Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 13 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we met with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. When we could choose when to ask for help, we chose this charming gentleman. Mr. Vittorio Puzo said during stage 12 that he will help you if you really want to. He said that because you knew he was part of the Mafia. It’s just not the same family as Mr. Rio Rossi. In three days, they will let you know what needs to happen and whether the matter is resolved. With this move, you are putting yourself in danger because you are mixing with some people who are not for business. What awaits you below? The only way is to find out in our text. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 13.

It has been two days since you last met Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Though you have been working, as usual, your parents’ situation is making you worry. You flounder like this until the phone rings. It is your mom. Hearing your mom’s voice makes you excited and apprehensive. But when your mom pauses speaking, for some reason, your heart skips a beat. Your grip on the receiver tightens, sweat drenching your palms.

Fortunately, you have a sigh of relief. A great burden has been lifted off your shoulders. But your mother does not know what happened. It is odd for her. Those goons just said they wouldn’t be pursuing it further. It looks like Mr. Vittorio Puzo kept his promise. Your mother, she has been racking her brains over this. Why would they suddenly let them off the hook?

After everything, you can breathe easy now that it’s been resolved. You talk to your mom a bit more before hanging up. Mom’s call chases away the foggy uncertainly plaguing you. Everything seems brighter. All thanks to Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s help.

You will call Mr. Vittorio Puzo and thank him. You will invite him to meet at the Restaurant Vesuvio tomorrow night. Leave work early the next day to prepare for the dinner with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You should dress more splendidly as you are going to meet Mr. Vittorio Puzo at the Restaurant Vesuvio. Mr. Puzo cleared your father’s debt Thank him in person in something Charming and Elegant. That should be fine.

When you meet Mr. Puzo, the first thing you will tell him is that you are very grateful for what he did. Your father has run out of debt and that is a huge help for your family. You will offer to pay for his dinner because he was of great help. This is just an occasion for Mr. Vittorio Puzo to laugh. But you will not intend to give up the investigation. Mr. Puzo will find this disappointing.

The news that Mr. Rio Rossi is dead hits you as hard as a wrecking ball. You will need to shake your head, trying to clear it. Mr. Puzo says that Mr. Rio Rossi was shot in his house. No one knows who killed him. They haven’t found any clues. You will not know what to say. You thought Rossi would give you more leads. But now, there is nothing left.

Mr. Puzo’s question disconcerts you. You string your thoughts together. Mr. Rio Rossi may be dead, but there are other leads to chase. Maybe there is nothing to find, but it is worth a shot.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo is suspiciously calm. It is unknown to you why does he say that. According to him, a girl like you, from a prestigious college, your future is bright. For you, it is a dangerous path. There is no need to put yourself in constant harm. Those words will make you think. You have no idea what he is talking about. Therefore, you have no intention of stopping halfway. You do not want Jessica’s death to be a mystery for the rest of your life.

The Juliano family is involved. Before he was a union chairman, Mr. Rio Rossi was Francesco Juliano’s confidant. Mr. Puzo says this casually. The best way to get to the bottom of this mystery is to get close to Mr. Francesco Juliano. The head of the Juliano family. Mr. Puzo advises you that you can get closer to this family if you change your identity. And that was a detail that surprised you.

This is not a joke. Puzo is serious. The reason is that Puzo runs businesses. And Juliano has broken some rules of the business. A price must be exacted for this. And as he speaks, Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s eyes flash like an unsheathed dagger. He needs you because Juliano is very cautious, but he has some of the same bad habits most men do. Underestimating a woman, for example.

You take a deep breath, sorting out your thoughts. You need to get close to Juliano, gain his confidence. When the time comes, give him the necessary information. You will have to find a new identity. You are going to be a dancing girl.

Your reactions are dulled. This is not what you were expecting out of this dinner. Pretending to be a dancing girl to get close to Juliano? That is preposterous. But this preposterous idea gets you thinking, calculating its probability of success. This is not an easy decision to make. You need to think carefully.

Your heart thumps in your chest. Mr. Vittorio Puzo waves for the waiter and pays for the dinner. You don’t need to answer now. Take your time and think it over carefully, says Puzo.

On your way back to your apartment, you will think about Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s offer. If you choose to infiltrate Juliano’s inner circle, you will lose many things. You will have to quit your job, which you love, and you may come face to face with evil itself. One thing is sure, you can’t give u the investigation. What should you do? What will you decide? Will you go a step further that can represent a point of no return? Elizabeth Colvin got into this business for the truth. Does the truth cost as much as it can sometimes cost? Maybe it’s too expensive? Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.