Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 15 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had an important meeting with Miss Diane Boseman. This is a woman who has the function of Prosecutor of New York. This period you are in is a period when women did not have many rights in the world. Prosecutor Boseman is a woman who has succeeded and who continues to fight corruption, crime, and the Mafia. Her help can be you if you do something that almost no one has done before. That is to get closer to the Juliano family and in that way get some more important information. You told her everything you had, she listened to you carefully and advised you. You can consider yourself a friend. That is the most important part. The danger is always present and the continuation of the story is indefinite. This is the last stage in Chapter 2. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 15.

You contacted Mr. Vittorio Puzo last night after settling some matters at the office. He seemed unsurprised by your decision, but he did ask you if you were sure about working with him. Lastly, he instructed you to pack your bags, and wear something nondescript. Nino will pick you up at 9 the next morning. The second morning is here. After packing your bags, you had trouble sleeping all night. Maybe you were too worried about your new life, or perhaps you are just sad about leaving your current one.

Mr. Puzo instructed you to wear something plain. Change sinto something Noble and Perky.

You can hear the screeching of tires just outside. You look outside, it is not Nino Ricci. It is Mr. Edmund Davis! Davis switches off the engine and looks up at your window. Shocked, you dart behind the curtains, your hairs standing on end. Mr. Edmund Davis does not hesitate. He strides towards the narrow entrance. Before long, you hear footsteps coming upstairs. Approaching you.

He starts knocking urgently on your door. You stand rooted to the ground in turmoil. The question is should you open the door. What will he say if he sees you dressed like that? You can’t lie to him to go home because you’re not going. He is not a stupid person. He is very perceptive and knows how to read between the lines. But Mr. Edmund Davis continues to knock.

You have made up your mind not to open the door, but your nerves are stretched taut. A wave of melancholy washes over you as you listen to his familiar voice. He is probably here because he did not manage to see you last night. But that is not the problem. The problem is that you may never see him again.

His knocks are deafening, and the door rattles. You subconsciously put your hand on the door. Don’t know why, but you are a little sad. Perhaps he heard your silent pleas, but the knocking suddenly stops. You listen for his departing footsteps, but instead, you hear a rustling sound. A piece of paper appears under the door. He sighs deeply and then leaves. You pick the paper up in a daze.

Clutching the paper tightly, you hear his footsteps fade into the distance. Just like how everything you have dreamed of and achieved, is slowly growing distant from you. You are about to step into the world of crime to seek the truth. Tears well up in your eyes. You clench your jaw and blink them away.

Suppressing tears, you take several deep breaths. Before you go with Mr. Nino Ricci, you have to hide Davis’s note inside your purse. Before leaving, you take one last look at the apartment you have stayed in for almost a year. Every corner seems to hold traces of your life. Farewell to your old life. Hello, new life. Mr. Nino Ricci makes a few loops within the city before turning into an inconspicuous alley. Alighting, you walk with him for a bit, before entering a nondescript villa.

You will meet with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Nino places your bags down before he goes, leaving you and Mr. Vittorio Puzo alone in the room. Standing at the door, you assess the interior of this villa. You might look unremarkable on the outside, but it is lavishly furnished on the inside.

Vittorio is going to brief you on what you are going to do. Your new identity is ‘’Lisa Dawson’’, a farm girl from New Jersey. You have come alone to New York City hoping to find work at a factory. You meet Leonard from the Mafia, and fall for him. But Leonard is a shameless ruffian. He sold you to the Sparrow Room to pay off his debts.

Puzo will get someone to send you to the Sparrow Room. It is one of Juliano’s properties, and he will be there often. Mr. Puzo takes a photograph out of his pocket. That is a photograph of Juliano.

This is Juliano, he is your target. You should memorize his features. Leonard will come to get you in 10 minutes. To avoid suspicion, you need to put on a show of ‘’being sold by your boyfriend’’.

This is just the start. Once you are in the Sparrow Room, you have to act the part of ‘’Lisa Dawson’’. Mr. Vittorio Puzo and you fall silent after he finishes giving you the instruction. He stares into your eyes with an unfathomable expression, before speaking again. Mr. Juliano owns that place, so there’s going to be plenty of Mafia members going in and out. You have to be careful no matter what happens. Mr. Vittorio Puzo will give you his number. Call him if there is anything you can’t handle.

Your conversation will be interrupted by Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s servant. It’s time to go. He wishes you good luck. Puzo will direct you to the exit. You pick up your bags resolutely and leave the house. Mr. Puzo’s subordinate Leonard is here to fetch you. He is the ‘’shameless ruffian’’ who’s going to put on an act with you later. He’s been spying on the Juliano family for Mr. Puzo. Technically, he’s a spy, just like you. As you drive to the Sparrow Room, you will discuss what you’re going to do later.

You arrive at the Sparrow Room in no time. It is daytime, so the place is eerily empty. The Sparrow Room is only open at night. Leonard opens the car door, bends down, and takes your hand. He blinks at you. You know he is signaling to you that it is time to act. Leonard yells as he pulls you indoors.

Leonard motions for you to wait here, while he whispers to the attractive woman in front of him. Her confused expression clears. She begins to look you up and down, her false lashes fluttering. After examing you from top to bottom, she nods at Leonard with some disdain.

Obediently, you approach, trying your best to play the part of a country girl. You are going to work at this place. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can earn a lot more here, says Leonard. Mrs. Molly will tell you everything. In the end, he nods to Mrs. Molly, before leaving. You stop Leonard from leaving, fixing him with what you think are pitiful puppy eyes.

As agreed, Leonard will tell you what you need to hear at this point. An important part of the role is that you will have a lot of insults and criticism at your expense. But it’s all acting to gain the trust of the people you’re researching.

Leonard brushes you aside and strides out of the Sparrow Room. Cringing at his lines, you try to run after him, but the two bouncers at the entrance stop you. Mrs. Molly will say you can’t leave this place. That’s where you’ll be from now on. He sold you to them.

As if on command, the two muscular bouncers step forward menacingly. You pretend to fall to the ground in despair, covering your face with your hands, sobbing bitterly. According to Mrs. Molly, this is not the first time he’s sold girls. You do not know how to reply, and so you continue sobbing.

You pretend to be consoled by her words and sob a little less loudly. Listening to Mrs. Molly’s words, you can’t help but be impressed by her ability to dupe naïve little girls. Getting dancing girls to sell their looks and dignity in exchange for money. She can make it sound so attractive. But if you are ‘’Lisa’’ from New Jersey, you would probably be taken in.

You lift your head helplessly putting on a naive expression like you are about to be convinced. Now that you’ve stopped resisting, Mrs. Molly calls a curvy redhead over. Her name is Natasha. She will take you to the shower and get you something to eat.

You lean heavily on Natasha, as though you are drained from the shock. Natasha helps you along to the dancers’ rooms. With Mrs. Molly behind you, start to relax a little. You know that you’ve successfully infiltrated the Sparrow Room. That way you took a huge step in the other direction and closed Chapter 2. This is an indication that your adventure as an undercover reporter is just beginning. A life of your own choosing during this book. No one wants to be in your shoes. You need to be strong and persistent in your endeavors. The real battle is yet to come. Follow our walkthrough for Chapter 3.
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