, maybe you should take some time to relax, says Miss Boseman.

Even with Prosecutor Boseman’s help, you can’t afford to stop investigating completely. Maybe jack has made any progress. Perhaps it is time to get in touch with him. This meeting with Miss Diane Boseman will end stage 10. You have another friend in the fight against crime, corruption, and the Mafia. Stage 10 is a consequence of the choices you made in Chapter 2 Stage 5 ‘‘Call Diane’’. This way you continue in a new direction. A direction that leads you to fight, but this time in the company of a very strong and persistent woman. Stage 11 is just around the corner. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.