Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 14 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to meet again in person with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. This time, the reason was that he helped us. He repaid the debt your father owed to Mr. Rio Rossi. Everything was resolved in those three days. The new news for you is that Mr. Rio Rossi was shot and killed in his house. The story goes deeper. Juliano’s family is involved in this act. You got a very rude offer from Mr. Vittorio Puzo. The offer is to join the Juliano family and thus gain their trust, a move that would cost you a lot of what you have achieved so far. It is not easy to follow this situation. Mr. Rio Rossi killed and you as a spy for Mr. Puzo, it’s all too much for one day. The sequel is logical and the future is uncertain for you. What will happen? Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 14.

Yesterday’s meeting with Mr. Vittorio Puzo came with some unexpected revelations. Even though you are willing to do whatever it takes, you never imagined that a mere investigation could get so dangerous. He actually suggested that you spy on Juliano under the guise of a dancer. Being a spy sounds incredibly dangerous but it is rather exciting.

On the streets, you will meet Jack. He was just about to contact you. It was about Mr. Rio Rossi. He was killed two days ago. Rossi was part of the Mafia. And they take an oath of secrecy before joining the family. And if they ever spill something, they will face dire consequences. It is tough even for the police to get them to talk.

This question is not clear to Jack. He advises you not to interfere with the Mafia in New York. They are incredibly dangerous. Another matter of note: Mr. Rio Rossi was a suspect in Officer Taylor’s death, but was declared innocent. This might be related to Juliano and Rossi’s death as well.

Jack says he’ll be there for you if you need any information. For now, you only know a few facts. It is still not entirely clear what lies behind all this. You don’t know the whole. Jack will not be giving you any new clues either. The only person that currently comes to mind is Miss Diane Boseman. She is the Special Prosecutor. She is familiar with the Mafia and controls the investigation. You haven’t contacted her since she gave you her number.

You have to dash back into your bedroom. After an hour of searching, you finally find her name card in the depths of your purse. With this, you head downstairs and enter a phone booth to dial the number on the card. The Secretary will answer your call. Prosecutor Boseman will not respond directly. Through the secretary, you will be able to schedule an appointment with Miss Diane Boseman. She will be free the day after tomorrow at 4 pm.

Two days later. You are in your bedroom. The meeting is near. You should wear something suitable for your meeting with Prosecutor Boseman. Change into something Noble and Charming to meet Miss Diane Boseman.

You meet again. This time, you have followed her directions after you last met at the police station. You returned to investigate New York Metropolitan Hospital and discovered that something is not right. But you have only got one small lead. This has gotten way more complicated than you thought.

Prosecutor Diane Boseman does not answer immediately. She stares at you for a few minutes before she finally speaks. But if you are here as a ‘’reporter’’, she can only tell you that she will do her best to work towards such a future. But if you are here as a ‘’friend’’. It is a tough task. Mafia will always be out there.

You only came to see Prosecutor Boseman because you were desperate. But this is your chance to ask for her advice on the matter. Should you tell her the truth? This is a big dilemma. You have two options. Option 1 (Tell the truth) or Option 2 (Hide the details).

Tell the truth
Hide the details

If you select Option 1 (Tell the truth), Diane Goodwill goes up. You will tell me everything. The leads point towards the Mafia.

You found someone who might know something. But he’s been killed. Now you have the opportunity to get close to those in charge. It is a step closer to the truth, but many perils lie ahead. If you do not seize this chance, the truth might slip away.

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If you select Option 2 (Hide the details), you will not say everything. You will say that your investigation has hit a few snags. You have found a way to proceed but it is dangerous and you will have to pay the price.

You do not know what to do. If you give up now, the truth may disappear forever. And then you thought of her, Prosecutor Boseman. She helped you find your way before when you were lost.

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Miss Diane Boseman ponders over your question for a moment before answering. Her question is similar to Puzo’s. She will ask you if you would persist in your investigation regardless of whether this dangerous opportunity exists.

Prosecutor Boseman thinks that you have your answer. A bit of advice from Diane Boseman. No matter what you choose to do, she hopes you hold onto your resolve. She has seen many take things too far. She trusts you will not be one of them.

As you are about to leave, she calls out to you. She says that you should feel free to contact her if you need anything else. After leaving Miss Diane Boseman’s office you find yourself wandering around the streets instead of heading home. It is clear that you have to do. This is your only chance to discover the truth. You can’t let it go. You made up your mind. You are going to descend into that dark world. And the first price you have to pay is giving up the job that you love.

You steel yourself and walk into the office. It is time to quit your job. You are entering the office of Mr. George Kane. You will have to invent a story about how you have family problems. That way you want to let your boss know that you can no longer work in that position.

Mr. George Kane recognized the talent in you. He considers you an exceptional reporter and you have no reason to think so. If you manage to solve your problems, your place in the Gotham Times is waiting for you. Now, you return to your seat to pack up your things. Each item here brings back memories. Being here at Gotham Times has been the happiest time of your life. And now it is time to leave it all behind. White will talk to you.

White scratches his head awkwardly then goes to talk to the others. He will invite others for you to say goodbye. You slowly pack your things. After all, you do want to say goodbye to all of them. You have talked to all the colleagues you know except one, Mr. Edmund Davis. White tells you that he is out chasing a story, and will be back much later. You will have to sit down and wait. The sun sets, the sky turns dark, and you are the only one left in the office. But he still hasn’t returned.

You collect your things and trudge towards the door. As you leave, you look back up at the building and give a small bow. Then you hail a taxi and get in. The office disappears into the night as you drive away. You stare out at the sky. The only light you see is the faint yellow headlights that illuminate the way forward. The bumps in the road make them seem unsteady.

This is the end of stage 14. Stage 15 is the last in Chapter 2. You did something that rarely a person can do. It is to resign and dedicate oneself to something bigger and more dangerous. Will this move be correct? Will this all be one big mistake that will cost you dearly? One thing is for sure, the chance of danger increases because you did a very risky thing. Stage 15 will be the end of this Chapter. That may be the end of this part of the story, but it is not the end of the whole book. The situation is increasingly tense, gradational. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.