Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 12 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Miss Diane Boseman who is New York Prosecutor told you her insights during her career. After many years of work that suppresses crime and corruption, she got a new member in her company. It’s you, Elizabeth Colvin. Along with you is Mr. Edmund Davis. The small problem is that a certain decision brings you a certain friend in the fight. Thus, it brings a certain unpleasant situation. You have established some details related to Mr. Rio Rossi. This stage unlocks if you previously selected ‘’Tragic Tale of a Mad Woman’’ in Stage 1-2, accepted Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s name card in Stage 1-9, Sneak in during the Night in Stage 2-2 and call Mr. Puzo in Stage 2-5.  Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 12.

You are meeting Mr. Vittorio Puzo tonight. It is about time. You should change into something suitable. You are meeting Mr. Puzo in a high-class Italian restaurant. Something Noble and Charming would be appropriate.

Nino Ricci is here to pick you up. After settling you into the back of the car, he starts up the engine and drives to your next destination. That is restaurant Vesuvio. Mr. Vittorio Puzo is waiting for you. He graciously pulls out the chair for you.

You won’t have a lot of introductory conversation. Mr. Vittorio Puzo is a man of action. You will immediately move on to the details that came to him. Must let Mr. Vittorio Puzo understand the dangers of helping you, and you really need a listening ear. Spill the whole story to him, taking the chance to sort everything out in your mind. The story begins again with you being an intern at the Sun News. You got a chance to play detective at the New York Metropolitan Hospital.

As you know, you decided to write an article on Jessica, as you sympathized with her tragic experiences. However, you were fired by Sun News the day your article was published. That night, the chief editor invited you to a party hosted by the Newspaper Association. You chief had been praising your article before the party. But halfway through the event, he suddenly told you that you are fired. Still have no idea why. You left a party in a daze and that was when you met Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You had a feeling that someone followed you.

Not long after that, your house got burgled into, and you lost all your notes. You did not notice it at the time, but now, you are being targeted. After that, someone pointed out that everything might be linked to Jessica. However, when you returned to the New York Metropolitan Hospital, Jessica had already passed away.

They said she passed away from sickness and even cremated her body after. As for her belongings, there were taken away by a mysterious man claiming to be her father. Jessica’s father, Mr. Walter Taylor, was a police officer who died in the line of duty. This raises the question of why someone would introduce themselves as Jessica’s father just to claim her belongings. There is definitely more to this than meets the eye.

You snuck into the factory at night and happened to witness a transaction. Mr. Rio Rossi, the union chairman of Wellmer Medical, was one of those present. You also saw Mr. Nino Ricci at the factory too. Mr. Rio Rossi is the one who claimed Jessica’s belongings. Moreover, to be involved in such a transaction, he should have ties to the Mafia.

You can’t help but sneak a glance at Mr. Vittorio Puzo. He doesn’t seem in exposing you. Maybe Mr. Nino Ricci didn’t tell him about that. But with that, his taking of Jessica’s belongings becomes even more suspect. After that, you were discovered by Mr. Rio Rossi. You managed to get away. Although, that definitely got his guard up, and he’s sent someone to tail you.

Mr. Rossi realized that you have been investigating him in secret. But instead of confronting you directly, he targeted your family. He duped your father into incurring a huge gambling debt. And he threatened to kill him if you continue your investigation. That is why you need Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s help.

You thank him profusely; in case he gets second thoughts about this. As a token of gratitude, you will offer him your help for anything in the future. This gesture he made for you means a lot to you.

After that last line, you two lapse into an awkward silence. You are grateful when the waiter comes with your appetizer. Appetizer is an Italian dish, prosciutto e melone. Thankfully, the awkward air between you starts to lift. Then spend the evening sampling the delectable dishes served.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo will ask you if you are willing to continue your investigation on Mr. Rio Rossi. Since you want to continue, you must be aware that you will receive threats by the end of the investigation. However, if you give up your pursuit for truth because of this, you would never be able to live with it.

According to Mr. Vittorio Puzo, Mr. Rio Rossi has deep connections with the Juliano family. He doesn’t think this is something you can handle. Puzo seems determined. The question is how would he know all these. If Rossi really has ties with the Juliano family, things may be even more found than you thought.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo will say that astute people should not put themselves in the line of danger. Besides, even if you do find something, the Juliano family will not be touched. That is what Puzo thinks. There recollections with authorities for money.

You will say that it is not your intention to disregard your kind advice. But you have your own values to hold on to. Dangerous as it is, you wish for all evildoers to be punished justly, no matter what the approach may be. Everything starts with uncovering the truth.

After leaving those words, Mr. Vittorio Puzo falls silent You can’t tell if he is deep in thought, or if he is simply given up on convincing you. Your meal ends in silence. For some reason, Mr. Vittorio Puzo does not get Nino Ricci to send you home. He takes the wheel instead. You catch the crooked grin Nino flashes at you right before you get into the car. He must be getting some wrong ideas. A familiar silence fills the car along the way. Even when you reach your house, Mr. Vittorio Puzo remains quiet.

You have already crossed paths a few times. He asks you if you have any guesses who is Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You don’t have to think too deeply about this. He just wants to hear your true thoughts.

Since you have already made these assumptions, he asks you why would you still ask him for help. Although encounters with Mr. Vittorio Puzo were few and far between, he always appeared at crucial moments and saved you from your predicament. The enigmatic strength, and the resolve in his eyes when he promised you, made you seek his help.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo told you to contact him three days later. You will find out the reason for that in exactly three days. He will wish you good night and leave with his companions. Mr. Vittorio Puzo drives away in his car. You stay at the doorway, your eyes following the black car in a daze until it finally disappears out of sight. With this disappearance comes the end of stage 12. A crucial stage in this book. The next stage is stage 13. The story continues. Follow our walkthrough. Thank you for reading.